If you have been in the search of a new pc monitor, you must have stumbled upon several monitors from Acer and Dell.

In fact, Acer and Dell are two of the most popular choices for people seeking a PC monitor.

Thus, we often get asked, Acer Vs Dell monitor, which one should we get?

Well, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as it seems, therefore we have put together this detailed post about Acer Vs Dell monitors.

Acer Vs Dell Monitor Difference

Lets discuss all the technical terms in detail.


The price is one of the most crucial factors in choosing the right pc monitor, as it can make or break the deal. Therefore, you should pay heed to the price difference between Acer and Dell monitors.

Acer Monitor Price

The Acer monitors are one of the cheapest pc monitors available in the market. Acer monitors start from 100$ and go all the way to 1000$.

Thus, Acer monitors are great for people who are low on budget.

Recommended Acer Monitor

Dell Monitor Price

Dell monitors although are not as cheaper as the Acer monitors, still, are way cheaper than the LG and Samsung monitors.

Dell monitors start from about 150USD and can cost you as much as 1000 USD if you choose a high-spec model.

Recommended Dell Monitors

Screen Quality

Screen Quality

Screen quality is the most important factor that you should be looking at in a monitor, as the primary function of a desktop is to display the graphics.

Acer Monitor Screen Quality

Acer monitors have a pixel-perfect display, made specifically for gamers. These monitors have amazing color saturation, and pixel density, which makes them perfect for gaming, and other video-related tasks.

Dell Monitor Screen Quality

Dell monitors also have an amazing display quality with superior performance. But, gamers prefer Acer monitors over Dell monitors, as they offer higher display frequency and better graphics.

Still, the Dell monitors are top-quality monitors with excellent screen panels.



Usage is another aspect that can change the dynamics of your purchase decision. There are monitor brands that work out better for graphical usage than the others, and there are also brands that are better for official usage than the rest.

Acer Monitor Usage

The Acer monitors are perfect for gaming (especially the Predator series) and other graphical tasks. Color saturation and the pixel density on the Acer monitors are also fantastic.

Thus, the Acer monitors are preferred by gamers, and video designers across the globe.

Although the Acer monitors are also good for non-graphical usages, such as doing official work or browsing the internet.

Dell Monitor Usage

Dell monitors also provide superior color accuracy and viewing angle. Also, they provide a soothing effect to the eye as they have the Blue Light filter technology, which makes these monitors the perfect companion for long-term usage.

Due to these reasons, you will see the Dell monitors in top corporations of the world.

Ports & Stands

monitor Stands


The Dell and Acer monitors come with different port variations like the HDMI port, USB TYPE-C, and USB-A port.

The port variations depend upon the monitor category, generations, and pricing. Thus, you have to manually check the ports on each of these brands.

Just like the ports, both of these monitors have stands that differ from model to model. Most of the models by Acer and Dell have VESA stands with three-way rotation, which allows you to get the perfect viewing angle.

Quality & Warranty



Dell monitors have a very strong QC system, which ensures that you are getting a perfect product.

Plus, the Dell display panels are also of very superior quality for obtaining better lifespan and color accuracy.

Dell offers a 3-year limited warranty on all of its monitor range for additional peace of mind.


Acer is a brand that does a perfect justice between quality, and pricing. No matter how low-priced monitor you get from Acer, it will have the same QC-approved product.

Also, just like the Dell monitors, Acer monitors offer a 3-year warranty period on all of the monitors.

Value for Money

Value for Money

Last not least, value for the money is another important thing that should be kept in mind before finalizing your purchase decision.

Acer Monitor

Acer monitors are the perfect value for your money. Especially, if you are low on budget. In addition to the perfect pricing, the color accuracy, and high-refresh-rate also makes it the perfect value for your money.

Dell Monitor

Dell monitors are the perfect value for money for people who want to get a decent quality work monitor at an affordable price.

Dell monitors can be a great fit for your needs if you are looking for a non-graphical usage monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dell Vs Acer Monitor, Which One is Better?

Well, both Dell and Acer are top quality monitor vendors. If you are looking for a gaming monitor, then we recommend getting the Acer monitor. Otherwise, you can stick with the Dell monitor for official work.

Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong with either of the monitor brands.

Dell Vs Acer Monitor for Gaming, Which One is Better?

If you are getting a monitor specifically for gaming, then it’s better to get a monitor from the “Acer Predator ” series, as these monitors are purposely designed for gamers. So, you can expect a high refresh rate and amazing quality graphics.

Dell Vs Acer Monitor for Official Work, Which One Should I Get?

Most of the corporations around the globe use Dell monitors, and there is a reason for it. Dell monitors are made to be easy on the eyes. Thus, they are preferred by organizations around the globe.

Dell or Acer Monitor, Which One is Cheaper?

Acer monitors tend to be on the cheaper side than Dell monitors. So, if you are on a low budget, then it’s better to use an Acer monitor over a Dell monitor.


Dell and Acer are two of the most popular PC monitor brands out there. People often get confused between these two brands.

Thus, we have explained the pros, and cons of both, Acer and Dell monitor.

So, you can easily choose the right monitor for your needs.

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