The past few years have been going in favor of ultrawide monitors. Today, you arrived at our platform, of course, in search of getting the best ultrawide monitors, and we won’t disappoint you. Have you already decided the features you want in the new wide computer? Besides, is there a defined budget to get this amazing gadget?

All ultrawide monitors are designed to create a room for professionals, content creators, gamers, photo editors, etc., to improve efficiency and productivity. You’ll see many brands being very expensive when selling their top-ranked monitors, so this article is for all those people currently tight at budget!

Our team thoroughly studied before handpicking some high-profile ultrawide monitors under budget. We never compromise on product quality, so each monitor has the best abilities. You might not find every feature due to limited price, but we assure you these products are beneficial for multitasking and increasing your work yield. Let’s continue to apprehend each monitor in detail.

Top Nine Ultrawide Monitors Under Budget

Below is the brief list of our top-picked best budget ultrawide monitors.

  1. LG 34WN750-B Ultrawide Monitor
  2. Samsung SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
  3. LG 29WN600-W Ultrawide HDR10 Monitor
  4. Philips 346E2CUAE Curved Ultrawide Monitor
  5. Samsung S65UA Series Ultrawide Computer Monitor
  6. Gigabyte G34WQC-A Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor
  7. LG 34WN80C-B Ultrawide Curved Monitor
  8. LG 34GP83A-B UltraGear Curved Gaming Monitor
  9. Asus TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved HDR Monitor

Best Budget Ultrawide Monitors Comparison Table 2023

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1. LG 34WN750-B Ultrawide Monitor – Best for Brightness

LG 34WN750-B Ultrawide Monitor
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureHeight Adjustment | Wall Mount

Get the Latest HDR

HDR10 is doing wonders wherever installed. LG is being superb to its users by launching the best High Dynamic Range so people can enjoy elevated picture quality at an affordable cost.

Expand Your Gaming Experience

It is a fantastic ultrawide monitor for gamers wanting to expand their experience. The premium dynamic action sync feature displays real-time video game quality at the pro level.

Screen Splitter

A screen splitting or picture-in-picture option works best for professionals who want to multitask. LG ensures to fulfill these basic requirements so everyone can enjoy using the widescreen.

Ease of Use

The new monitor is pretty easy to install and looks amazingly beautiful when placed in the allotted space. Its ergonomic design develops flexibility in use.


  • It produces a minor glare and is excellent for multitasking.


  • Not a reliable monitor stand.

2. Samsung SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor – a Budget-Friendly Option

SAMSUNG 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Monitor
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureUltrawide Screen

Experience a Bright Image Quality

Samsung is providing the highest resolution through WQHD in its SJ55W ultrawide monitor. Whether working as an editor or playing video games, you’ll always encounter razor-sharp images.

Enjoy an Improved Multitasking

The brand allows multitasking through Picture-by-Picture (PBP) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features. These screen splitting options let you resize the two sources, so you can watch movies while editing videos.

An Immersive Gameplay Mode

AMD FreeSync technology quickly synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the screen; hence, there is no tearing or image stuttering. Moreover, the low input lag helps in minimizing the delay during games.

An Elegant Monitor

Enjoy getting this slim panel at a low price, arriving with an elegant stand for your home or workplace. SJ55W is as practical as it’s stylish due to the VESA compatibility.


  • An easy setup monitors with good picture quality.


  • The monitor stand is a bit annoying.

3. LG 29WN600-W Ultrawide HDR10 Monitor – Best for Remote Working

LG 29WN600-W Ultrawide HDR10 Monitor
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Display Resolution2560 x 1080
Special FeatureAnti-Glare Coating

Get a Black Stabilizer

Most game lovers look for a monitor working the best for gaming. What would be a better combo than installing an extremely affordable LG monitor with a black stabilizer? This way, you can detect your game enemies even in the dark.

Boost Your Audio Experience

The new ultrawide monitor comes equipped with a great MAXX AUDIO to deliver an immersive sound while a smooth picture is on-screen.

Comfortable for Work

The read mode and flicker-free features make the widescreen monitor very comfortable. They turn on the blue light shift to minimize eye fatigue during your long working hours.

Economical to Buy

The company ensures a life-like experience for users willing to buy this monitor for work or other purposes. It is just under $300, besides displaying a wide 21:9 aspect ratio and other significant features like AMD FreeSync.


  • An overall economic purchase with multi-purpose features.


  • Lacks USB ports.

