Does having a financial bracket for your purchase limit your options while depriving you of the best choice in the market? You may say no more to it because we bring you the best 27-inch monitor under 200, which will fit your financial bracket and your needs.

We have been through the research process and have short-listed those monitors that are available at a reasonable and affordable price.

We have all developed a general misconception about the price of a monitor depicting its quality, but it is only true to a certain extent. We have assembled a list to assist you in purchasing the best monitor that contains monitors under 200 and is a product of some renowned, market-dominating brands.

List of the Best 27 Inch Monitor Under 200 Dollars in 2023

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1. LG 27GL650F-B 27 Inch Full HD Monitor

LG 27GL650F-B 27 Inch Full
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LG 27GL650F-B is priced under $200 and is one of the best monitors as it provides a superior and acceptable quality of vision.

It delivers fantastic display quality and is accompanied by wide viewing angles; another added advantage for an enthusiastic gamer.

The monitor features a 27-inch panel with a complete HD display of 1920×1080 with an IPS panel certified to produce rich, sharp, and detailed colors to be displayed on the screen.

The refresh rate of this monitor is simply uncommon. Where most monitors may have a maximum 60Hz refresh rate, this device excels beyond it to provide a refresh rate of 144Hz.

Similarly, the response time has been optimized to 1 ms to ensure that the frames can switch pixels immediately and have no blur on the screen.

The monitor’s design is highly ergonomic as its height, pivot, and tilt can adjust to your discretion and ensure the monitor fits your comfort level. We had a comfortable experience using this monitor, even at long hours.

Additionally, it has a Radeon-free sync technology through which no stutter on your screen will occur, as it will lock each frame with the graphic card to keep it in place.

You can also connect multiple other devices to your monitor because it is highly compatible with HDR10. Many connectivity options also help with data sharing, connecting with other devices, etc.

• Excellent response time
• Optimized brightness
• Color accuracy is supreme out of the box
• Immediate response time
• Has a limited color gamut
• The contrast ratio is low.


Keeping in mind all the features that this monitor offers, it is ideal to be used by most users, specifically gamers. The frequent response time will ensure a low lag input and enable users to have an immersive experience with LG 27GL650-B.

2. AOC G2790VX 27″ Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC G2790VX 27 inch
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Are you looking for a gaming monitor with a sleek borderless design, affordable and caters to all your needs? Then you might not want to skip out on checking this monitor out by AOC.

Featuring a 27-inch panel, this monitor is one of the most affordable ones you will come across. It has a full HD resolution display with a VA panel and is only priced at $159.

Unlike the standard monitor screens, which are shiny promoting light reflection, this one has a matte screen and keeps all the colors in the display intact. We recommend setting it on your workstations to enhance the environment’s aesthetics.

The rapid response time is 1 ms, accompanied by a super frequent refresh rate of 144Hz. Not only this, but the Adaptive sync technology installed in the monitor will provide you with a ruthless yet smooth gaming experience.

Additionally, the color gamut range of this monitor is expansive, meaning that it can display unlimited colors and reproduce images to make them seem more realistic.

Now you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes over excessive use of the monitor as it’s flicker-free, and low blue mode promotes the well-being of its users over anything else.

• Comes with a warranty
• Virtually borderless
• Wide color gamut
• Affordable
• Limited connectivity options
• Color uniformity could have been better


Considering the overall features that it exhibits along with the color performance, this AOC monitor is a decent choice for what it is priced. As it ticks all the requirement boxes for gaming, it is an all-rounder ideal gaming computer.

3. BenQ GW2780 27 Inch IPS Monitor

BenQ GW2780 27 Inch IPS Monitor
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Are you one of those passionate gamers who are glued to their computers all day and keep worrying about the screen impacting their eyes?

With this BenQ 27-inch IPS monitor, you can eliminate your worry as it has been approved and patented for extensive use without affecting your eyesight. 

The 27-inch panel of this monitor has a full HD display of 1080P and is ultimately IPS. Also, the screen’s brightness can be increased up to 250 nits, and you do not have to connect additional speakers as it already has built-in premium quality speakers.

You can now view the screen from any angle and still get the same clear display from anywhere. It has been made possible because of its wide viewing angles, and since the monitor’s design is slim and bezel, the borders will not hinder your view.

Additionally, the monitor will adjust your brightness under the surroundings it is kept in so you can have a comfortable view. It will also prevent headaches through its zero-flicker technology.

All cables attached to the monitor will be integrated via the cable management system and neatly secured inside the monitor stand to avoid a cluster around your screen.

