Whether a designer, programmer, content creator, gamer, or a commoner with some office stuff to submit, you require a high-quality built-in monitor to multitask effortlessly.

 Still, the best monitors are costly and hard to find. No worries! What if you get the best 27-inch monitor under 300? Don’t be amazed, as it’s possible to remain within the budget and get the best one. 

To get the best quality monitor with desired working features, we have brought in the top 07 best monitors. Each is designed for multiple uses to be suitable for all professionals and beginners to enhance and bring innovation to their working space by simply opting for the best in the list.

Let’s get on board to see the top 7 best 27-inch monitors under 300. 

1. ASUS TUF Gaming 27″ Monitor

ASUS TUF VG27WQ1B Gaming 27 inch

Level up your gaming by opting for the best 27-inch monitor under 300.

The ASUS TUF has always been the best gaming partner providing HDR AHVA IPS display 1440 WQHD that is far better than the standard 1080 FHD providing the best display and more details on the current screen.

The monitor always supports your multiple tasks at a response time of 01 ms and a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. So get rid of motion blur and flicker issues within the best possible budget. 

What makes ASUS TUF the best on the list is its full-on features and built-in quality that enhance the overall looks and keeps taking the gaming experience to the next level.

No motion blur, tearing, lagging, or ghosting is possible because the only adaptive sync leads to better RR and RT. It makes the screen smooth and responsive for high-end gaming.

Coming toward the overall monitor look, we find a wide display. It looks terrific, keeping your comfort at the priority level.

With multiple tilts and adjustments, you get the comfy position that a laptop or other devices cannot provide. Carry out your gaming, work, or any task all day without getting eye strain or fatigue.

The monitor’s 178-degree wide viewing angle provides minor distortion with reduced color shifts. But this monitor’s limitation is low brightness; some users didn’t find the color depth and contrast up to the mark.

• LMB and G sync
• High desktop in scream space 77%
• Shadow boosting feature
• Versatile connectivity
• Compatibility with HDR10
• No color calibration
• Low brightness


Isn’t that amazing that with so many features, ASUS TUF provides the best-budget monitor under 300, so get yourself in the battle zone and find the enemies by boosting the shadow mode with a fast gaming experience.

2. Dell S2721HS 27″ Monitor

Dell S2721HS 27 inch monitor under 300 USD

To all Dell lovers, here’s the most budgeted and sophisticatedly designed monitor under 300, the Dell S2721HS.

With unique features, AMD sync, and a sleek and thin bezel design makes it another best option for gaming and home-based monitors. Experience a new journey with the high-quality HD Dell monitor and bring innovation to your gaming space with its silvery shiny aesthetic look. 

Users requiring a home-based best pc under the desired budget can look at the newly designed Dell S2721HS, With a 04 ms response rate and 75 Hz refresh rate keeping the lagging issues up to the minimum.

Additional features can overcome the lack, like having a 16.7 million color versatility and a thin bezel design makes it the best option to opt for users requiring the features. 

The monitor suits gamers and content creators and lets them easily switch on various features through the high-quality built-in ports, like the HDMI, that seamlessly switch streaming, editing, and gaming console quickly.

In terms of image quality, you get an FHD view with a better 178-degree viewing angle and image quality, less distortion, and more screen clarity and smoothness.

What makes it so durable is its build-in quality and an excellent warranty for the product claiming to provide a brand new monitor in case a single bright pixel occurs. That’s truly amazing!

• Anti-Flicker
• 99% RGB
• High image clarity
• Three-sided bezel design
• Hard 3H eye care coating
No built-in speakers


To have an aesthetic-looking leisure gaming monitor under 300, boost the choice to get Dell S2721HS with versatile colors, clear image viewing, eyes safety, and additional accessories in the box with universal connectivity.

3. HP M27fwa 27″ Monitor

HP M27fwa Monitor

Bringing you to another budget-friendly Full HD 27-inch monitor, the HPM27FWA displays a maximum resolution of 1920x 1080 with an IPS display carrying out the viewing experience from any angle.

