Best 27 Inch 4K Monitor in 2022 (Buying Guide)

Nowadays, gaming has become our generation one of the most favorite hobbies. Teenagers and adults can spend hours and hours sitting in front of a computer and TV screen gaming all day long without getting tired.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you may know how being well equipped in this journey is necessary to your gaming process. “Well equipped” does not only include having a suitable gaming device but also a monitor that can demonstrate the battlefield in its entirety without any glitches.

Therefore, this article brings seven of the best 27 inch 4K monitors that can upgrade your game without any hassle but only by investing a few hundred dollars.

List of the Best 27 Inch 4K Monitor in 2022

1. SAMSUNG S80A Computer Monitor

SAMSUNG S80A Computer Monitor

This flat and decently built 27-inch 4K monitor is manufactured for us by our all-time favorite market leader of the electronics industry: Samsung. Thus, the product’s brand name gives you enough reason not to skip but to go through the product.

This monitor by Samsung features a 27-inched screen panel with a high-resolution 4K display that makes the picture quality of the visuals exceptional because of the vivid colors. Additionally, it allows its users to thoroughly explore every detail on the screen with the help of the 4x pixels that it comes with. The monitor’s HDR10 offers more than a billion colors on the net. This particular characteristic of the monitor makes every color stand out either by brightening it or by darkening it. This, thus, is dependent on the requirement of the picture.

Moreover, you can connect your multiple other devices to the monitor through the universal connectivity that it offers, which includes an option for HDMI, DisplayPort, and a USB-type C. An added advantage is that through the monitor, you can also charge your laptop with a power-up to 90W.

The design of this monitor assures it to take care of its users by allowing them to adjust the height, swivel, pivot, and tilt to their own needs. Also, you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes from excessive screen time as the monitor offers a flicker-free and eye-saver mode.

• Offers 4k HD resolution
• Functional design
• Amazing color contrast
• Various connectivity ports
• Expensive
• The visual can be blurred at times


Our final verdict is in favor of this monitor by Samsung as the features that come with the device are uncommon to a standard monitor and make it great value for money. The monitor’s hardware is not only sleek and minimalistic, but the software tool is highly functional.

2. ASUS XG27UQR ROG Strix 27 Inch Monitor

ASUS ROG Strix 27 inch

If you are looking for a monitor that offers incredible picture quality, is not choppy or teary, and has a high refresh rate, then check out this ASUS rog Strix 27-inch 4K monitor.

This monitor by ASUS is a 27-inched 4K display with one of the highest refresh rates that are not offered by many of the other monitors in the same category. Through its high resolution, the monitor provides an output of 120Hz on both your ps5 and Xbox. The refresh rate for this monitor is 144Hz which means now you can switch tabs on your monitor without worrying about an occurring glitch and still have a smooth visual while gaming.

Additionally, with the monitor support for Display Stream Compression Technology, you can transfer your high-quality videos that have an ultra definition. as a result of this compatibility demonstrated by the monitor, your transported videos will be shared more efficiently and without any loss of the quality of your visuals.

Moreover, the monitor provides its users with an extensive range of color gamuts that have an uncommon contrast for color performance, enhancing the display further. It also is readily compatible with G-Sync, which tends to deliver gaming at a tear-free and seamless capacity.

• Has plenty of power for gaming
• Outstanding display
• Picture quality remains the same
• Compatible with G-sync
• No SD card option
• Has no webcam


The monitor effectively serves the purpose of providing its users with incredible color quality and resolution. Still, the device’s fan keeps whining in the background and is highly audible without headphones which can be quite agitating. However, if you want no compromise on your visual quality and can keep up with the noise produced by the fan, then this product is your ideal choice.

3. Dell S2721QS 27 Inch 4K UHD Monitor

Dell S2721QS 27 Inch

Looking to upgrade your gaming experience and do not want to opt for a highly curved screen? Then this monitor by dell is the remedy to your problem. This is because the monitor does not features a total curvature but a slight one and can prove to be your last fruitful resort.

This 27-inched screen monitor comes in a three-sided, virtually borderless design that is merely curved towards its ends and has a thick bottom line. Through this bare curve in the screen, your ability to view angles from any point is not limited now but instead unlimited. Therefore, it offers a spectacular four times higher view than your standard HD display with a screen resolution of 3840×2160. Thus, offering a highly immersive and real-life gaming experience.

The unique feature of this monitor by dell is that it is appealing to the eye in its appearance. The back of the monitor features a fine grey textured pattern that makes the monitor stand out and able to fit in with any interior.

Additionally, it has technology for AMD Freesync that allows leisure, tear-free and smooth experience for all gaming fanatics. It also is ergonomically versatile, which means that the users of this monitor can alter the height, stand, swivel, tilt, and then pivot to what suits them the best.

