A good display is equally important, just like the good system itself, as what you see in front has a significant impact. It will increase the productivity of your work, and if you are a regular user of MacBook Pro, you will need a high-quality external monitor to conduct your everyday computing.

So, if you are looking for the best 27-inch monitor for your MacBook Pro, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the different types of monitors available on the market and their features so that you can make an informed decision and find the perfect monitor for your needs.

List of the Best 27 Inch Monitor for MacBook Pro in 2023

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1. Philips 278E1A 27 Inch Frameless Monitor

Philips 278E1A 27 inch monitor
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The best 27-inch monitor for MacBook Pro, Philips 278E1A,  produces amazing quality sophisticated images and videos, and it’s feasible to be used at a workstation or even at home to give a premium look.

The 27″ line monitor is a stunning and smart addition by Philips. It has a 4k UHD (3840 x 2160) supreme level of clear images and is the best 27-inch monitor for the MacBook pro we have used yet.

This model has IPS technology, which makes it possible to view the screen from any angle, and the view will remain the same. We call it a heaven for animators, designers, and content creators.

Also, the angles could be considered widely with 178/178. Philips 278E1A 27″ has a smart contrasting feature that automatically adjusts the color and sharpness of the display

Not all the systems have the same; it depends on the model you purchase. It also has a built-in stereo speaker of extremely good quality. The audio quality is reasonable, but if you want more, utilize the output port to connect speakers.

This monitor screen has a low blue mode which protects the eyes from the harmful rays that emit from normal screens. It keeps you safe while you work on your life-changing tasks.

• Price is reasonable
• A gamer-friendly model
• Easy cable management
• Ultimate clear 4K display
• Black levels are not up to the mark
• Some errors can be seen on high brightness


The Philips 278E1A 27″ gives useful features in terms of quality and what they are charging for; we cannot term it as expensive or cheap.

It is a great deal, and Philips is providing good value for money. Its display screen is even better than some of the other 4k models available on the market.

2. Samsung CF390 Series 27 inch Monitor

Samsung CF390 Monitor for revit
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Samsung 360 curved model has a curved panel technology which gives a high-quality experience, and you don’t feel any pressure or burden on your eyes while working, streaming, or gaming.

This model has a very thin and classy panel on which colors look brighter, provides chirp sharpness details, and is the best 27-inch monitor for the MacBook pro.

Philips has a flicker-free technology that works as a protecting shield for the eyes; if you use it for your work at the office, your eyes won’t get tired due to work. Also, the screen looks smooth.

This monitor has HDMI and VGA ports, especially for fast connectivity, and is most suitable for professional use. We used the adapter to connect our MacBook pro, and the display performance was accurate.

Display quality for the pictures and videos is excellent, as it has a wide curved screen, and one can get a premium experience by sitting at home. This model’s look is elegant with a gloss black cabinet, making the appearance more attractive.

• Ultra curved screen of 1800 R
• Full HD resolution delivers vibrant images
• Flicker-free technology to protect eyes
• AMD free sync for gamers
• Outstanding quality of pictures
• Sometimes screen got blurred


It’s an amazing option for both professional and personal use; one can get a premium experience without spending a huge amount of money. Also, Samsung provides a three years warranty on this product.

3. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q 27” QHD Monitor

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q 27 inch
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MONIZ EX2710Q is another great option added by the BenQ, a 27-inch QHD 165 Hz, and has all the amazing features a good external monitor screen should have.

It comes with 2.1 built-in speakers, expanded colors, and HDR to make a premium addition to your workstation. Specially designed for gaming persons, it would provide an extraordinary experience for the gamers they crave.

This monitor screen has HDMI and DP connectivity, which supports adaptors, and many displays can connect without hassle. We could also easily connect to the MacBook Pro and enjoy the same content on both screens.

The gaming monitor screen is 27 inches, the refresh rate is 165 HZ, and games can be played smoothly on this; even the heavier games don’t get stuck. We had a dreamy experience with PUBG and didn’t face screen tearing a bit.

