In today’s era, where monitors are evolving rapidly, and top manufacturers are releasing newer and better monitors, the best viewing or gaming experience can only be had on a large, curved screen to immerse yourself in its realism. That is why we’re bringing you the best 32-inch monitors so you can amplify your movie-watching or gaming sessions.

With a curved screen, you get a larger viewing angle, but when the screen is at 32 inches, that’s where the leap occurs, where you can feel the difference.

Only a handful of manufacturers make the best-curved monitors at this screen size, so let’s get right into it without wasting time.

List of the Best 32 Inch Curved Monitor in 2023

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1. Philips 322E1C 32″ Super-Curved Frameless Monitor

Philips 322E1C 32 Inch Computer Monitor
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The first monitor on this list is the Philips 322E1C, a wide 32-inch screen for easy multitasking. This offers a curved display with a mild immersion effect.

This display is gorgeous and contains cutting-edge technologies that enhance the images. As a result, the monitor is appealing, causing you to feel like you’re a part of the action.

The Philips 322E1C is equipped with something like blue light filtering, which protects your eyes from the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the screen. It encourages you to work long hours without putting your health at risk.

The monitor uses the VA LED Display, which is well-known for its amazing color contrast and spectacular graphics. The vividness and clarity of your images, videos, and games were stunning when we used them for multipurpose.

In addition, the Phillips monitor boasts a 178-degree extra-wide viewing-angle screen that ensures no image quality compromise from different angles. Furthermore, the panel enables users to access the display from any angle while maintaining a faultless experience.

LED displays are also noted for their low power usage. In this way, this monitor offers high-quality images while conserving energy. Because of this inherent characteristic, utilizing this monitor is a win-win situation.

This display has Smart Contrast technology, which adjusts hues and lighting intensity to give rich pictures of unrivaled quality.

The display also boasts anti-flickering technology, preventing the panel from flashing and creating significant eye strain. Hence, the monitor guarantees a relaxing viewing experience.

• Rapid refresh rates.
• Flicker-free technology.
• Visuals that pop.
• Eye protection is essential.
• There is no security lock.


If you’re searching for a stylish and efficient monitor, the Phillips 322E1C is a great choice. This monitor appears more appealing than other cheap desktop displays because of its key characteristics.

It offers modest brightness and poor resolution, but limited ergonomics. So, when you are out for the best-curved monitors, try to watch this one as it will be worth it.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming 32″ 1080P Curved Monitor (VG328H1B)

ASUS TUF VG328H1B Gaming 32 inch
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The ASUS VG328H1B Monitor is designed for consumers that want to stay ahead of the competition. This monitor avoids screen stuttering and jittery frames for seamless gameplay thanks to Adaptive-Sync technology, a high refresh rate, and a rapid reaction time.

With a 1500R curvature, every area is identical to your eyes and delivers breathtaking sights from all angles. Because of its broad viewing angle, this adds to increased viewing comfort.

The newest ASUS-exclusive technology achieves 1ms MPRT and eliminates smearing and motion blur, resulting in crisper objects in motion for smoother and more reactive gameplay.

Its super-fast refresh rate allows you to play at the maximum visual settings and respond promptly to anything on the screen while reducing lag and blurriness to offer you an advantage in fps games.

We notice it clarifies dark portions of the screen without brightening the already brighter regions, enhancing overall sight, and making objects concealed in dim shadows of the screen.

It can also reduce the display’s possibly hazardous blue light emissions. Besides, it reduces flicker to reduce eye strain and increases comfort during lengthy gaming sessions.

Tilt and swivel capabilities allow you to find your optimal viewing position effortlessly. The monitor is also VESA-compatible, making it suitable for wall installation.

Additionally, it provides in-game updates to help you get the most out of your experience. This capability was co-created with professional gamers to allow gamers to practice and enhance their gaming abilities.

• 1500R Curvature.
• Fast 165Hz Refresh Rate.
• ASUS ELMB Technology.
• Adaptive-Sync Technology.
• High-resolution.
• Backlight strobing is noticeable at lower refresh rates.


It is an excellent gaming monitor for everyday use. It boasts an excellent low input latency, a high resolution & size, and a fast reaction time.

It also features an additional black frame insertion function that works even with FreeSync enabled. However, at low frame rates, obvious strobing can be disturbing.

3. ViewSonic OMNI VX3218-PC-MHD 32 Inch Curved Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI VX3218-PC-MHD 32 Inch
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The ViewSonic OMNI VX3218 Monitor featuring high refresh rates fits the criteria as one of the more affordable gaming monitor solutions that don’t skimp on quality.

