With technological advancement and innovation, work seems easier from home. Still,

it may require sophisticated devices, and the best 19 inch monitor better suits the working space while fulfilling user demands.

But which brand to select and how to achieve the maximum features in a single affordable device? 

That’s quite tricky and may require a lot of research. But we came up with the top 3 best devices to make you get the best from the versatile market without struggling.

Just follow the guide and carefully check the reviews with adverse outcomes as a reminder to know what exactly you are getting.

Best 19 Inch Monitors Comparison Table 2023

1. HP V20 HD 19.5″ Monitor

An ideal monitor, a 19″ HP V20, can be a better option for space-conscious users. Being top on the list ensures its efficiency and performance for daily life task completion and entertainment purposes.

Adjusting the monitor to your desired space lets you get most of the task quickly and sideways. So, let’s quickly check its highlighting features we noticed while using the device.

Please don’t get confused by its small screen size because compared to large screens, it takes little desk space and does not compromise on the basic features.

Keeping the guaranteed safety, the HP V20 offers low blue light technology to avoid eye fatigue and severe strains. In terms of connectivity, it supports HDMI and VGA ports to connect various devices and consoles easily. 

Getting towards the display, you get an HD screen with a high-quality image and crisp texture with an engaging viewing experience through diagonal shape from any angle, imparting a realistic view to the user’s sight. 

With the help of a Nematic LED screen, the monitor offers fast operation by maintaining a high refresh rate and response time, eliminating lagging and motion blueness.

The HP V20 multitasking with certified energy safety and mercury-free display makes it the best option. It lets you work long hours without compromising your health.

But with positive features, some limitations exist, like lacking build speakers, a USB port, and a less powerful power cord.

• Better picture quality
• Eye protection technology
• Affordable price
• Personalized tilting feature
• Mercury-free LED screen
• Lack USB port
• Low-quality power cord


For users requiring a concise and small setup to carry out work from home, the HP V20 suits them best.

Complete all the tasks and client appointments on time with perfect tilt per your customization to ensure users are comfy. Build up your home-based small office with the HP V20 and efficiently carry out your work. 

2. ASUS VS207T-P 19.5″ Monitor

Another best 19-inch monitor is the ASUS VS207T-P, which comes with integrated backlit LED technology offers an HD display of 1600×900 resolution, making it for small offices and home-based working spaces.

The refresh rate is 60 Hz, while a 05 ms response rate ensures the working is lag free with good image quality and smoother video playing capability.

Want to multitask over a single screen? Will 19 inches be enough?

That’s the beauty of this monitor, and it offers two pages displaying on the screen to carry out multiple sites, web pages, or task files at a glance with ease of completing various tasks. 

Content creators and users requiring entertainment can enjoy the monitor’s best contrast ratio, image quality, and video optimization, all thanks to the built video intelligence technology for making the screen a real-life viewing example for a realistic experience. 

Regarding durability, ASUS ensures its user’s trust by providing a warranty of 03 years for their monitors with additional 2-way shopping free of cost.

That’s why an ASUS is a high-class durable brand! With positive features, the monitor lacks certain functionalities because of its low price, like no G-sync for gaming.

It also lacks tilt, pivot, and swivel features, requires additional speakers, and doesn’t support HDMI or display port supports VGA. So, if you want an ergonomic-friendly monitor, this might not be for you.

• 03-year warranty
• Durable
• High performance
• 05 ms response rate
• Affordable
• Lack tilt functionalities


So here comes the best space-saving monitor for doubling work productivity by enhancing the image quality and video-playing user experience.

Make your mini work from a home office with the new ASUS VS207T-P to get you to achieve your next milestone without spending thousands of dollars. 

3. ViewSonic VA1903H 19-Inch Monitor

Last but not least, here’s the ViewSonic bringing in the wide screen  HDMI supported 19-inch ViewSonic VA1903H monitor for home and small offices, enhancing the overall look of your mini office with its black aesthetic look.

The monitor offers a 60 Hz refresh rate with a 6 ms response time for showing faster and better image display on the screen without causing motion blur issues.

Let’s learn more about the monitor as we decided to dig deep to examine its performance and other qualities.

The 19-inch ViewSonic VA1903H enhances user review by providing custom integrated viewing modes with a standard resolution of 1366 X 768 p WXGA.

At such affordable rates, what can you expect more? But then, ViewSonic provides multiple functionalities. Let me include its safety feature for having a low blue light keeping your eyes safe from harmful rays without getting fatigued over time. 

So neither eye strain nor any flickers are because of eye care protection technology and anti-flicker features making the monitor an affordable and safe option.

What about its connectivity? Do you think it can connect all sorts of devices? The price can confuse you, but to be honest, the device connects multiple gadgets like laptops, POS systems, PCs, and even Macs.

The display quality is also rich and bold, with millions of colors in bold, and the high resolution ensures great clarity with balanced contrast.

• Power and VGA cable included in the box
• Flicker-free technology
• Eco-friendly energy-saving mode
• Durable
• High performance
• No height adjustment
• Lack build speakers


Improve your work productivity by opting for the ViewSonic VA1903H with fully optimized settings for each mode and carrying multitasking with ease without compromising your work efficiency.

Please get rid of flickers and value light with its high-tech technology, and with the help of HDMI, power connects multiple compatible devices to carry out your work perfectly and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 19 inch monitor?

The HP V20 HD 19.5″ Monitor is the best all-rounder monitor with versatile functionalities, features, high build-in quality, and efficient performance. Its affordability and eye protection safety make them more in the spotlight to opt for your working space and suit the best space-conscious users. 

Is a 19 inch monitor good for gaming?

Generally speaking, a 19 inch monitor with low gaming features isn’t suitable for high-quality games, but regular games like Sims are compatible with the monitor. For professional gamers, the wider the screen, the better the gaming they experience.

What size is a 19 inch monitor?

The best 19-inch monitor has a length, width, and height Of 13.5 x 6.7 x 17.2 inches as per product dimensions predefined for the ViewSonic VA1903H 19-Inch Monitor.


The best 19 inch monitor works perfectly in any condition and saves a lot of your desk space while keeping your work uncompromised.

These are the best you can opt-in for the working area without disappointment. Despite working in bright or dim light, the monitor self-adjusts the view and won’t confuse you with the data on the screen you are working with all day.

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