The electronics industry is full of various options nowadays, with respect to monitors. It has become really a tedious task to search on the specifications of each and every monitor to select among them your best fit one.

So, to have a clear knowledge about the type of monitor that you prefer and the characteristics of an ideal monitor you need to do a comparative analysis of the different qualities monitors of different brands have.

Benq VS LG Monitor

Thus, here in this article, we take two such popular monitors, namely the LG monitor and the BenQ monitor, to do a comparative analysis of the qualities of the two brands:


LG monitor has a comparatively decent visual quality than the BenQ monitor. An LG monitor provides a good gradient performance and has a very good color blending aspect. The contrast ratio is well suitable for the resolution of the screen that it offers. While on the other hand, a BenQ monitor is low when it comes to picture quality. It provides sharp contrast and also has a low gradient performance.

Refresh Rate

BenQ monitor has a robust refresh rate that is accompanied by an excellent FPS value. The picture quality of a BenQ monitor is good compared to that of an LG monitor. BenQ monitor is ideal for doing office work, too, because of its versatility with respect to the application on which one works at a time on the system.


LG monitors are great when it comes to gaming as well as office work. BenQ monitor is also sometimes employed in the editing as well as designing work. The ability of LG monitors to hold down the motion blur settings and the fast motion settings are outstanding. The BenQ monitor somewhat lacks this aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are BenQ monitors IPS?

Yes, IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology is incorporated in BenQ monitors. This allows the BenQ monitors to have an accurate color representation with a good image display on the screen. The BenQ monitors also provide us with adequate eye care through the inclusion of this technology in it.

How do I fix my BenQ monitor if no signal is detected?

You need to unplug the wire connected to your monitor and then you need to wait for a few minutes, say 4-5 minutes. Re-plug the cable again into the same slot and then restart the computer system again. The system should have a good power supply along with a better display card settings enabled on the system.


Thus, to have a choice between both monitors, it is difficult to set a particular selection criterion. We have seen that on the basis of picture quality, an LG monitor is better than a BenQ monitor. Also an LG monitor is also good when it comes to fluency and speed.

So, just compare your budgetary aspects when it comes to choosing between an LG and a BenQ monitor. Both monitors are good in their own parameters and specifications.

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