Acer has been a very popular brand among gaming wizards and continues to be used till now with the same trust and popularity. The monitors Acer designs especially for the gamer’s servers have different functions each time. In order to make the best out of it, you need to have certain settings that suit them best.

This article talks about the best monitor settings for the Acer monitor for the best gaming experience. 

Here are some of the pointers that need to be understood before you start your gaming experience on your Acer system.

As the latest gaming purpose laptop developed by Acer is the Acer Predator Z35, so here some best parameters are given to set for the monitor that will give you the gaming experience:

Best Acer Monitor Settings for Gaming

  1. A good Graphics card is very important for enjoying games on an Acer system or more precisely the Acer monitor. For Acer Predator Z35 a soundcard of the type AMD R9 390X or GTX 970 is the best option.
  2. Adjust the sharpness of your monitor along with the Black Enhancement and Overdrive option to a less sharper value for a strain free visual display. This might be helpful if you are a seasonal gamer or one who usually plays marathon games.
  3. The brightness should be set at around 95-100. This is a useful setting as it can be useful for you if you have a hazy visual or if there is not much light in your room. Always try to work on your laptop at a place where there is much light available to prevent eye strain and proper viewing of the screen in order to understand the game.
  4. The contrast should be set at 75-95. This is a good range for preventing too much loss of the details of the image and is also helpful in presenting the game in a very original way by not detailing out the characters, objects or equipment much or out of limit.
  5. For a better visual display you also need to set up the Gamma range of the monitor. This will allow you to view the spots on your game screen clearly and without any flashing of light on the screen. Just remember to set it at a higher value if you have a dark room and on a lower one if you have a room with good lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Acer monitors good quality?

Yes, Acer is a very trusted monitor for gaming purposes. It is a very reputed brand in the world of gaming laptops. It has a good processor and a good refresh time along with an optimized FPS.

Is Asus or Acer better for gaming monitor?

Out of the two Asus has a better display for gaming purposes. The greatest problem with Acer is that it has hidden options to set up the monitor settings but Asus has all the options available on the top menu bar.


So always remember to read out the user manual before you decide to set up your acer monitor for gaming purposes. Also remember to set up the brightness, contrast and gamma level as per your best visual comfort. The monitor should also be aligned properly whenever you start playing any game match for your body posture and also for your alignment.

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