The new series of Dell Alienware became immensely popular when the brand launched it, and often people have compared AW2518H and AW2518HF with each other. We all agree that Dell is exceptionally famous for the high-end laptops and monitors they have been developing. 

The Alienware series was primarily made For gamers and tournament organizers. All the specifications of these monitors suit these areas the best. 

The outstanding IPS panels can be found in both Dell’s Alienware, AW2518H and AW2518HF. 

Further in this article, we will be having an in-depth comparison of both the monitors so that you can have a clearer understanding as to which monitor is worthy.

Comparison Guide Between AW2518H and AW2518HF

Lets compare both products in detail.


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Alienware AW2518H is the first gaming monitor launched by Dell, and it is one of the best gaming monitors that you can find on the market.  The monitor has a great combination of impressive built quality and advanced gaming features. 

It has an aesthetic design which is the primary reason why various gamers get attracted to it. The monitor is equipped with Nvidia G-Sync, and it won’t be compatible with AMD G-Sync versions. 

It offers an excellent refresh rate of 240 Hz along with 1 m/s of response time. With such striking qualities, you can assume why Alienware AW2518H is so prevalent in the market. 

Alienware AW2518H monitor is considered one of the best for gamers looking for an attractive display, especially for playing fast-paced games. 



One of the most striking features about Alienware AW2518H is its design which catches the eye of the buyers at first. After the entire setup, the look that this monitor gives you is highly exponential. 

The color scheme of this monitor is dark gray, which is different from most of the other Alienware models by the brand. Alienware AW2518H has an outstanding display, but people do not appreciate it in front of the other monitors. 

Design is quite understated even though it has sharp edges, neck, and stand.

All in all, the entire design of Alienware AW2518H is not something that you find in an ordinary office or the back end of some workplace. 

You will find three LED lights on the back of the monitor along with the logo, and the best thing is that with the help of the AlienFX technology, you can change the colors of those LED lights, thus changing the reflection of the logo. 

So, you can change the entire mood and display of your monitor as per the kind of game you are playing, which is quite exciting and unique. 

The display is perfectly thin because of the thin bezels on the sides of the monitor, which allows the audience to have their eyes on the clear and vivid graphics. Alienware AW2518H is a perfect mix of aesthetics and functions.

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Alienware AW2518H monitor offers outstanding performance to the users, making it one of the best gaming monitors that people can buy. People often do not buy this gaming monitor because of its display because let’s be straight, the display could be a little better. 

The primary reason why people buy this gaming monitor is because of its performance. The monitor is 1080p, which provides clear images and high-end graphics. As we said in the overview, the monitor is equipped with Nvidia G-Sync. 

The monitor offers an excellent refresh rate and response time, increasing its overall performance to a much higher level. The Alienware AW2518H gaming monitor works a little badly if you want to have great viewing angles.

 You might be disappointed here, but the color exposure of this monitor while playing games is outstanding.

 The monitor is also incorporated with graphics card technology, due to which gamers get suitable frames per second. However, if you play high graphics games, you might see the setback of having 1080p in your gaming monitor.

 Another thing on the positive side, you do not have to face screen tearing, flickering, and ghosting with the Alienware AW2518H monitor. 

• Fast response time
• Good refresh rate
• Compatible with Nvidia G-Sync
• Outstanding design
• It is a bit expensive.
• It does not offer good viewing angles.
• Only offers 1080p
• No AMD Free G-Sync


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To be precise, there is not much difference between the two models, except the Alienware AW2518HF gaming monitor has a Free sync support system that makes it compatible with both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD G-Sync versions. 

Other than that, both the models Alienware AW2518HF and AW2518H are similar to each other in all different aspects. 

So cutting short on this article, the kind of performance you find in AW2518H gaming monitors is also available in Alienware AW2518HF. 

Additionally, all the specifications ranging from response time, refresh rate, resolution, display size are similar in both models. The only added advantage in this model is the compatibility of the free sync system, which is a Yay for many gamers.


  • Compatible with both Nvidia and AMD versions
  • Outstanding display
  • Fast response time and refresh rate


  • A bit expensive, just like the previous model.

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Final say

Both Alienware AW2518H and AW2518HF gaming monitors offer similar specifications and features to the users, but you have a bonus with the latter model.

If you want to use a gaming monitor compatible with both Nvidia and AMD versions, you should buy an Alienware AW2518HF monitor, but if you can work without it, you can go with either of them. 

Even though both the monitors offer pretty good features, the 1080p seems to be a significant setback for many people, making buyers think about whether to buy these monitors or not because of their high prices. 

However, being the gaming monitors and the brand that has created them, these models can cater to almost all the gaming needs you have from a gaming monitor. 

Furthermore, both the models stood the major monitor tests, so we can say that you can go ahead and make your purchase for either of the Alienware gaming monitors. 

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