4. Philips 346E2CUAE Curved Ultrawide Monitor – Best for Gaming

Philips 346E2CUAE Monitor
BrandPhilips Computer Monitors
Refresh Rate100 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureFrameless | Flicker-Free

Get Wide Viewing Angles

This budget-friendly ultrawide monitor has a tremendous 1500R curvature to display the smoothest and wide viewing angles. This radius lets you stay closer to the panel and experience an immersive working view.

Enjoy a Smooth Gameplay

Some other features include a fast 100 Hz refresh rate, a quick 1ms response rate, and an adaptive sync technology to produce a captivating gameplay experience.

Best for Multitasking

Philips is known to present a multi-view technology for just under 500 dollars, so the professionals can use more than one screen simultaneously, boosting productivity.

Free Yourself from Cable Clutters

Who wouldn’t prefer having a neat workspace while working for long hours? This company has designed the monitor to remain clutter-free through cable management.


  • It has an excellent screen resolution at an affordable price.


  • Speakers need improvement.

5. Samsung S65UA Series Ultrawide Computer Monitor – Best for Professionals

Samsung S65UA Series Ultrawide
Refresh Rate100 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureCurved | Flicker-Free

A Great 1000R Curvature

The S65UA by Samsung displays a large screen with a great 1000R curvature to improve your working concentration. Thus, further improving productivity.

Intelligently Relieves Eye Fatigue

The TUV-certified eye care is installed in the widescreen to keep your eyes fresh even if there’s long-hour working. This feature helps prevent the extra blue light through flicker-free and eye-saver mode.

A Sleek & Borderless Monitor

Getting a sleek-design new monitor is everyone’s wish, exceptionally when low on budget. This S65UA comes with no borders to create an aesthetic environment so the user can stay focused.

Quick Refresh Rate

A reasonable refresh rate is as important as any other feature to enhance work potential. Samsung gave a 100 Hz refresh rate to this computer monitor, hence, delivering the fastest experience.


  • It’s a nice curved monitor with an excellent interface and has a valuable price tag.


  • Limited to one HDMI port.

6. Gigabyte G34WQC A-SA Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor – Economical Choice

Gigabyte G34WQC A-SA
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureCurved | USB Hub

Comes with a Sturdy Design

Getting an elegant-designed monitor at an affordable price is a blessing, and Gigabyte is helping with that! It has a simple yet beautiful interface with a matte finish and a sturdy stand. The overall design is stylish enough to grab customers.

Ultra-Fast Performance

Get ready to immerse yourself in a fluid gaming zone through an ultra-fast 144 Hz refresh rate. This feature gives you a detailed quality every time the computer is turned on.

Enhance the Details with Black Stabilizer

Whether working as an editor or playing video games, a black stabilizer feature is essential to both. It lets the user clearly see the darker areas without any overexposure.

Reduced Eye Fatigue

Now you can sit and work for more hours on this fantastic ultrawide monitor as it has a blue light mode certified by TUV. This feature promotes your health by reducing eye fatigue.


  • It’s a great quality monitor at a cost-effective price.


  • It needs a software upgrade.

7. LG 34WN80C-B Ultrawide Curved Monitor – a Good Value of Money

LG 34WN80C-B Monitor for sketchup
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureAnti-Glare Coating | Tilt Adjustment

A Broad Aspect Ratio

LG is a known brand that provides a beautiful widescreen for multitasking. This 34WN80C-B arrives with a 21:9 aspect ratio to quickly let you edit videos, watch movies, or play games.

Enjoy Detailed Contrast

The HDR10 feature installed is the best at displaying good brightness and equal contrasts. You no longer should engage yourself in setting the image quality as the monitor will manage.

Exceptionally Bright Colors

LG is the answer to your solutions if you’re looking for some top-notch color schemes. This ultrawide screen has a broad 99% of sRGB spectrum coverage, letting editors create the best images/videos.

Quick On-Screen Control

Furthermore, multiple on-screen control options for quick access exist, including screen splitter and monitor settings.


  • It arrives with a great panel and a functional curve.


  • A limited 60 Hz refresh rate.

8. LG 34GP83A-B UltraGear Curved Gaming Monitor – Best for Gameplay

LG 34GP83A-B 34 Inch
Refresh Rate160 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440
Special FeatureCurved Screen | Tilt Adjustment

Outclass Performance

It’s again an LG ultrawide monitor doing miracles through its outclass HDR performance. The company designed it so that you can conveniently look at the screen through wide angles.