This 32-inch monitor by ViewSonic has a 1500R curvature and a VA panel that offers a Full HD display and pure blacks. So, you can sit back and chill without worrying about the performance of this monitor.

Go ahead and connect this monitor through DisplayPort and HDMI to enjoy a refresh rate of 165Hz or 144Hz, respectively. With a higher refresh rate, this display provides visual fluidity. So, you can finally get rid of distracting tracers and blurriness and say hello to flawless sights.

This display, which supports Adaptive Sync, is also developed to decrease screen tearing and other interruptions so you can focus on the game. With a reaction time of 1 ms (MPRT), this monitor provides clean visuals while eliminating jitter and ghosting.

We were impressed by the super quick reaction time that complements this by ensuring seamless onscreen images. So, if you’re a gamer, this monitor is the one thing that will help you get an edge over the opponent.

This display has VESA Adaptive-Sync, which syncs the frames per second output of your video card and monitor. For seamless gaming, its dynamic refresh rate significantly avoids visual tearing, stuttering, and jerkiness.

• High-quality 1080p Display.
• Simple to use.
• Inexpensive.
• High refresh rates.
• Curved Monitor.
• It may not compete well with high-end curved monitors.


The ViewSonic OMNI VX3218 curved display is simple to operate and will satisfy most PC gamers’ demands. 

Those who want 4K quality graphics will undoubtedly choose a more costly alternative. But this ViewSonic monitor is not a terrible option for everyone else. Be sure to check this one out before making the final decision.

4. AOC CU32V3 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor

AOC CU32V3 32 inch monitor
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The fourth addition to our list will be AOC’s CU32V3 32-inch curved monitor. When looking for an economical 4K curved display, this AOC CU32V3 display is a good choice.

It’d be suitable for both general usage and gaming, and with all of its capabilities, it’s well worth the money in today’s market for curved 4K displays. We tested the monitor after positive word of mouth, and it came safe and on time.

Yes, displays’ blue light filtration settings have become the industry standard. Filtering out blue light onscreen reduces eye tiredness and strain in general. LowBlue Mode is AOC’s technology for using a blue light blocker with the show.

With displays like this, 1500R is the biggest curve you can find on the market today, which gives more realism because the curving is nearer to the scope of the human eye, which is at 1000R.

On the monitor’s three outside edges, the frameless bezels are narrow. It will lead to a minimalist look if you want to add another or several more such monitors to your setup in the future.

But when it comes to multitasking, having many parts on your display allows you to view and do it all simultaneously. 4K resolution displays are fantastic, but AOC has a built-in capability that makes everything on display realistic and lifelike.

• Great Price-to-performance ratio.
• Great Performance.
• High Color Accuracy.
• Aesthetic Design.
• Restricted to 60Hz.


Overall, it isn’t easy to top AOC’s CU32V3 display when it comes to inexpensive, high-quality 4K monitors. Regarding extremely competitive gaming, you should seek displays with even shorter reaction times, like the 4ms.

This is an excellent choice for a significantly curved, very color correct, feature-rich, and reasonably priced 4K monitor.

5. GIGABYTE G32QC A Monitor

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The Gigabyte G32QC is indeed an excellent display in general. It includes a huge, high-resolution screen ideal for gaming, working, and watching entertainment.

It also offers good motion handling, FreeSync compatibility, and a large color gamut to provide an adequate HDR experience. All these features combine to deliver an aesthetic gaming experience.

The VA panel ensures an excellent contrast ratio, which results in deep-hued blacks, brilliant whites, and a strong relationship between the deepest and brightest tones.

For 165Hz, the speed option should be used for little trailing seen behind rapid objects at the expense of modest overshoot. For minimal overshoot at slower refresh rates, we used the Balance option.

Despite the 178° curved screens, there are still some subtle gamma changes depending on your viewing angle, but nothing significant. Next, the Gigabyte G32QCA has an input latency of only 4ms. In other words, you won’t see or feel the image delays when playing or working.

In addition, the VRR eliminates all screen flickering and stuttering between 48 and 165Hz by syncing the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rates with no discernible input latency penalty.

• Excellent reaction time at maximum refresh rate.
• The contrast ratio is high.
• Support for FreeSync.
• The refresh rate is 165Hz.
• Ergonomics are lacking.
• Viewing angles are poor.
• Inconsistent blackness.


The Gigabyte G32QCA is a low-cost 32-inch curved monitor featuring FreeSync, HDR, and other appealing features. It also has a good design and a lot of networking choices.

Nevertheless, the pixel reaction time performance might be improved. So, the next time you’re looking for a high-quality curved monitor, check this one out.