• Broad viewing angles
• Suitable ergonomics
• Widescreen
• High-resolution display
• Average color contrast ratio
• Offers a decent gaming experience


This is the most practical and authentic monitor you can buy to satisfy your gaming needs, as it not only lives up to the stated specs in the product manual but also to the demands of its customers.

4. AOC U2790VQ 27 Inch Monitor

AOC U2790VQ 27 inch

It is highly unlikely for a flat screen to feature a visually frameless display, but AOC in its 27-inch 4k resolution has made this possible. Read through the stated features, pros, cons, and verdict to learn more about this computer and see whether it meets your expectations.

This monitor by AOC is an IPS panel of 27 inches that offers broad angles for viewing from any distance and any degree. Accompanied by this feature is the high 4k resolution of the monitor that allows its users to witness over a billion colors rich in color and full of details.

This product has a sleek and subtle design, featuring visually three-sided frameless borders that are an ideal choice for a seamless setup. Additionally, you can locate the monitor on your desk as it is VESA compatible while working and when in the mood for the game, you can quickly remove the stand and mount it against the wall.

The highest and the most typical brightness level for this monitor is -350cd which can be further modified into the low blue mode to make the light spectrum less harmless and tiring to the eye.

The contrast ratio for this monitor is extremely dynamic and offers enriched display details. Hence, now you can comfortably view your monitor for continuous hours.

Also, the monitor has several outlet ports, such as differently-ranging ports for various HDMI options and a display port.

• 4K resolution
• Features an IPS Panel
• Fine image quality
• Affordable monitor
• 60Hz
• No freesync or g-sync


Even though the bezel of the screen has been incredibly reduced, the pictures are still not displayed on the entire screen and leave space out on the net. Nevertheless, when considering the picture quality of this monitor, it is commendable.

5. Philips 276E8VJSB 27″ Monitor

Philips 276E8VJSB Monitor

To purchase this 27-inch 4k monitor by Philip means you get to experience your images’ phenomenal and impeccable quality. Therefore, making this monitor is the most suitable and practical choice for video and photo editing. So, for all professional visual editors, we advise you to keep a keen eye out for this option!

This monitor by Philips promises to offer an ultimately clear and high-resolution 4k display on the 27-inch that it features. Also, this modestly sized panel of the monitor can produce over a billion colors through its IPS which are undoubtedly evident and smooth in their color variation.

The design of this monitor is made to be elegant by its narrow borders that depict a seamless appearance through its thin walls. Additionally, the monitor can serve all the multi-taskers well. When the dual connect is available, you can view numerous tabs simultaneously without the hassle of searching for them frequently.

Different port outlets offered by this monitor are two HDMI ports and a 1.2 display port. Both the HDMI ports can connect to an audio device to aid their users in the convenience of using the monitor.

• Rich and equally varied color output
• Has sRGB
• Color consistency is strong
• Light matte screen
• Does not support outside gamuts
• Slower pixel transitions


All its users have found the screen almost bezel-less with a beautiful color gradation. However, it would help if you braced yourself to experience a lag with the mouse at times quite frequently.

6. LG 27UK850-W 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 27UK850-W Monitor

With this LG monitor, you can encounter something you have never before: view your screen from any angle and still have a wide and clear display. This is because of the seamless design that the monitor features that has no borders surrounding the screen.

this monitor by LG has a 27-inch widescreen with a 4K ultra high resolution IPS display. To assist content creators in their creativity, the monitor is compatible with HDR10, which means that because of this, the monitorcan nowo support an extensive range of colors at specific brightness levels. Therefore, it exceeds the color compatibility that might be provided to you by other monitors on the market.

Additionally, it has a USB Type-C port that you can use to connect your other devices to the monitor and thus expand the range of the visuals you view on your screen. Through this, there will be no cluster of wires around you, and by using a single connectivity wire, you can transfer all your data for editing.

If you are a gamer, certain settings on the monitor are particularly for your use. These settings will efficiently optimize your monitor and activate the black stabilizer, revealing all the colors and features on the screen in their utmost prominence. Moreover, the monitor has a high contrast color ratio with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 5ms.

• Adaptable design
• Bordrdless from three sides
• Compatible with free sync
• Super easy to set up
• Features an ergonomic design
• Expensive
• 60Hz refresh limit
• Long response time


The low refresh rate and the average response time might lead to you experiencing a lag while gaming. Still, other than that, no other characteristic of the monitor would make us doubt ourselves when we recommend this monitor to you.

