The Acer XF250Q gaming monitor is one of the finest budget gaming monitors, which can provide a 240hz refresh rate.

If you are considering buying the Acer XF250Q monitor, then you have landed on the right blog post, as in this article, we have reviewed this monitor in detail, including its design, screen, connectivity, and performance.

That being said, let’s jump right into the details to check out whether it’s a right fit for you or not.

Acer XF250Q Monitor

Acer XF250Q Display
Screen Size24.5”
Panel TypeTN
Screen Resolution1080p
Refresh Rate240Hz
Response Time1ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
Peak Brightness400-nits
Display Colors17.06m
Audio OutputNo
Tilt Adjustment-5° to 35°


Let’s start the review with the design of the monitor. This monitor has a pretty sleek, and simple design with a matt black finish. The stand of the monitor comes in a piano black color, and a red ring at the stand side, which looks absolutely amazing. Although, this monitor does not provide you with aggressive gaming looks, still, you get the gaming feel from this machine.

Despite the fact that the monitor looks a little cheap due to the use of plastic, the stand of the monitor is fully adjustable, as it provides -5°/35° tilting, -90°/90° pivoting, +/- 60° swiveling, and height adjustment up to 150mm. That means you can easily tune the monitor, as you please with for ergonomics. Additionally, as the monitor is VESA compatible, you can easily hang it on the wall bracket too.

The stand of the monitor although may look a little plastic, is made out of metal with a plastic coating, providing excellent support to the screen. So, there is no shaking or wobbling on the screen.

Additionally, the profile of the monitor is also super-slim, which means you can easily put the monitor into congested spaces as well without any issues. On the backside, there are the vents with the Acer branding, and the ports are also there at the backside of the monitor.


The screen on the Acer XF250Q is exceptional, as it provides a 240hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, making it a perfect pick for gaming.

Unlike the other monitors which come with the IPS panel, it comes with the TN panel, which is kind of disappointing, but still, it does not have any color bleeding, or IPS glow issues, which are quite common on the IPS panels. Nevertheless, you will have to tune the display for providing colors, as this panel lacks calibration.

The resolution on the screen is locked to 1080p resolution, which enables this panel to provide a whooping 240hz refresh rate for unparalleled performance for gaming. Additionally, it has a 1ms response time, which makes it a lucrative pick for gaming.

The Acer XF250Q comes with an excellent contrast ratio at 1000:1, and 400 nits peak brightness. So, the colors have decent contrast and sharpness.

On top of all these features, it has no flickering on the screen, which keeps your eyes protected by the pain caused by the screen flickering. Lastly, there are different modes available on-board, which you can easily change using the OSD menu.


There are three video input ports on the XF250Q, including two HDMI ports (HDMI 2.0 + HDMI 1.4), and one DisplayPort 1.2. Thus, you can connect the monitor to the PC using either the HDMI or Displayport.

You can use the HDMI 2.0 port for enjoying a 240hz refresh rate on the monitor. Besides, the other two ports cannot provide a 240hz refresh rate, as this refresh rate is not possible on the HDMI 1.4, or HDMI 1.2.

Plus, there are built-in speakers of two 2W, which are perfect for enjoying causal music, and normal everyday sound. 


The Acer XF250Q has superior performance, as it provides 1080p resolution and a 240hz refresh rate. When you combine that with the 1ms response time, the result is just magical. The colors on the screen are vivid, and the performance is fluid.

Plus, it has the FreeSync Compatibility, which works with both the NVIDIA, and AMD graphics card for unleased performance, and competitive edge, especially, when you are playing battle royale games.

  • Sleek Design
  • 1080p Resolution
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Limited Resolution
  • Material Seems a Little Cheap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Acer XF250Q Monitor Best for Budget Gaming?

Yes, the Acer XF250Q monitor is one of the best gaming monitors for a 240hz refresh rate under a tight budget. So, if you are looking for a budget 240hz gaming monitor, you cannot go wrong with it.

What is the Maximum Resolution & Refresh Rate on the Acer XF250Q Monitor?

The maximum resolution on the Acer XF250Q monitor is 1080p, while it has the maximum refresh rate of 240hz for an unrivaled gaming experience.

Does the Acer XF250Q Support Free-Sync?

Yes, the Acer XF250Q supports Free-Sync on both the AMD and NVIDIA monitors. So, there won’t be any lagging or tearing issues on the monitors, as it locks the refresh rate of the monitor with the GPU.


The Acer XF250Q gaming monitor comes with a 240hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time for hardcore gaming, and it excels at it. Additionally, it has a fully ergonomic stand, decent connectivity options, and built-in speakers.

Although we did not like the plastic feel of this monitor, still, it’s one of the best 240hz monitors under 500 USD available in the market, you cannot go wrong with it.

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