‘Out of range’ means that your monitor is not showing up properly. The resolution of the display is not supported by the computer. This problem hampers the monitor’s normal display and makes our gaming experience a bit boring. Thus, it comes out to be a problematic condition.

ASUS computers that are regarded as the best monitors for game playing are indeed the ones with the best display quality. But, if it gets some display problem, that can be regarded as a blunder for many reasons. These reasons are discussed below as pointers. 

ASUS Monitor Out of Range Issue

Have a read of these pointers:

1. Check the resolution status of the display. The problem might occur due to high resolution settings also. Try to adjust the resolution settings to the optimal level and also check the game-playing on the monitor very well.

2. Also, see to it that the monitor is not plugged into an old monitor. The video card of an old monitor is not a good one. It may be disrupted due to some dust particles or due to some mechanical damage. 

3. The operating system of your monitor may not be compatible enough to support the set resolution setting of your display. 

4. The other cause of this issue is the connection of the wrong device drivers to your system. The device drivers are not properly attached to the system or are wrong with respect to the brand name of the system to which they are connected.

The steps to rectify this issue can be illustrated below:

The major issue that causes the monitor to be out of range is the resolution issue. So, first of all, we need to check the resolution level of the display. 

  • Go on to the ‘Start’ button. 
  • Click on the ‘Control Panel
  • Then, move on to Appearance and Personalization.
  • Then, adjust the ‘Screen Resolution.’
  • Then, you need to adjust the slider as per the resolution you want to set up for your display.
  • Then, click on Apply.
  • Also, you need to restart your system for the final operation to be completed.
  • The idea to check which resolution sets best for your display is to check it on the Appearance and Personalization window
  • Then, set the resolution as per the level shown in the window on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you hard reset a monitor?

Follow up on the steps given below:

  • Locate the MENU button present on the front screen.
  • Then press up the UP ARROW or the DOWN ARROW to go on to the reset icon.
  • Then, press OK.

How do I update my ASUS monitor?

  • Go on to look for updates that are available in the system.
  • Move to the System Updates
  • If there are some updates, then go for a System Update
  • Then click on Ok


ASUS monitors have excellent display quality, but due to some issues, the out-of-range problem erupts and causes glitches in the display quality. This issue can be resolved further by understanding the reason behind the problem that has caused the out of range.

Then, by applying some resolutions, the issue can be resolved, and then the quality of the screen can be enhanced further.

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