Colour temperature is an essential property of a monitor just like resolution, contrast, and saturation. It determines the visibility of colors in the daytime as well as night time to the user. The monitor is an essential component of the computer system and also important for a person’s eye health too.

An imbalance of the monitor’s color temperature might ruin your vision and also give a lead to serious issues of headache, eye swelling, and even half-headache. Thus, it becomes an important thing to understand the color temperature of the monitor and then proceed on with your long hour games.

Best Monitor Color Temperature

This article talks about the monitor color temperature and some pointers in light of this attribute of the monitor.

The optimum temperature of the monitor should be 6500K. The temperature range is from 1000 to 10000 kelvin. The color temperature makes you understand the other important properties of the monitor. Also, the resolution should be set at such a temperature so as to optimize it nicely during the day hours and night hours.

The application that allows you to adjust the temperature of your monitor is the F. lux application. It is essential to have a color adjusting application for yourself to be able to determine whether a color matches well for daylight or for night time. F. lux application gives you a prompt command called ‘Twilight’ to adjust your color temperature very easily during the nighttime or the daytime. 

It is better to use a warmer color like yellow for the nighttime mode or in darker rooms where the light source is low. The use of a cooler light like blue is also good during the daytime hours or when the light source is too high to cause a prick in your eyes. The intensity of the light also somehow depends upon the light color temperature.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better sRGB or 6500k?

sRGB is more important than 6500K. This is because the sRGB setting has the 6500K setting already in it. So, it becomes easy for us to adjust the temperature itself in case of sRGB during the nighttime to 6500K. 

Which color temperature is best for the eyes?

The temperature that is best for the eyes is 6500 K. It is an optimal color temperature that is fit for the eyes. Remember that during the night time the color should be at 3400 K to protect your eyes from strain and other problems.


So having good knowledge about the color temperature adjustment is essential for you to have good visual dynamics of your monitor. Color temperature determines the contrast and sharpness of the image that is being displayed on the screen.

Color temperature is also essential for the better quality of graphics on your screen. The utility of color temperature is best described using the types of graphics that are displayed on your screen while you are playing a game.

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