Monitors come in various sizes, and tech-freak people require a monitor that has good specifications and adds up to the aesthetics and visual experience. Monitors play an essential role in almost all aspects and primarily when it comes to the gaming area. 

Buying a monitor is a huge decision. Therefore, you have to go through many factors, but the major one is what size monitor you want.

 How can you enjoy a game that has high-end graphics on a small screen monitor? Or how can you watch a movie with outstanding cinematography on a monitor that does not do justice with the visuals?

 Two of the most popular sizes of monitors in the market are 27 inch and 24 inch. These two sizes are popular in the gaming area and for people who require monitors for everyday computing purposes as well.

 This article will share an in-depth comparison guide between 27 inch and 24-inch monitors, and by the end of this article, you can decide for yourself which monitor can offer you a better experience. So let’s start with the comparison guide.

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27 Inch Vs 24 Inch Monitor Overview

Suppose you want a monitor for gaming purposes for graphics-oriented work. In that case, the resolution is a significant factor that you must keep in mind when choosing between 24 inch and 27-inch monitors.

 Ideally speaking, 27-inch monitor sizes are considered the best with 1440p and with 4K resolution. However, 24-inch monitors work best with 1080p resolution.

 The reason why 24-inch monitors are best for 4K resolution is that the pixel density that is well suited for a 27-inch monitor is too much for 24-inch monitors. And similarly, 1080p is not enough for a 27-inch monitor. 

It is like you cannot expect an Android charger to charge your iPhone to 100%, right? 

Furthermore, if the pixel density is not appropriate as per the size of the monitor, the image quality can become extremely poor. On a different note, 24-inch monitors are much more affordable as compared to 27-inch monitors.

 So the ultimate decision of whether you should buy a 24-inch monitor or a 27-inch monitor boils down to your budget and other requirements. 

A 27-inch monitor is better if you want to do graphic-intensive work or want to play a game with high-end graphics, but if you are not into graphics-oriented work or you’re a casual gamer, then a 24-inch monitor can also do its job well.

 Further in this article, we have provided a much clear comparison between 24 inch and 27-inch monitors. 

27 Inch Vs 24 Inch Monitor – Comparison Guide

Lets compare both 27 inch and 24 inch monitor in detail.

Dimensions and Resolution

Dimensions and Resolution

The dimension for the size of a monitor is closely related to the monitor’s resolution. Therefore, even a particular size of the monitor can have different resolutions.

 For example, if you decide to buy a 27-inch monitor, then maybe get a resolution of 1440p on one monitor, while on the other, you will get 1080p. 

We mention only these two resolutions in this article because 1440p and 1080p are the most popular monitor resolutions that you will find in the market. 

So, we decided to go with them. As you must have read in the overview, 27-inch monitors are much more compatible with 1440p resolution, and 24-inch monitors go well with 1080p resolution.

 However, 4K has also become extremely popular and affordable, and they are more likely to provide a better visual experience with a 27-inch monitor. 

Now to be clear on the dimension and the size of the monitor, several people think that when a monitor is described in an inch, it means the vertical or horizontal measurement. 

Still, the right way of measuring a monitor is its diagonal length. So, when we see a monitor of 24 inch or 27 inch, it means that it is the diagonal length of that particular monitor instead of a vertical one. 

So in size itself, 27-inch monitors are more extensive than 24-inch monitors, so if you are obsessed with large screens, you know which monitor you must go for. 

Pixel Density

Pixel Density

Another factor that you must consider while deciding between a 24 and 27-inch monitor is its pixel density. Pixel density plays an essential role in the clarity of the picture. 

So, whatever you will be watching on the screen, whether it is a movie, a photograph, or a game, if the pixel density is not appropriate, you might not be able to get a clear image of what you are watching.

 Pixel density is the number of pixels that every inch of the screen has. In other words, you can also call it pixels per inch. 

Since it is called pixels per inch, you can understand that pixel density completed depends on the size of the monitor. With that information, you can determine that the 24-inch monitor has less pixel density and the 27-inch monitor has a more significant pixel density. 

A 24-inch monitor considered the best with 1080p resolution has a pixel density of almost 92 pixels per inch. A 27-inch monitor has a pixel density of nearly 112 pixels per inch.

 With more significant pixel density, the 27-inch monitor is considered the best for 1440p resolution without any doubt. In short, on a 24-inch monitor, you might see images a bit pixelated or less precise as compared to the image displayed on a 27-inch monitor. 

Pixel density also depends on the type of screen the monitor has. For example, the newly launched OLED screens are known for offering larger and better pixels per inch.

 Other than OLED screens, IPS panels and VA panels also have good pixel density. The type of screen that offers the lowest pixel density is the TN screens.

 Now, it’s very typical that the bigger the size of the monitor, the better pixel density you will have, but the more money you will have to spend on it and vice versa.

Price Comparison

Price Comparison

As we said above, the larger the screen, the higher the price would be because a 27-inch monitor is expensive compared to a 24-inch monitor.

 But then you see a 27-inch monitor comes with many benefits as you get more significant pixel density on at so you get a clearer image compared to a 24-inch monitor. 

A 27-inch monitor is considered one of the best because of the high-quality images it offers to the audience. On the other hand, 24-inch monitors that are compatible with 1080p resolution are cheaper.

 The reason for monitors with 1080p resolution being more affordable is because they have existed in the market for quite a time now. Several monitors have entered the market, and technology has grown immensely.

 With the advent of new technology and new monitors, the price and value of older technology and monitors reduce automatically. 

Compared to 1080p, 1440p has recently entered the monitor market because it is available at a much higher price. So now let’s see which monitor you should buy? 

Price and GPU Connection

GPU Connection

Buying a 24-inch monitor can be an affordable choice because if you buy a 24-inch monitor, you do get good features, maybe not as much as you get in a 27-inch monitor, but even a 24 inch monitor the specifications. The image quality is not that bad. 

So technically, when you buy a 24-inch monitor, you save money, and if you are planning to build a PC for yourself, it is also an affordable choice because since a 24-inch monitor supports 1080p resolution well, it won’t require a high-end GPU. 

However, if you buy a 27-inch monitor, you will have to invest in an expensive GPU so that your monitor can work well with a 1440p resolution. 

And when you use a high-end GPU, you will eventually require a High voltage power supply, which will ultimately increase your setup’s entire cost. 

So to invest in a 24-inch monitor is considered suitable by a lot of people, but if you believe in luxury and do not want to compromise on your visual experience, then a 27-inch monitor will show you heaven of its own. 

Final Say

The overall comparison between the 24-inch monitor and the 27-inch monitor boils down to these few most important factors.

 Of course, each monitor works well on its own, but if you want a monitor for playing luxurious games or for in-depth graphic work, you should buy a 27-inch monitor; but if you can work with a 24-inch monitor, why should you spend more money on a 27-inch screen.

 Without any doubt, a 27-inch monitor is much better than a 24-inch monitor in many aspects, because of which a 27-inch monitor is highly in demand nowadays by the users. 

We hope this comparison guide was informative and will help you in the future if you ever get confused about which monitor you should buy: 24 inch or 27 inch?

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