Curved monitors are a wonderful source of entertainment. They have a very attractive design and are best for visual enthusiasts and those who want to have the best computer model for themselves. Curved monitors nowadays have replaced the age-old CRT monitors which were bulky and had a very sluggish look.

Also, try to reimagine a 3-D movie or say the Jurassic Park being played on, it could not be much better if it had not been run on a curved monitor. 

Are Curved Monitors Worth it?

So, this article underlines the advantages of curved monitors so that their worth can be substantiated:

  1. Curved monitors provide us with a better viewing angle. They provide us with a better field of view so that we may have a 3-D sort of viewing experience. Remember if you want to buy a curved monitor you should plan to have a bit bigger one as a rule says- The smaller you go with the size of the monitor, the less captivating it becomes.
  2. Curved monitors occupy a very small amount of space of your room. This is a very good reason to buy one. If you have a shortage of space in your room to accommodate a big flat screen then you may surely go about with this type of monitor.
  3. Another important benefit of a curved monitor is its larger curvature than a flat monitor. Yes, a curved monitor is set so that it fits your viewing angle and hence causes less eye strain. Also adding further the curved monitors do not force you to twist your neck or head much if you are doing some gaming activity like long hour video games and long marathon matches.
  4. Also, most of the time a curved monitor is cheaper than a flat monitor. So, it is economic also. Hence, the same amount of money needs to be invested in both of them. Nowadays due to their high demand, they are being cheaper than flat ones also.

Now, to further substantiate the benefits of curved monitors with respect to office work and gaming purposes, just ponder upon the following pointers-

Are Curved Monitors Worth it for Office Work?

Absolutely, curved monitors are worth it for office work. Here are a few reasons to support the statement:

  1. Curved monitors are having a higher horizontal resolution. Thus, they provide us a good viewing experience that is beneficial for office workers mainly those who have accounting work or auditing-related work.
  2. As curved monitors are having a screen they have a somewhat bigger length-diagonal ratio than flat ones. So this gives it an impetus to provide us with a wider field of view.
  3. Curved monitors have an amazing advantage over flat monitors. They reduce your neck and head rotation because of which you can view multiple windows on your desktop at once. Just remember the bigger your monitor’s size, the larger will be its visibility. 

Are Curved Monitors Worth it for Gaming?

For gaming purposes, curved monitors are very good and have been widely chosen for the same purpose since the gaming era began. Here some pointers are provided to give you an all-round insight on the actual benefit of curved monitors for gaming.

  1. On a curved monitor you can have better transitions and movements visible.
  2. A curved monitor provides us with a better view which is very essential when it comes to gaming.
  3. It provides your head and neck with a certain type of relaxation so that you may not get tired off when you are playing long battles or game tournaments on the respective gaming platform.

You can check our reviews on curved monitors:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do curved monitors cause headaches?

In comparison to flat monitors, curved monitors have a lower risk of causing headaches. Headaches are major issues that erupt in those who work more on PCs and laptops. These are basically signs of a condition known as Visual Display Syndrome.

Do curved monitors reduce eye strain?

Yes, curved monitors do reduce eye strain as they provide us with a wider range of view. They allow the user to view the entire monitor screen at once without having much rotation of the neck and head.


So, in a nutshell, gaming laptops are worth it. They have various advantages, the major one being good and relaxing for the eyes, head, and neck.

This is crucial as in today’s digital world when people are busy with their laptops, tablets, and computers for hours and hours, it becomes a necessary thing to have their bodies relaxed and stress free.

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