You can either have the monitor on your desk or mount it against the wall with the VESA mount stand. In light of all the features and our great experience, we recommend this monitor to everyone looking for a spare screen.

● Inexpensive
● Adjustable brightness
● Eye care technology
● Great response time
● The stand is not adjustable
● No free sync technology


BenQ GW2780 is a practical choice to utilize as a monitor for a home office. This is because of its edge-to-edge design and protective eye care technology, with being a product of a reliable brand.

4. LG 27MP400-B 27” Monitor

LG 27MP400-B 27 inch
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Suppose you were searching for a spacious monitor, but all the options you finalized exceeded your price range. In that case, we present you with this LG 27MP400-B 27".

LG 27MP400 comes with a 27-inch screen secured by thin black borders on all four sides and exhibits an IPS, high-resolution display of 1920x1080 pixels. It has a few additional accessories, including a stand, a round power cord, and a USB Type-C cable.

The monitor's build is sturdy and suitable for a computer desk monitor or to be mounted against the wall using. The refresh rate is slightly higher than other computers available in the same price range, elevating from 60Hz to 75Hz.

On the screen, you can customize all the settings you want, alter the brightness, contrast ratio, and black level, change ports or switch your monitor to a power-saving mode. All the settings are easy to make from the OSD.

Two features will intrigue gamers with this monitor: the efficient response time of 5ms and the AMD free sync technology. Altogether, both will ensure a levelled screen display at all times without it being blurred or torn.

• Sturdy build
• Excellent response time
• Amazing refresh rate
• Easy to set up
• Lightweight
• Has compatibility issues
• Average color calibration


We recommend this LG monitor because of its excellent and much better features than another HD display monitor. It will assist in its use, allowing you to view multiple screens simultaneously.

5. Sceptre 27-Inch FHD LED Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 27-Inch FHD LED Gaming Monitor
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Sceptre 27-inch FHD LED costs under $150 and has been mainly designed keeping in mind the needs of a passionate gamer who loves gaming while maintaining their competitive edge.

To further enhance your gaming experience, the monitor features built-in speakers that deliver balanced audio and save space for additional speakers on your desk.

The blue light shift technology of the monitor works by reducing the blue light on your screen so that it does not profoundly impact your eyes and allows you to utilize the computer for any purpose safely.

Through the AMD free sync, gamers can now have a highly immersive experience of their gameplay as the colors on the screen will appear brighter, and the 75Hz refresh rate will work to reduce the stutter and tearing.

The on-screen controls in the monitor are up to the mark and convenient to navigate. Also, there are specific pre-set programs on the monitor, too, such as "gaming," "text," or "movie."

Moreover, the monitor has several options for connectivity. They include a VGA port and two HDMI ports; each supported to increase the refresh rate and ensure that the user gets everything on the screen to defeat opponents.

However, we were disappointed not to see USB-C that makes it limited and make us use the adapter to expand the usage. Overall, it is a great deal.

• Huge screen
• Multiple ports
• High contrast ratio
• Fast 2ms response time
• Limited ergonomics
• Requires a lot of space on the desk


This monitor is suitable if you only want a monitor for gaming or surfing the web. Even though the display and color accuracy are standard, it could've been better; however, the view of it is highly dependent on how you choose to use the monitor. 

6. LG 27MK600M-B 27" Monitor

LG 27MK600M-B 27 inch monitor
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If you are a multitasker who works on different things all at the same time and, for this reason, prefers the view of the screen to be broad, and to have excellent color accuracy, then this LG 27MK600M-B might be the solution to all your problems.

This monitor has a 27-inch wide screen displaying a fully HD visual with an IPS pixel of 1920x1080. The images are bright, accurate, and lifelike to perform multiple tasks. The texts and numbers are also great to watch.

The three-sided, virtually borderless design enhances the viewing angles, meaning that now you can view the screen from any angle and still demonstrate the same picture or video quality for you.

On-screen control allows you to control multiple screens simultaneously by splitting them into frames that fit onto your display. The Radeon-free technology makes the monitor compatible with AMD and provides free sync support.

You can connect various devices to your monitor with the two HDMI ports, such as your television or gaming device. Not only this, but it also has a VGA port and a display port that you can use to utilize the monitor to your benefit further.

The monitor's refresh rate is quite efficient as it is 60Hz and works immediately to prevent the screen from stuttering or blurring. You can count on it for gaming, photo editing, or much.