This monitor screen has an advanced sound quality system; it has three custom sound modes: a 5W woofer, treVolo audio, and Versatile 2.1 cable audio from two 2W speakers.

The display screen is very convenient and gives easy controls to the users, and many options can be adjusted easily as per the user’s comfort level.

• Built-in speakers that produce high-quality sound
• Large range of colors
• Blur reduction
• The contrast is not very well
• Expensive


This monitor screen provides a slightly lower quality experience as it is designed specially keeping because of the needs of gamers. Still, other than that, it’s a good option and produces the best quality Videos, images, and sounds, which we look into on monitor screens.

4. ASUS ProArt Display PA279CV 27” 4K Monitor

ASUS ProArt Display PA279CV monitor
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A property Display PA279CV is specifically made to meet the needs of professionals involved in media design, such as graphic designers, and for easy photo and video editing.

In addition to offering the market-required 100% RGB / 100% Rec, the ASUS ProArt display is Calman-certified. It provides excellent images and videos on the screen with great accuracy.

ASUS provides the optimum editing features for your images and videos, and one can easily design high-quality content; you can easily manage your colors using a property palette.

This monitor screen uses ultra-blue light technology to protect the eyes from damaging radiation. We didn’t feel tired while testing the monitor for long hours, even in dark environments.

The on-screen menu provides quick access to its four blue-light filter settings. It has a multi-tasking USB-C, and ProArt Display PA279CV offers unparalleled compatibility with this USB.

• Excellent quality of images
• The level of brightness is of maximum
• Settings could be modified
• The price range is reasonable
• Includes USB C with 65 watts
• Design is average
• Luminance uniformity is not much good


This model is the best related to content creation; it produces the precise image quality and extensive connection that the content creators need. This screen is a great deal for a reasonable amount of money, and one wouldn’t regret it after this great purchase.

5. Dell SE2722HX 27 inch Monitor

Dell SE2722HX monitor
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The Dell 27 FHD is primarily intended for use at work; the Dell 27 is suitable for use in software companies, contact centres, and offices.

It has a slim body and an excellent view of the 27-inch screen. This screen makes it simple to arrange things and allows numerous tasks to be completed simultaneously.

Dell 27 FHD design is very simple and basic, just like we need in our offices, and we can easily place it on VESA-compatible stands. It is designed to mount on workstations while pairing with other devices, like MacBooks.

This screen has power-saving options and automatically puts the system into sleep mode when not in use and you forget to turn it off. It saves you a huge chunk of utility bills.

27 FHD minimizes the harmful radiation of blue light from the screen and saves your eyes, making it ideal to use long hours to complete tasks.

• Price is reasonable
• Good quality ports
• Support of stands
• Smooth display of a screen
• An IPS panel
• Resolution is not according to size


Dell 27 FHD is a powerful system for a reasonable amount of money and is designed for corporate use, and it has more than four types of ports which is an excellent thing about this monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 27 inch monitor for MacBook Pro?

The Philips 278E1A 27″ Frameless Monitor is the best monitor for the MacBook pro. It produces high-quality premium images and has IPS technology.

Which monitor is best for use with MacBook Pro?

The Samsung cf390 series 27-inch FHD 1920×1080 curved is the best monitor you can use with your MacBook Pro; its quality is amazing, and it looks like it also matches the MacBook. And produces a very optimum quality display.

What monitors does Apple recommend?

Apple recommends Dell 27 FHD Computer Monitor as it’s a complete package for even professional use.


After this detailed review, you can easily choose the best 27-inch monitor for MacBook pro according to your needs and requirements. Every individual uses different technology, and monitors are selected according to a user’s priorities.

A user needs to check what amount of sharpness and resolution he needs, the requirement of a USB port, and most importantly, it depends on the budget, but one must spend on the quality product.

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