7. BenQ PD2700U 27 inch 4K Monitor

BenQ PD2700U 27 inch 4K Monitor

If you know what to expect from a monitor, then you will be definite that this BenQ monitor is reliable for your daily use. The calibration offered by this monitor is excellent, with the displayed colors on the screen being accurate and genuine. To learn more, read through what follows.

With this 27inched panel monitor by BENQ, you can now view more of the screen through its broad viewing angles of 60HZ from any point and distance at a high-resolution display. Additionally, the HDR1O supports the monitor as you can now preview your content for videos in a completely HDR mode even while editing. Thus, you know what to anticipate in your outcome.

The brightness offered by this monitor is -350cd with a response time of 5ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The monitor can provide its users with Darkroom animation through CAD/CAM, supposedly the most innovative and exclusive feature that most monitors do not have. You can also have a dual view of the screen to view multiple tabs simultaneously.

Through the wide range in the color gamut when editing or viewing, you can view a billion colors via the 10-bit tech, which is a hundred percent sRGB. Also, all this comes pre-calibrated so that the users do not have to waste their time or energy on the calibration but get to work without any hindrance.

• Amazing display
• Smooth color reproduction
• Various connectivity options
• Sturdy build
• Average refresh rate
• Lengthy response time


The pre-calibration of the monitor is an added and needed advantage for all the users that make your investment in this monitor worth it.

Best 27 Inch 4K Monitor – 2022 Buying Guide

Buying a monitor suitable to your needs is quite an arduous process; you must contemplate it well before you delve into it. Therefore, we have compiled our buying guide that will highlight most of the important features for you so that you can make sure to pick the best 27 inch 4k monitor for yourself.

Identify the Purpose

It is crucial to your selection process that you have identified the reason behind the need for a monitor. This is because every person with a different condition would require a differently composed computer in terms of both the hardware and the software.

For instance, if you are a gamer, you must look for a monitor with a high refresh rate and refresh your screen instantly without having to wait for extensive ds.

However, for professionals, the utmost priority in a monitor will be color accuracy. No photo or video editor would want the quality of their images to be ruined. At the same time, they edit them just because the monitor’s screen could not support the original dazzling colors.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the times your monitor updates while you are working and is measured in hertz (Hz). The requirement that must be fulfilled for a refresh rate must be higher because the higher the refresh rate, the more efficient your computer will be.

Therefore, when surfing the internet or the market, check the specs of a monitor for its refresh rate, and an excellent refresh rate will exceed a hundred.

Response Time

Response time is a measure of the pixels. It will estimate the time your monitor will take to switch from one certain pixel to another, such as from gray to black or vice versa.

This means that if a monitor has a longer response time, your visuals are likely to blur more as your computer’s software cannot support the pixels of your images or videos.

The fastest response time that a gaming monitor can have is 0.5ms, whereas the average response time you may come across may be 5ms. However, do not go beyond these response times for your monitors.

Panel Type

Considering the best 27 inch 4k monitor is ideal for everyday necessities, it would be smart to go with an IPS panel type. An IPS panel is a type of LED display. Still, it is discerned from usual panel types because of its outstanding ability to have the most smooth collection of colors and offer various angles for viewing.

Thus, an IPS panel is not only a good choice but also a practical one as it can be used by a professional, gamer, or anyone with a knack for creativity.

Adaptive Sync

Adaptive sync technologies are crucial for a monitor as they minimize the stuttering that might occur on your screen and synchronize your monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics. Therefore, providing its users with an experience that is ultimately seamless.

If you are on a budget and do not have room to overspend, then we would advise you to go for a monitor that has a Free Sync rather than a G sync. This is because monitors that feature a Free Sync are comparatively less expensive than the ones with a G sync.

Additionally, do not forget to know if the sync is compatible with your graphic card because if it is not, then it may not be preventing the screen from stuttering. Similarly, your adaptive sync’s refresh rate should be less than what your graphic card can support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 27 inch 4k monitor?

Even though we have listed the seven best 27 inch 4K monitors, our favorite is the one by Samsung, as it has the most features to offer.

Does 4K on 27-inch make sense?

Yes, it does, as the 27-inch panel is efficiently utilized by the 4k resolution of your monitor’s screen.

What screen size is best for a 4K monitor?

The best screen size for a 4k monitor is a 32-inch screen because it has optimal space and offers wide room for your display.


In this article, after careful analysis, thoughtful research, and appointing an unbiased point of view, we have assembled the best 27 inch 4k monitors for you. Not only this but to help you choose the most suitable monitor for you we have also included a buying guide.

Now that you have all the relevant information at your disposal, what is stopping you from upgrading your old and bulky monitor to a new one? So, decide on any of the recommended monitors, and without any further adieu, make your life easier!

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