The Acer K243Y is a multi-purpose monitor, which you can use for a wide range of tasks including official work, casual gaming, etc. The best thing about this monitor is its price tag which makes this monitor a lucrative pick for professionals who are willing to save some money on a new monitor.

If you are one of those professionals, who are on a verge of buying this monitor, then you have landed on the right page, as in this article, we have compiled a complete review about this monitor.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump right into the matter.

Acer K243Y Monitor

Acer K243Y - Monitor 24 inch
Screen Size23.8”
Panel TypeIPS
Screen Resolution1080p
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Time1ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
Peak Brightness250-nits
Display Colors17.06m
Audio OutputTwo 2 Watt Speakers
Tilt Adjustment-5° to 15°


The Acer K243Y monitor has a refined character with a neat, design philosophy. The bezels on the screen are very slim, with an excellent screen-to-body ratio, that is otherwise available only on the higher-priced monitors. On the lower side of the bezels, there are the speakers, which make the bezels on the bottom look a little heavier. The LED light is also present on the right side of the bezels, which turns blue when the monitor is in usage, otherwise, it stays white.

We are a little bit disappointed with the stand on this monitor, as it’s not as heavy as it should be, thus you should expect wobbling on this monitor. Also, the tilting capability on this stand is limited, and there are no swiveling or height adjustment options either.

On the backside of the monitor, there are air vents and the Acer logo. All the ports on this machine are also on the backside of the monitor. Overall, the piano black color on this monitor looks phenomenal.


The Acer K243Y monitor comes with a 23.8″ screen, which is perfect for professional work, where you require something medium-sized. There is the IPS panel used in this monitor is amazing, as it provides sharp colors, with excellent contrast, and there are no color bleeding issues, and IPS glow issues on the monitor.

Although, the display resolution is limited at 1080p FHD, still, it looks fantastic on this screen size. Also, the colors on the screen are super-rich, vivid, and sharp. As the display is capable of producing 75 frames per second, thus, you won’t face any lag, tearing, issues. Surprisingly, this screen comes with the 1ms GTG response time, which makes this monitor a right fit for gaming, especially, if you are going to play action-based competitive games.

The OSD on this screen is amazing, very easy to access, and comes with different modes for proper color calibration. Also, there is a dedicated gaming mode, which turbo boosts the performance of the monitor for the good.

Exceptionally in this price bracket, this monitor comes with excellent color calibration, so unless you are planning to do some professional-level graphics work, you do not need to tweak it. The contrast ratio on the monitor is also amazing, but one thing that we did not like about this screen is the peak brightness, as it is locked to 250nits on this display, so, in a well-lighten room, you may have to compromise on the brightness.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, this monitor comes with an anti-glare screen for keeping the reflection away from you. Moreover, there are modes for blocking the blue light from the screen and enhancing you’re on screen time, which is absolutely amazing.


acer k243y ports

There is nothing fancy here, as this monitor comes with only two connectivity options, either you can connect this monitor to the PC using the HDMI input, or the old-school VGA option. It lacks the Displayport connectivity, which is kind of disappointing, and if you have a GPU with DisplayPort only option, you might have to use the converters and dongles.

Also, there is the headphone output jack, which you can use for connecting external speakers directly to the monitor, instead of the PC. Sadness, there is no headphone input port, which means that you cannot use the monitor speakers with your other devices, apart from the PC.


This monitor offers decent gaming performance, especially, when you take the price factor into the consideration. It has an FHD resolution display that can provide 75 frames per second, and additionally, it has the 1ms latency rate for providing superior performance for gaming needs.

Above all, it has the AMD FreeSync, and the NVIDIA G-Sync support, which makes sure that your monitor refresh rate has been locked with the refresh rate of the graphics card for avoiding pixel tearing, or ghosting issues on the monitor. Although, it’s a budget segment monitor, and you cannot play hardcore games on it, still, it offers decent performance for entry-level games.

  • Excellent Design
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Affordable
  • 75hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • FreeSync
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Poor Quality Stand
  • Low Peak Brightness
  • Lacks DisplayPort

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Acer K243Y a Gaming Monitor?

No, the Acer K243Y is not a gaming monitor, instead, it’s a multi-purpose monitor, which can be used for a variety of different tasks.

What is the Maximum Resolution, Refresh Rate, and Response Time on Acer K243Y?

The maximum resolution on the Acer K243Y is 1080p, while the refresh rate is 75 frames per second, and the response time is 1ms.

Does the Acer K243Y Come with Built-in Speakers?

Yes, the Acer K243Y comes with two 2W built-in speakers. So, you do not need external speakers for enjoying the everyday sound.


The Acer K243Y is an entry-level monitor which offers 1080p resolution, 75 frames refresh rate and 1ms response time. Additionally, it has different mode settings, and exceptional build quality, however, we are not satisfied with the stand quality, and the brightness of this machine.

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