Having a monitor in this age and day has become quite a necessity. Be it for work or gaming purposes; the monitor must depict all features that would cater to its functioning and give the user a seamless experience while using it.

However, finding the best 144Hz monitors under 300 is an arduous task.

Now you may not worry about whether a monitor fits your budget because, thanks to technological innovations, you will find various monitors available on the market. To further aid our readers in finding themselves the best 144Hz monitor under 300, we have narrowed down our favorites in the following section.

Best 144Hz Monitors Under $300 Comparison Table 2023

1. ViewSonic OMNI XG2402

ViewSonic OMNI XG2402 under 300 USD

If you are looking for a monitor that is decent for gaming, portrays a high screen resolution, and, most importantly, has a 144Hz refresh rate accompanied by VRR-free sync support. You should check this one out by ViewSonic.

ViewSonic OMNI XG2402 will aid you in maintaining your competitive edge in gaming. This is because it has an ultra-fast response time of 1 ms and an exceptional speed refresh rate of 144Hz.

When viewed on an HD screen of 1080P, there is no tactic of your opponent that you will be missing out on.

As a result, when utilizing the monitor for gaming, you will experience no blur on the screen, nor will it lag, concluding the visual to be blurred. 

The ergonomics of the monitor are conveniently adjustable, meaning that you can adjust its stand to any height suitable and needed for you while you game.

Also, upon purchasing this monitor, it comes with already installed pre-set visuals that can be further customized like ColorX and keep you geared consistently. 

The connectivity offered in this monitor is not only flexible but versatile too. You can connect your additional cables to access your laptops, Macs, and PCs in the HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB port options and have the privilege of gaming smoothly through the AMD premium free sync.

• Excellent gaming performance
• Freesync support is available
• Low screen blur
• Less input lag
• Mediocre dark room performance
• Limited viewing angles


We recommend this monitor to be utilized for gaming as it has all those features that a gamer looks for. However, it would help if you remembered that the performance is excellent, but the monitor’s viewing angles are somewhat limited. 

2. ASUS VG278Q Monitor

ASUS Asus VG278QR 27 inch monitor under 300

Considering that you are a ruthless gamer who always plays with competition in mind, we understand how you would want a monitor with almost all of the required functions to be there in a single device. 

Therefore, we bring to you our second monitor, a product by ASUS.

ASUS BG278Q features a 27-inch panel with adaptive sync technology, an immediate response time of 1 ms, and an uncommon refresh rate of 144Hz.

With all these features in an HD panel of 1920×1080, we guarantee that you will be offered a gaming experience like never before, tear-free and seamless simultaneously. 

The contrast ratio of colors for this screen is extremely high; rest assured, you will not encounter any other monitor you might be looking to purchase for under 300. Additionally, the G-sync technology prevents the screen from stuttering or tearing. 

No worries about attaching extra speakers to your monitor to stay intact with audio because the ASUS monitor comes with built-in stereo speakers of 2W.

Similarly, with this particular design’s ASUS eye care technology, you can game all day long without straining or fatiguing your eyes. 

Ergonomics adjustability extends beyond the stand and further excels to the tilt, swivel, pivot, and height, which can all be altered to your comfort level. Also, there are various connectivity options, including a display, dual-link, DVD, and two HDMI ports. 

• Reduced motion blur
• The low input for lag
• Highly ergonomic design
• G-sync and AMD free sync compatible
• Pixel density is average
• Viewing angles are narrow
• Image quality could have been better


In short, this ASUS monitor offers all required for an enthusiastic gamer to play a game without any hindrances and is undoubtedly a unique option for the price you can buy it in.

3. ViewSonic OMNI VX2458

ViewSonic OMNI VX2458 under 300

A gaming experience proves futile if the screen you use for the game has narrow or no viewing angles. So, elevate your game to another level with this ViewSonic OMNI monitor, which will allow you to hunt down your competitor from on the screen at any angle.

ViewSonic OMNI VX2458 has a 27-inch widescreen with a completely HD screen resolution of 1920×1080 and a refresh rate of 144Hz with a fantastic response time of 1ms, allowing you to have your edge through a game.