Despite being low in price, it still offers a high image quality with perfect clarity and remains consistent in color features.

HP models always integrate well, providing the best in the desired budget, and for now, the model M27fwa brings inbuilt speakers, so you don’t need to purchase extra unless you want a high-boosting sound.

Regular listeners can rely on the HP speakers. Besides this, HP reduces the desk space by negating the additional requirement of speakers. 

With rich connectivity and versatile connection ports, you can effortlessly connect various devices and the latest gadgets to date.

The monitors also come with perfect editing features, color saturations, and reproductions for creative personals that help them innovate their projects using high-tech monitors.

Over time the use of laptops and devices usually affects the eyes, but the monitor’s low blue light reduces eye strain and fatigue.

However, with no more stressful regards, as with the best eye care protection, HP ensures the users’ eyes safety by providing a low blue light tech that is always available when you get to work.

• SRGB 99%
• Wide display
• Better color reproduction
• Eye care protection
• High image quality
Not compatible with Mac devices


The monitor brings in the best with high definition, effortlessly working, aesthetic design, high performance, and the best of creators and designers to go with their projects and end up with the best without compromising safety, comfort, and wellness.

4. ASUS VG278QR 27″ Monitor 

ASUS Asus VG278QR 27 inch monitor under 300

Here comes the next generation’s best ASUS 27-inch monitor under 300 that is even better than the previous version.

Because this time, ASUS VG278QR amazed gamers with its high 0.5 ms response rate and 165 Hz refresh rate leading to the fastest performance in gaming with eliminating the lagging and blurring issues.

Say goodbye to your old monitor and bring in the new affordable, high-quality built-in ASUS VG278QR Monitor displaying 1920×1080 FHD resolution to enhance the viewing experience.

At a glance, the monitor provides built-in speakers, multiple connectivity ports, HDMI, display, and dual LINK DVI-D for ensuring rich connection and high performance with modern-day gaming consoles, devices, and gadgets.

Alongside that, the monitor becomes one of the best gaming consoles with built in G-Sync technology, eliminating unnecessary tearing and stuttering and improving a real-time gaming experience.

Thinking about your comfort, with its height adjustable feature and tilt functionalities, all you need to do is set it accordingly and get a fantastic experience in your comfy position.

Monitors are always loud upon heating, unlike the ASUS VG278QR, which has a built-in air vent to keep the system calm and quiet. Last but not least, it supports the VESA mount feature.

• 0.5 ms response time
• 165 Hz refresh rate
• G- Sync technology
• Navigation joystick
• Cable management
No tilt


Keeping the eyes free from fatigue requires low blue light, and thanks to ASUS VG278QR for providing the best monitor and the safe ones with workable eye care protection.

5. LG 27GN800-B 27″ monitor

LG 27GN800-B Ultragear Monitor under 300

LG offers various designed and functionality models in the budget range of under 300 with the same size screen, each comprising 27 inches.

Besides these, every model is unique in its perspective, and the next LG 27GN800 is the talk of the town with gaming compatibility and daily life usage tasks.

With Quad HD Screen, it already puts the device in the spotlight; the best you get is what lies in the QHD compared to FHD. So be ensured the display will offer a realistic and the best image quality you haven’t ever seen. 

Offering a high response rate of 1 ms and 144 Hz refresh rate ensures the best gaming experience, low motion blur, and lagging issues compared to the traditional ones, which are slow and unfit for gaming.

Is it G Sync? Yes, it is, so what does that mean? Get worry-free from unnecessary stuttering and tearing without compromising on your budget. Let me tell you, along with G-SYNC, it also offers premium AMD Sync, which reduces the same issues to the minimum.

What if gaming isn’t your purpose for purchase? Would it work for other tasks? The simple solution is the LG 27GN800 multitasking with 99% sRGB, and its compatibility with HDR 10 makes it suitable for content creation and editing tasks.

The limitation of this monitor is the device lacks an HDMI cable, with some black bleeding on the corners over time.