• Affordable
• The design is sleek and slim
• Easy to fit in on a cabinet
• Takes up less space on a desk
• Low color contrast ratio
• Average refresh rate


LG 27MK600M-B is an excellent option for video editors and gamers who prefer a high-quality display but do not want to spend much money investing in it. However, its features make the monitor an excellent value for money.

7. Acer KB272HL Hbi 27” Monitor

Acer KB272HL Hbi 27 inch
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To witness an unmatched viewing experience at a reasonable price, we bring you the Acer KB272HL, which includes all the characteristics to make this option supreme and the color contrast superior.

What makes the monitor stand out from the others is its uncommon response time and refresh rate of 1ms and 75Hz, respectively.

The screen is 27 inches, and when accompanied by the Radeon Freesync technology and the AMD free sync, they elevate the color combination offered while enhancing the smoothness.

Several options for connectivity make it convenient for you to connect any device to your monitor and have a captivating visual experience. These include an HDMI and a VGA port with a VGA cable included with your purchase.

Input lag for this monitor has been reduced to only 10 ms of delay, which is relatively uncommon for a monitor priced only at $159.

Another outstanding feature of the monitor is its Black Boost technology, designed to increase the screen's visibility when used in a gloomy environment.

• Slim appearance
• Vesa mount design
• High HD ratio contrast
• AMD and free sync compatible
• No display port connectivity
• The stand is tilted only


It is a suitable HD monitor if you want to purchase it for only viewing purposes such as gaming or watching movies. However, if you want it to be your work monitor, there are better alternative options for you on the market.

How to Choose the Best 27 Inch Monitor Under $200? (Buying Guide)

It is no rule of law to always buy the first monitor with a price tag of 200 because it fits well into your price range.

We suggest otherwise because it may not contain all the features you initially wanted in a monitor to utilize for gaming or working purposes. However, despite the price tag, you should always glance at the quick specs.

Therefore, to aid you in this complicated process, we have put together a buying guide that contains all the essentials you must be looking for.

Screen Size

Even though there is a wide variety of screen sizes that you can choose from the various options presented to you in the market, that is only possible when you do not have a fixed price range to abide by.

However, you must remember that when you are particularly looking to buy a monitor under 200, you can not obtain any screen size. The price of the monitor increases with the size of the screen.

For under 200, you will have to choose between a screen panel that, at maximum, ranges from 19 inches to 27 inches. So, the best choice is a 27-inch screen panel for your monitor.

Display & Screen Resolution

It is evident that under 200, you cannot get a display with an ultra-high definition 4K resolution. That's the best, but it does not mean that no options will still give you a somewhat good viewing experience with the monitor.

Generally, you will be offered a monitor with an IPS panel, TN panels, and In-plane switching panels under this price range. We recommend you go for an IPS panel as it provides a more vibrant and detailed color scheme to every display than the TN panel.

Screen resolution is another vital factor for a monitor. Similar to the display, limited screen resolution choices will also be provided for you. Therefore, the best one to pick is 1920x1080, which is readily available in most 24 and 27 inch monitors.

Refresh Rate & Response Time

Having a monitor with an efficient and immediate refresh rate and response time will make your work and gaming experience much more convenient for you because it will be rare that you will ever encounter a screen stutter.

Most monitors under 200 can provide a refresh rate of more than 50Hz but less than 100Hz, so you have finite options. It is unusual for a monitor in this price range to feature a refresh rate more than that. If you are fortunate enough, you might get one else; try to look for the highest refresh rate in the range of 50-100Hz.

Response time for almost all the monitors is kept the same, and still, we would advise going with the highest response time, which is 1 ms, and you can find it easily.


Make sure to always buy a monitor which is sturdy in its build and has an ergonomic structure. A monitor with a highly ergonomic design will allow you to alter not only the pivot but also the height and tilt too at your comfort level.

Additionally, the monitor you choose for yourself should have VESA mount compatibility so that you are not only confined to making use of it by placing it on your desk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 27 inch monitor under 200?

In our opinion, the best 27-inch monitor to buy for under 200 is LG 27GL650F-B. We mark this option as the best because it is an excellent value for the money, and unlike other monitors under 200, it has the highest refresh rate of 144Hz, which is extremely rare.

Is 200 dollars good for a monitor?

It is relieving to say that 200 dollars are a good price to buy a monitor. Even though you might not be offered all the features, you will still get ahold of most of the features you want.


To conclude, in this article on the best 27-inch monitor under 200, we have tried our best to review all our top 7 picks in detail alongside stating their pros, cons, and verdict so that it may help you find the most incredible monitor for you.

After reading through our article, we hope you are better positioned to make a more informed decision about the monitor you want to finalize.

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