Best 27 Inch Curved Monitor in 2022

We have observed a drastic technological change in the recent decade where our phones and all the electrical devices around us have transformed dramatically. So is the case have been with our monitors. From our traditional flat screen, we can now obtain a monitor on a curved screen.

These curved and new monitors are more comfortable to the eye and ensure a more curvature view of the visual display. In these curved monitors, the picture quality has substantially elevated, making the pixels more vivid and the colors brighter. Therefore, to help you upgrade your monitor game, we have assembled the best 27-inch curved monitors available.

Stick through our article to learn more about each product we evaluated for you!

List of the Best 27 Inch Curved Monitor in 2022

Let’s discuss what are the best 27 inch curved monitors:

1. AOC C27G2Z 27″ Curved Monitor

AOC C27G2Z 27 inch monitor

Suppose you are searching for a quickly and easily able-to-move screen that provides an exceptional immersion and displays all the colors blazing without changing the picture quality, all and all in a curved screen. In that case, you have to check out this AOC C27” curved monitor.

This AOC 27” Gaming G2 is a curved monitor with a dimension of 1920×1080 and a complete HD display with a resolution of 1080P. The monitor has a bare yet instant response time of 0.5ms, which means you do not have to wait long every time you refresh the screen as it has a 240Hz refresh rate.

The curved monitor has a frameless design with no evident borders on three sides. Subsequently, it also has a 1 to 80 million ratio for graphic visuals, all wrapped in a 1500R monitor for you to enhance your already riveting experience of gaming.

Additionally, this curved monitor comes with a three-year warranty for any damages to the visuals on the screen and a year’s warranty covering any accidental damage. Now you also do not have to worry about your screen time damaging your eyes as you can always switch your curved monitor to a low blue mood or a flicker-free mood.

• Extensive coverage for color
• Instant response to pixels
• Smart design
• Out of the box accuracy is great
• Has OSD buttons for operation
• The aesthetic is poor
• No adjustment for the screen


Even though the poor aesthetic and the operation of the curved monitor through the buttons are a bit ancient for this century, other than that, there is nothing that would not make us recommend this monitor to you.

2. Sceptre Curved 27″ 75Hz LED Monitor

Sceptre C275W-1920RN Curved 27

Sceptre has been manufacturing such products for thirty years and, without fail, has maintained its promise to design superior quality products and make them available at a modest price for its consumers. Now, let’s check their curved monitor out and see if it keeps up with their claimed statement.

This curved monitor by Sceptre is 27” with a 500R curvature in the display. Hence, ensuring to fully immerse you in the show.Unlike other usual monitors, this curved monitor offers a broad color gamut that ultimately defines all the features and deepens every color. It also has various ports, such as two HDMI ports and a VGA port, with each being able to refresh the screen at a rate of 75Hz.

Another feature that sets this monitor apart from the others is its adaptive sync, which prevents the images from tearing up and the monitor from stuttering while you are in the midst of your work. Additionally, the monitor comes with installed speakers ideally designed for gaming and streaming programs.

Moreover, the display can be tilted towards the front to 5 degrees and towards the back to 25 degrees without you having to strain your eyes to look at the screen. Similarly, the VESA mount on the wall allows you to adjust the screen to your desired viewing position.

• Immediate refresh rate
• Adaptive syn
• Vivid color display
• Slim and sleek design
• Built-in speakers
• Takes time to start


Our final verdict for this 27” curved monitor is in favor of Sceptre, and we are confident to say that they still have kept up with their claim, considering that the features offered by this product are incredible for what the monitor is priced.

3. ASUS TUF Gaming 27″ 1440P HDR Curved Monitor

ASUS TUF VG27WQ1B Gaming 27 inch

If you are looking for a curved screen monitor either to game or to stream, then you might want to look at the ASUS TUF gaming 27” as it has been specifically designed for these purposes keeping in mind the needs of its users.

This monitor by ASUS features a 1500R curved screen with an incredibly efficient refresh rate of 165Hz. It mainly supports professional gamers’ needs by allowing them to completely immerse in the visual and identify any opportunities or threats that are presented to them on the screen.

Additionally, it has an adaptive sync to prevent the picture quality from deteriorating and a premium technology of freesync that is supported by HDMI and DP ports granting different variables at which you can refresh the screen. Thus, making room for flexibility and individualizing your needs.

Moreover, the curved monitor’s shadow uplift characteristics enlighten the images when viewed in the dark while maintaining a moderate optimum of the required brightness. Also, the monitor is compatible with HDMI and HDR10 to give its users a real-life gaming experience.

Now you can game without worrying about your eyes being impacted as the ASUS eye care technology has been verified to be flicker-free and offers blue light technology. Consequently, you can continue gaming without tiring or watering your eyes.

• Superior calibration
• Freesync compatible
• Helpful gaming features
• Bright image display
• Effective refresh
• Costly
• Has no hub for a USB


Being a challenging sports player requires a monitor with an exceptional refresh rate and various technological features to offer. In this Asus curved screen monitor, you will get it all without compromising your viewing angle.

4. GIGABYTE G27FC A Curved IPS 165Hz 1080p Monitor

GIGABYTE G27FC A monitor

Thus, making room for flexibility, this curved screen monitor by Gigabyte has been designed after a thoughtful analysis of how its users use it and include features to cater to their needs efficiently. Despite looking simple in the design, these monitors have a sturdy build while ensuring to feature most of the essential characteristics.

This curved screen monitor by Gigabyte has a curved radius of 1500R and displays the following dimensions of 1920×1080. The monitor has an instant and the highest refresh rate, which is uncommon for most of the curved screens on the market, and is 165Hz with a response time of 1ms.