• LED technology
• HDR 10 compatible
• High-resolution display
• Additional cross-hair functionality for accuracy
• Black stabilizing feature
• Lack HDMI cable
• Over time backlight bleeding issue


Get the best at the least possible cost, and all thanks to LG for Innovating our lives with high-quality built-in devices that ease our lives while keeping our safety on top priority. 

6. SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series

SAMSUNG - Odyssey G5 Series under 300 usd

The runner-up best 27-inch monitor under 300 goes to the SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series with user-friendly and high gaming features, ensuring a better wide viewing display with a more advanced WQHD 1440 resolution that makes it among the best user-friendly high-tech monitors. 

The device has a curved aesthetic display with a high resolution and fast response time of 1 ms with a 144 Hz refresh rate to make your gaming and work experience faster than ever.

The unique feature SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series offers is its human-eye compatible curvature that reduces eye fatigue with ease of viewing from every angle with high image quality. 

Those who experience the G5 series will never look back to their old traditional monitor. With such tremendous features, it levels your gaming and keeps user comfort and safety.

All thanks to built-in premium sync technology that reduces tearing and stuttering, ensuring smooth gameplay with reduced input latency. 

What about the graphics? Any ideas? Being the best offers the best pictures with compatibility to HDR 10 to let the user get a realistic view vibrant and lively color experience with extra detailing resolution, as discussed before.

The monitor offers the top features with better functioning, but the limitation of ghosting is a problematic situation that the monitor lacks to negate.

• Accessible AMD Sync premium technology
• High response time and refresh rate
• Amazing curved design
• Ideal screen size 27 inch
• High resolution
Ghosting issues


With SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series winning every battle becomes walking in the garden by finding enemies even at the darkest hidden sites and avoiding sniper shots with the smoothest ever gaming, all at just under 300.

7. LG 27GL83A-B 27″ monitor 

LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch

The LG 27GL83A-B 27″ is a perfect monitor under 300 for gaming and daily multitasking like entertainment and projects, along with creating new innovative ways for representation and precise accuracy of your data.

Being affordable doesn’t make it less valuable because the monitor owns a top place in our list, considered the best 27-inch monitor under 300. 

It is last on the list but is reviewed mainly by the users for its high performance, ultra gear resolution QHD with G sync functionality to avoid stuttering and tearing while playing the heaviest games fast.

The g sync, 1s response rate, and 144 Hz refresh rate makes it one of the best gaming monitors with fast gaming and clear image quality. 

Regarding human comfort, the monitor allows height and tilt functionality, allowing various screen rotation changes for predefined states and situations. The only adjustment it lacks is the swivel position.

How can we forget its three-sided, virtually borderless design that looks elegant that imparts an aesthetic look to make your working site with a classic black color monitor?

The surface is flat but coated with a hard 3 H 25% haze coating making it easy for the eyes to carry out work or gaming all day. But over time, usage users found some flickering issues that need to get addressed. 

• High QHD resolution
• VESA compatible
• Versatile connectivity HDMI and display port
• High quality
• Height adjustment features
Cause flickering over time


Nothing can stop you from achieving a tremendous victory, and it is all possible because of LG 27GL83A-B 27″. With its incredible outstanding flashing speed, fluid type gaming motions, shadow boosting, clear and crisp image quality, and much more active to attack the opponent in less time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 27 inch monitor under 300?

The LG 27GL83A-B 27″ Monitor is the best 27-inch monitor with high user ratings, flashing refresh rate, and response time, providing ultra-gear high QHD resolution,1.7 times high than FHD. 

Is 300 dollars suitable for a monitor?

A $300 budget is quite a better cost for purchasing even the top brand sophisticated designed high tech models like Samsung, ASUS, LG, and HP monitors with better functionalities. 


Ending up with the best 27 inch monitor under 300, have you found the one you were searching for previously?

These are the best in the market with versatile functionalities and usage and would make your working space look fabulous without compromising performance.

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