Experience no image tearing in this monitor as the ADM premium free sync technology will ensure that the screen does not tear up, nor does it experience a lag while you are invested in gaming. 

Moreover, game all day without worrying about excessive screen time impacting your eyes because this monitor’s blue light filter and flicker-free technology features will ensure your back. 

Upon purchasing the OMNI monitor, you will receive two additional cables; one will be an HDMI, and the other will be a power cable.

These can be used to connect your other devices to the monitor, such as phones, laptops, tablets, and many more, as the device demonstrates flexibility in connectivity. 

• Amazing response time
• Bare input for a lag
• Black uniformity is better than others
• The color gamut is extraordinary
• Poor ergonomics
• No extra gaming features


Suppose you are content with using a monitor with a wide range of viewing angles along with an impressive brightness of colors but are limited in ergonomics. Then we say go for this Viewsonic Omni VX2458 because its pros outweigh its cons. 

4. AOC C24G1 Monitor

AOC C24G1 24 inch monitor

ACO is always an added benefit to come across a monitor with a curved screen altogether because there are no boundaries left to abide by while gaming, and you can spot your opponent easily on the screen.

AOC C24G1 has a panel of 24 inches with 23.6″ viewable angles, all offered in its high-resolution display of 1920×1080. It has a curvature of 1500R and a frameless design with no evident borders, which eventually wraps you in its immersive visual experience. 

Rapid response and refresh rates of 1ms and 144Hz are coupled with the AMD free sync technology to assure that users have a smooth visual portrayed to them and competitive gaming. 

The ergonomics offered in this monitor are optimum. You can alter and modify its title, pivot, swivel, and height to the game at an eye level best suited to your comfort.

Additionally, the flicker-free technology and the low blue mode look out for your eyes from being excessively strained due to consistent use. 

This monitor has different options available for connectivity so that you can connect anything to it and all of it simultaneously. These options consist of two HDMI ports and one VGA port.

With viewing angles between 178 degrees horizontally and 178 degrees vertically, you can view the screen from anywhere and at any distance and have the same output. 

• Outstanding color consistency
• Screen is matte
• Strong contrast for static
• Low lag
• No speakers
• No USB connectivity


Despite being a 24-inch panel, this monitor has all the features you want to have when gaming, making it an excellent value for money. 

5. Acer Nitro VG271 Monitor

Let’s say you want a monitor that is restricted to gaming and can also be used for other tasks. Acer Nitro is a monitor that supports multitasking and is particular for delivering a trouble-free experience to its users.

Acer Nitro VG271 is a 27-inch panel with an HD display of 1920×1080. Its IPS widescreen offers AMD Radeon technology, meaning the images’ color sharpness and details will be heightened.

With the excellent response time of 1 ms and the incredible refresh rate of 144hz, you do not have to worry about your screen blurring or tearing because these features will support the frames to switch instantly.

This monitor comes with two built-in speakers of 2W capable of delivering high-quality audio and eliminates the requirement for you to connect additional speakers.

Connect any other devices to the monitor through the numerous connectivity options. These consist of two HDMI ports and a display port, with which the HDMI cable comes included.

• Excellent input for lag
• Motion handling is outstanding
• Immediate refresh rate
• Exceptional response time
• Limited ergonomics
• Uniformity for black is average


Apart from the fact that despite the HDR support, the screen does not get bright enough, there is no other feature that would not make us recommend this monitor. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best 144hz monitors under 300?

The best 144Hz monitor under 300 is ASUS VG278Q. We have marked this monitor to be the best because of its abundant features, specifically the one for high ergonomics, concluding it to be excellent value for money. 


To conclude, we have tried to bring you a definitive compilation of the best 144Hz monitors under 300 you can buy.

All you have to do with a budget is specify your needs and wants in a monitor too, and when penetrating the market in depth, your mission to get a functional monitor will be effortlessly successful.

So, without any further wait, buy yourself a 144Hz monitor which suits all your needs and makes your lives hassle-free with its use. 

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