Additionally, the monitor assures a smooth gaming experience to its game enthusiastic users through the installed AMD premium pro freesync technology. Also, the monitor has a stand below it to support it and minimize wobbling.

The monitor’s height can be adjusted to your discretion and comfort, with the screen tilt ranging from -20 to 5 degrees.

Moreover, the monitor is made of plastic with thin borders on three sides and a comparatively thicker lower edge that aids visibility. The simple and decent look of this monitor is highlighted by the glossy finish that it has.

• Admirable refresh rate
• Quick response time
• Excellent resolution
• Suitable size
• Ideal handling of reflection
• Poor color uniformity
• Limited ergonomics


This curved screen monitor is an excellent choice for gaming as it has an efficient response time and refreshes rate to provide a continuous gaming experience. However, it is not an ideal choice for gaming co-op because of the limited viewing angles and ergonomics that are only available for the tilt and height adjustments.

5. Dell S2722DGM Curved Gaming Monitor

Dell S2722DGM Curved Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors do not have to be pricy for what they cost or flashy in their use or, for that matter, excelling in every feature they offer. However, this 27-inch curved monitor by Dell shows that you can access all of the excelled features at a reasonable and affordable price.

With this curved gaming monitor by dell, you get a new and an exclusive, more improvised view of the screen through the 1500R curvature of the monitor that provides a wholly immersive real-life encounter with its vivid visual display and less straining to the eyes display.

Additionally, through the Quad HD of the curved screen monitor, you experience an excellent display with a screen resolution of 2560 on a 27-inch panel which is the highest we have come across till now.

The screen has a refresh rate of 165Hz, allowing your visuals to move faster and be seen quicker while you have wholly engaged yourself in the battlefield when gaming. Thus, a stutter-free display!

Moreover, with this curved monitor, you can adjust the screen’s height and tilt to what best suits you and win your game while gaming from any angle.

• Inexpensive 27 inch curved screen
• Has a low input for lag
• Excellent sync performance
• High refresh rate
• Shows bright and dazzling colors
• Has an average color contrast


If you want to go for a moderately priced gaming computer that would fullfill all your demands for a stutter free game, then this curved monitor is it for you. It not only offers an instant refresh to the screen but has an almost of no lag.

6. SAMSUNG T550 Series 27-Inch FHD 1080p Computer Monitor

SAMSUNG LC32T550FDNXZA 32-inch T55 Series

If you are in for a 27-inched curved monitor by the most reliable and renowned market leader, this Samsung T550 series is worth contemplating. Despite being a product of the most trustworthy brand in the market, this monitor has been priced competitively, thus being within affordability. 

This Samsung T550 series features not only a prime curvature but also the boldest for a 27-inched panel. The company has achieved this after consistent efforts in innovation to bring their customers the best product on the market. For Samsung, the smaller the value for the “R” radius, the steeper the screen’s curve.

Additionally, the monitor has a highly performing curved display that is bright but comfortable to the eye and is protected by TUV not impact the eyes negatively. You can also connect all your devices to the monitor via HDMI and be entertained for hours by the extraordinary sound quality of the built-in speakers installed within the device.

Moreover, the monitor has a minimalist design, meaning no curved screen feature has been overly exaggerated to suit the eye. No borders surround the curved screen display. Even after that, the monitor has an aesthetically striking display, further highlighted by a premium quality metal stand with a supreme quality textured fabric.

• Affordable
• Low input for lag
• Offers support for Freesync VRR
• Excellent contrast ratio
• Low resolution level
• Narrow angles for viewing


We are entirely in favor of this curved screen monitor by Samsung. This is because it is an outcome of one of our favorite brands in the electrical industry, and not to mention that the fact they were first to introduce it makes the curved screen monitor more of a trusted choice for the customers.

7. MSI Optix G271C Monitor

MSI Optix G271C Full HD

This 27-inched curved monitor by MSI is an anti-glare, meaning the screen has extra coats to reflect light. Therefore, you can use the screen easily when sitting outside or by a window, as the non-glare feature will still make the display prominent.

This MSI non-glare monitor is a 27-inched LCD panel with an LED backlight to assist in working on the monitor not only when surrounded by darkness but also in extreme brightness. It also has a 1ms response time and prevents the screen from tearing up or the frames from being choppy in their visual.

Additionally, the monitor offers an extensive range of color gamuts that assures that all the details are highly defined, and the colors are incredibly evident when you are gaming. Thus, transforming your monitor gaming experience into a real-life experience.

Moreover, the sync technology of the monitor is adaptive to multiple other foreign devices you wish to connect to your screen. Now with this MSI non-glare curved screen monitor, you can have an ultimate experience through its frameless design with no borders around it. This allows you to view the screen from any angle and experience the same visual.

• Affordable
• Non-glare screen
• Evident screen colors
• Sleek design
• Product damages when shipped


Our verdict on this monitor is that it is great value for money especially because of its particular non-glare screen feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 27 inch curved monitor?

Samsung’s T550 series is the most affordable and the one with offering various features. Thus, the best 27-inch curved monitor.

Which brand is best for curved monitor?

Dell, Samsung and Gigabyte are the best curved monitor brands in the market nowadays.

Should 27-inch monitors be curved?

Yes, they should be because then despite the small panel of the screen the visual is enhanced and is able to be viewed from any angle.


In this article on the best 27-inch curved monitors, we have not only listed the ones that are popular in the market but also highly in demand amongst the consumers. Additionally, we have provided you with all the relevant information you must need to aid you in this process of deciding on a curved screen monitor.

So, without any further delay and indecisiveness, choose the curved monitor that is the most suitable for you and elevate your gaming experience.

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