Graphic designing is becoming a fashion nowadays. Professional graphic designers use some special graphic design systems to add to their skills and manufacturing. The market is full of computers and systems that offer the best out of the best features to graphic designers for their work enhancement and design work.

A graphic designer should keep in mind some features that he or she should look into for the best desired outcome. Gaming monitors are other such systems that offer marvelous features to gamers. They also have some unique specifications to enhance the gaming performance of gamers.

Are Gaming Monitors Good for Graphic Design?

This article talks about the fact that a gaming monitor can be used as a system for graphic design.

A monitor that is good for graphic designing should have the following features:

  • It should have amazing graphics vitality and speed. 
  • It should have a good and optimal screen resolution along with a good screen size. 
  • The refresh rate of the monitor should not be too high or too low. 
  • The contrast should be compatible and adjustable with the screen’s brightness and sharpness.

The major factors that determine the working of a graphic designing specific monitor are:

  • The color coverage of the monitor should be the best and most accurate too. It should not be so dim and not too dull for the designer to get the screen viewed.
  • The refresh time of the monitor should be high and the response time should be low. The refresh rate is okay at 144Hz and the response time should be at 60Hz.
  • The resolution of the monitor should be at least 1040 pixels. This normal resolution is good when it comes to designing-purpose monitors. The main utility of this choice is to have a good visual experience that makes the screen’s visibility more casual and at the same time bearable to the eyes.

An important thing that needs to be considered as well as the fact that the monitor which you are choosing should also meet the menial tasks that are performed on the monitor. These tasks include making an MS Word file, Preparing a PowerPoint presentation, and doing professional video conferencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is curved monitor good for designers?

Yes, a curved monitor is always a considerable option when it comes to designing. This is because the curved screen provides us with a better visual experience than a flat monitor. The curved monitor is considered to be more versatile than a flat monitor and is just preferable.

Which monitor is best for graphic designers?

Some monitors that are best for graphic designers are:

  • ASUS ProArt 32-inch.
  • Dell UltraSharp 40-inch.
  • G Ultrafine 32-inch.


So, you need to have a clear idea about the features of a design-purpose monitor before you go out for a purchase. Sometimes gaming monitors come up with a very high response time and are sold at a consideration that they fit well for the design purpose.

So, you need to be vigilant before you get up to buy a designing monitor as a designing monitor’s most specific demand is to have a low response rate. 

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