Smooth Gaming

Experience the smoothest gaming experience with a fast 160 Hz refresh rate. This feature lets game lovers detect the next frame without delay.

Crosshair Feature

This curved widescreen has yet another fantastic crosshair feature to provide accuracy and enhanced vision to gamers. Take your gaming to another pro level of precision!

Eliminates Tearing & Screen Stuttering

AMD FreeSync Premium is another amazing technology to provide a seamless screen with maximum resolution. It helps eliminate screen stuttering and tearing.


  • The best monitor for gamers, having high resolution and fast refresh rate.


  • It should’ve more USB ports.

9. Asus TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved HDR Monitor –Fantastic Choice for Gaming

ASUS TUF VG328H1B Gaming 32 inch
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Display Resolution2560 x 1080
Special FeatureBuilt-in Speakers | Tilt Adjustment

Enjoy the Stunning Visuals

Asus has a notable 1500R curvature to ensure this ultrawide screen is at an equal distance from all sides, thus displaying stunning visuals.

Get Rid Of Motion Blur

This monitor is an ideal combination of 1ms MPRT and minimum input lag to clear the path and eliminate all stuttering. Therefore, you’re able to experience more responsive gameplay.

Fast Refresh Rate

Moreover, the AMD FreeSync Premium technology comes with variable refresh rates, up to 144 Hz, to quickly respond to on-screen videos.

GamePlus Feature

Asus is among the best brands for gaming. With its GamePlus feature, create a pro-gaming environment through the hotkeys installed and improve your skills.


  • It comes at a reasonable price and has the best qualities for gaming.


  • It switches to a different refresh rate on its own.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying the Cheap Ultrawide Monitor (Buying Guide)

Understanding and prioritizing your needs and requirements is crucial when you’ve decided to get a new ultrawide monitor. One should always consider the vitals mentioned below before spending hard-earned money.

Screen Design

A good ultrawide monitor has multiple purposes as most people like it for working, while some prefer playing games or watching movies. Different targets will lead you towards another screen type. Ultrawide monitors, too, arrive in flat or curved screens.

A game fanatic or a professional should definitely opt for a curved ultrawide monitor due to its immersive experience. In contrast, flat screens are satisfactory for watching movies. Moreover, curved screens are preferred for single-person use.


Keeping your expenses in mind is pretty important while getting a new monitor. Most ultrawide screens arrive at a premium cost, but the gap is filled through the best features installed.

However, people with limited financial plans shouldn’t worry much as many companies still have affordable widescreen monitors. You can check our list of top-notch, price-friendly gadgets explained above.

Screen Size

Another essential and considerable factor is the screen size. Ultrawide monitors can range from 25 inches to 35 inches.

Make sure you have calculated the space where the monitor will be installed, so it’ll be easy to choose a particular size. Most professionals on daily working prefer getting a 34-inch gadget, having a vast space for multitasking.

Screen Splitting

It’d be better to look for a TV with picture-in-picture or screen-splitting options. Only the expensive ultrawide monitors used to have such advanced options before. Nowadays, different brands have launched a variety of ultrawide screens with screen splitter and other such features for multiple working.

Again, these are a few of the many factors to look for before buying a new monitor. Make a list of your preferences and research accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best budget ultrawide monitor?

The market is full of different brands with various affordable ultrawide monitors. All of them have their own significance with numerous features. It depends on what you really need in the new widescreen. You can check our list of the best budget ultrawide monitors to choose accordingly. However, we recommend any model from LG.

Is an ultrawide monitor worth it?

Yes, ultrawide monitors are definitely worth your money. It has a list of significant features beneficial for everyone. Mostly, professionals choose to get these screens for multitasking and improving productivity. Besides, its broad and curved screens stand the best for gamers, providing an immersive view.

What is the best value ultrawide monitor?

The best value monitor is the one having excellent features, good quality, and an economical price. Calculate your current budget and look for the features you desire to hands down on the best value ultrawide monitor. Whether from Samsung, LG, Philips, or Asus, all widescreen computers will stand the best for gaming and productivity.


Looking for a new ultrawide monitor means you definitely know its particular use. Remember that it is among the best-curved screens for certain games and to boost work yield. We have specially written this article to provide you with a list of top-ranked wide monitors. All of them are excellent for multitasking, arriving with high resolutions and fast refresh rates.

If you wish to get an aesthetically designed monitor under budget that also is fantastic in performance, choose LG 34GP83A-B UltraGear or go for the Samsung S65UA series. Both are our top picks among the best budget ultrawide monitors.

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