6. SAMSUNG 32-inch T55 Series 1000R Curved Monitor

SAMSUNG LC32T550FDNXZA 32-inch T55 Series
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Next is the Samsung T55 32-inch monitor, which is a high-performing all-rounder monitor we could get on board. It is not only affordable but offers many impressive features to grab your attention.

The Samsung T55 incorporates two of the brand’s hallmark design elements on its most recent displays. The first is the chassis’ trademark dark blue-grey hue, complemented by a gunmetal band on the front.

The second feature is everyone’s favorite, the sharp 1000R Curvature, which is bezel-free on three sides. We believe it gives more room on the screen for multitasking and eliminates distractions.

Moreover, this monitor has a decent build quality, although the plastics might feel cheap because they are thinned down compared to the brand’s premium models. We did not, however, notice any visual flaws, such as irregular gaps or bending on the plastics.

Because the stand provided with Samsung T55 tilts, you must position yourself correctly if you want to optimize the view. This device also lacks VESA mounting choices, so you’re stuck with its default setup unless an aftermarket adaptor becomes available.

The Samsung C32T55 has a curved VA screen with a 1080p resolution, a refresh rate of 75Hz, and a response time of 4ms. Because of the panel type, the contrasting ratio is estimated at 3000:1.

The 1000R Curvature of the screen is original and unique at this price and is excellent for immersive gaming. However, images with parallel lines or geometric files, such as CAD drawings, may seem distorted.

• Excellent contrast ratio.
• VRR support for FreeSync.
• Input latency is minimal.
• High resolution.
• Viewing angles are restricted.
• Response time is slow.


The Samsung T55 features a native refresh rate of 75Hz and supports FreeSync to eliminate screen tearing. It also has very little input latency for a smooth gaming experience.

Unfortunately, its response rate is sluggish. Therefore fast-moving material is distorted. It’s an excellent pick for dark-room gaming because of its VA panel, but its black uniformity is underwhelming.

7. MSI Optix G32C4 32 Inch Monitor

MSI Optix G32C4 32 Inch Monitor
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If you require a 32-inch display with bright and contrasting colors, a high refresh rate, and a quick response time, the MSI Optix G32C4 could be one of your cheapest options.

It features a 165hz response rate, which is normal for MSI monitors in this price range and is good for gaming stats. It is somewhat faster than the 144hz typical for a monitor, giving you extra smoothness during gameplay or daily computing.

Also, in line with the mainstream, they chose a response time of 1 ms for this display, which is yet another gaming-focused statistic, and we adore the monitor for this add-on.

Furthermore, this display has a 1500R curvature, which is excellent for a high-sided show like this. In general, the aesthetics of this display are among the most robust and plain of all MSI monitors, which would be a bonus for some but a disadvantage for others.

The MSI OPTIX G32C4 comes in a matte black design, becoming increasingly popular for monitors. To stay in the current category, they chose borderless 3-sided bezels for this display.

So, consider how much room your workstation needs before investing in a huge monitor like this one.As a result of the attributes mentioned above, this monitor boasts vivid and contrasting colors, but it also has fuzzy pictures owing to a low PPI ratio.

• 165hz refresh rate.
• Rapid response time.
• Including a VA panel.
• A big screen.
• The screen is curved.
• The price is reasonable.
• Low PPI with a brightness of 250nits.


Because the MSI OPTIX G32C4 is a monitor with just a Full HD resolution, it has washed pictures compared to other displays due to the reduced PPI ratio.

On the other hand, it would provide you with a lot of screen area, a good refresh rate, responsive speed, and bright visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 32 inch curved monitor?

The ideal 32 inch curved monitor would be the one that is an excellent gaming display generally, with a high refresh rate and an impressive reaction time, resulting in a smooth motion with very little blur. Has extremely minimal input latency and is compatible with FreeSync, G-SYNC, and VRR technologies.

Is a 32-inch curved monitor good?

Curved monitors with a smaller screen may not give any significant advantages because they will feel the same as a flat screen. The benefits will be felt substantially more if the display is at least 28 inches, and it’ll only grow better with bigger shows.

Which brand is the best for curved monitors?

Samsung presently has the greatest curved monitors on the market. Its high-end displays with many features, superb gaming performance, and exceptionally aggressive 1000R curves provide a more engaging experience.


Wrapping everything up, we can easily say that a curved monitor is great for a large display, and this can be easily made better when there are top-of-the-line technologies and features to go along with it.

We hope this article helps you pick the perfect monitor for your needs, as these are some of the best 32-inch curved monitors.

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