The gaming world has bestowed upon us the most enthralling form of entertainment. The post-Covid-19 era has given everyone the chance to find out their passion and their admiration. Many people have chosen gaming as their hobby and have done great in this field. The most important aspect that a gamer usually considers before starting his/her gaming career is to

have a nice setup and especially the best settings enabled on the monitor. The monitor is the most important aspect of gaming purposes. 

A dual monitor is the best monitor considered for gaming purposes and is also strain free. Their display is quite relaxing to the eyes as compared to that of the other monitors.

This article talks about the settings that one should make in the dual monitor that he/she has set up. Try to ponder over the pointers given below-

Best Dual Monitor Setup for Gaming

The most important aspect of settings related to gaming purposes is that of the monitor, this we all know very frankly. But in the monitor also we further have the graphics card as a very important component. The AMD card has the best specifications for gaming and also it has the best parameters for image contrasting.

If your dual monitor has an AMD graphics card then you may easily set up the settings of your monitor. You just need to click on your desktop and then select the option of Radeon Settings from the Graphics Card menu.

Then you reach a certain set of options to adjust the refresh rate, contrast, brightness, and pitch of your desktop screen. Try to set the contrast at the most optimum level that suits well to your games’ window panel also. The brightness is set at the range of 95-100. The sharpness is usually low to avoid the formation of spots on the screen while you play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best resolution for dual monitors?

There are mostly two resolutions that work for dual monitors. The one is 1440p and the other is the 1080p resolution. Both give a similar display experience but 1440p is more vivid and more real for gaming purposes.

Can my GPU handle 2 monitors?

Some monitors do support 2 monitors but some do not. It totally depends upon the number of ports that are present on the back side of the monitor. If there are three DVI slots available for connection then, your GPU/display card will support 3 monitors. If out of these three one is HDMI and the other is DVI then only 2 monitors are supported by the system because the HDMI port is used for making external connections.


So, the dual monitors have immense quality features that are present to benefit the user. When you work on a dual monitor you get the privilege to work on multiple projects simultaneously  that saves your time and also gives you a choice to play multiple games simultaneously and improve your skill henceforth.

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