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Ultrawide VS 1440p

Ultrawide VS 1440p – Which One is Better?

Here in this article we will discuss ultrawide vs 1440p monitors comparison guide. Multi-screen monitor setup is nothing new, especially in the corporate world and in the professional field. However, the multi-screen monitor setup is not advantageous as it creates a lot of problems for the screen later on.  Since multi-screen monitors are not easy …

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Mac Mini i5 VS i7

Mac Mini i5 VS i7 | Comparison Guide

Since the time Mac Mini has been launched in the market, it has revolutionized the users’ workspace. Mac Mini is compatible with several devices, and it enhances the performance of your work, and you can even use it for entertainment purposes.  Mac Mini comes with an inbuilt security system that makes the entire functioning all …

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Intel NUC VS MAC Mini

Intel NUC VS MAC Mini | Which One is Better?

Since its launch, the Apple Mac mini has dominated the technological market with its outstanding features and compact size. However, as a competition of Mac mini, several other brands have launched their equivalent devices.  One of the most significant rivals of the Mac mini is Intel NUC. Intel NUC has similar processing power, compact size, …

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144hz vs 165hz monitor

144Hz Vs 165Hz Monitor [Detailed-Comparison]

In this article we will discuss the 144Hz Vs 165Hz Monitor comparison guide. Are you tired that you are not able to get a good gaming experience on your monitor? If yes, then most likely, you are facing this issue because of your refresh rate. Refresh rates directly affect the gaming performance of laptops and …

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Acer Vs Dell Monitor

Acer Vs Dell Monitor Which One Should You Choose?

If you have been in the search of a new pc monitor, you must have stumbled upon several monitors from Acer and Dell. In fact, Acer and Dell are two of the most popular choices for people seeking a PC monitor. Thus, we often get asked, Acer Vs Dell monitor, which one should we get? …

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Best Eye Care Monitor

Best Eye Care Monitor in 2022

We are here with this handy guide comprising the best eye care monitors well suited for your working space, gaming use, and safe experience for your eyes with built-in eye care protection technology anti flickering feature. So, you don’t need to be conscious of working all day because these picks are the top high-quality eye …

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Freesync vs No Freesync

Freesync vs No Freesync: What are the Benefits & Drawbacks?

Free-sync Technology has become extremely popular nowadays in monitors because of its capability to fix the refresh rate and FPS synchronization. If FPS and refresh rate synchronization are not proper, you might face screen tearing or flickering on the monitor.  Free-sync technology is widely used nowadays to fix the screen tearing and muttering problem, and …

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Asus PG279Q VS PG279QZ

Asus PG279Q VS PG279QZ | Comparison Guide

So, you are on the verge of buying an ASUS monitor, and confused between the Asus PG279Q and the PG279QZ monitor? Don’t worry! A lot of people get annoyed between these two monitors as they are unimaginably close to each other. If you are one of those who are confused between these two monitors, then …

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Dell SE2717H vs Dell SE2719H

Dell SE2717H VS Dell SE2719H | Comparison

There is no debate about the quality of Dell monitors, they are amazing with a superior quality display that offers superior color grading, and sharpness. If you are on the verge to buy a new Dell laptop, and you are confused between the Dell SE2717HR and Dell SE2719H monitor, then you have landed on the …

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Backlight Bleed VS IPS Glow

Backlight Bleed VS IPS Glow

Light coming out of your monitor screen can be quite annoying, especially, when you can’t figure out what exactly is it, backlight bleed or IPS glow. Since both of these are exceptionally similar, it’s harder to know the difference. Thus, we have compiled this blog post, in which we have put together all the information …

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