Light coming out of your monitor screen can be quite annoying, especially, when you can’t figure out what exactly is it, backlight bleed or IPS glow.

Since both of these are exceptionally similar, it’s harder to know the difference. Thus, we have compiled this blog post, in which we have put together all the information you need to know the difference between these two. That being said, let’s jump into the details, and check what should you do.

Backlight Bleed VS IPS Glow Comparison Chart

ConditionBacklight Bleed (Monitor Bleed)IPS Glow
Where Does Light Show-up From?In Backlight bleeding, there is light leakage from the corners of the screen.It shows up when you see the screen from a certain angle.
When It Shows Up?It always shows up from the corners of the LCD.It shows up when you are watching the screen in dark.
Is It Manufacturing Fault?Yes, it’s a manufacturing fault.No, it’s not a manufacturing fault.
Can It be Cured?No, it cannot be cured.Likewise, it also cannot be cured.
Can it be Reduced?No, it cannot be reduced.Yes, you can reduce it by increasing the room light, and placing the screen at certain angles.

What is Backlight Bleeding?

IPS screens can have different issues, one of the most common issues that you can face on an IPS screen is the backlight bleeding issue.

Unlike the LED panels, the IPS screens have a backlighting system at the backend for providing illumination on the screen. Sometimes, during the manufacturing, the manufacturer fails to provide a complete seal around the corners, which ultimately causes the backlight bleeding in a monitor.

In backlight bleeding, which is also known as monitor bleeding, there is light coming out of the screen corners, which is highly visible when you are using the monitor under dark lighting conditions.

Since the light is coming out of the corners, it causes an unbalanced light on the screen, ruining the perfect harmony that you would otherwise expect from an IPS display. Moreover, others can also find the backlight bleeding annoying, as it can be seen from far off. Monitor bleeding is a manufacturing issue that happens when the monitor is manufactured, and the users cannot do much about it.

What is IPS Glow?

We have already talked about the working of an IPS display, there are small LED lights at the sides of the screen which glow up the whole panel. Just like the light bulbs at your home, these tiny bulbs produce strong light at the sides, as the bulbs are already placed there.

There is a lot of shields, and different type of padding used in the IPS display. So, in normal circumstances, you cannot see the IPS glow. However, when you view the computer screen from certain angles, you witness the IPS glow. There is nothing wrong with the IPS glow, and it is not a screen defect, it is the way IPS screens work, and normally you should not notice it unless you pay deep heed to the screen.

Since it’s not a manufacturing defect, you should not normally witness this issue on the screen when you are playing games or watching videos. It is only visible when you are watching the screen in the dark, and there are no colors on the computer screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Backlight Bleed a Manufacturing Fault?

Is the backlight bleed is a manufacturing fault that happens when the light comes out of the screen corners. Since it’s a manufacturing fault, there is not much you can do in such situations.

Why Does Backlight Bleed Happen?

Backlight Bleed happens when there is some gap between your monitor backlight and the screen. For a vast majority of the time, this issue happens during the manufacturing process, and it’s a fault. You should definitely look around before buying your next monitor.

What’s the Difference Between Backlight Bleed & IPS Glow?

There are a lot of difference between the backlight bleed (monitor bleed), and the IPS glow, backlight bleed is a manufacturing fault that happens when the light comes out from the corners of the screen. On the other hand, IPS glow is a natural process in the IPS panels, and it’s the way IPS screens work.


Although backlight bleed & IPS glow are different things, still, they are often confused, and a majority of people do not know the difference between these two.

Thus, we have compiled this step-by-step guide, in which we have put together the backlight bleed, and IPS glow against each other. So, you would not the difference between the two, and which can be cured, and how you can spot it.

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