Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and popular photo editing software that allows editors to create immersive graphics and detailed and mesmerizing pictures; it also requires a powerful and capable display.

The best monitor for Adobe Illustrator must be able to showcase vivid colors and outstanding clarity. Also, it requires a display with the highest refresh rate or good response time. You can pay attention to the later specs if you are an editor and a gamer.

To help you get the best monitor for Adobe Illustrator, we have managed to list and test some of the top-performing monitors, so that you can purchase the right one according to your needs.

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List of the Best Monitor for Adobe Illustrator in 2023

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1. ViewSonic VP2771 27-Inch Monitor

ViewSonic VP2771 27-Inch
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The ViewSonic VP2771 27 provides HD resolution, color accuracy, screen uniformity, and compatibility for professional use. It also lets you adjust the color quality according to your choice, and we adored this functionality.

Moreover, connectivity with the type C connector, frameless design, and built-in sensors to change your light according to your surroundings make it one of the good monitors for adobe illustrator.

Moreover, the monitor provides a resolution of 1440p with a continuous display without distortion. Due to its components like sRGB, REC 709/SMTP-C/EBU, it is suitable for photographers and video editors as it provides real work.

We also noticed the processing power of 14-Bit LUT for color display, which makes it ideal for professionals and anyone looking for a display to conduct some color-sensitive tasks.

The ViewSonic VP2771 monitor provides a uniform display all over the screen. The built-in 6-axis color enhancement processor allows you to change up to 6 colors blue, red, yellow, green, cyan, and magenta.

You can also connect your monitor to a laptop, PC, or Macbook with the help of USB 3.1 Type C, HDMI 1.4, and mini display outputs. We have tried all of them and loved the performance over HDMI.

On the other hand, an elegant design and ultra-wide-angle view make it the perfect monitor for office setups. You can save energy due to its feature of turn-off the light if no one is present in front of the screen.

With the help of a built-in ambient processor, the monitor can adjust the light according to our surroundings.

• High resolution of 1440p
• Flexible connectivity
• Saves energy
• Suitable for professionals
• Fantastic view with color efficiency and uniformity.
• The screen is delicate, and you must be careful while using it.


If you are a professional photographer and video editor and need a monitor with an elegant uniform display all over the screen, then this monitor is for you.

The features like flexible connectivity, sensors to save energy, and high resolution make it stand out among others.

2. Dell U-Series 32-Inch Monitor

Dell U-Series 32-Inch
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The Dell U-Series, due to its unique features like a 4K resolution, realistic colors with sharp distinction, user-friendly interface, and multiple connectivity sources, has been capturing mass markets to conduct professional tasks.

After using it for a while, we can guarantee you can experience the images with realistic color due to the sharp distinction between dark and light. We noticed the pure blacks and vivid colors with no apparent delays for smooth working.

The Dell U-Series is efficient because you no longer have to worry about cables. With the help of USB type-C, you can charge your device and transmit audio and video simultaneously only with a single line.

You can also connect two sources with the monitor simultaneously, and it will display two different sources by splitting the screen. The monitor can be attached to the keyboard and mouse to perform various functions, making it flexible and easy to use in routine.

We also liked how the monitor has different templates with simple access and can be changed whenever you want. With the help of auto restore, the monitor will start at the same place you left off.

At last, you can enjoy a uniform view due to the borderless design. The ergonomics allow you to adjust the screen according to your comfort and preferences, so we think it is also a plus point.

• High resolution of 4K
• Safe for eyes
• Monitor is adjustable
• Auto restore saves your time
• Connect with two resources simultaneously
• Have fewer cables to operate
• Not compatible with the apple mac book
• The power button is delicate.


The Dell U-series is one of the recommended monitors for Adobe illustrator due to its unique features like the high resolution of 4K, user-friendly via keyboard and mouse, and connectivity with a single cable.

Other features like being safe for the eyes, adjusting according to your choice, and simultaneously working with two sources distinguish it from others.

3. LG 27UK850-W 27 Monitor

LG 27UK850-W Monitor
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If you are a gamer and want a monitor that works perfectly with your gaming setup, then LG 27UK850-W 27″ is definitely for you.

The other amazing features like an adjustable screen, on-screen control, 4K wide-angle view, borderless display, and type – C connectivity make it one of the recommended monitors for Adobe illustrator.

We can assure you that you can get an amazing view of the quality of 4K with a wide angle with the help of this monitor. This splendid screen doubles the joy of playing high-end or intense games online.

This monitor is attachable with multiple resources like Type-C cable and HDCP 2.2. The ability of this monitor to charge and transfer audio and video files only with the help of Type-C prevents us from having a bunch of cables and creating a mess.

In addition, with the processor of sRGB 99, you will experience vibrant colors. We have seen some rich, bright, and funky colors rolling on the screen, and we couldn’t stop admiring the lifeful display. Controlling the monitor with the on-screen with just a one-to makes it the most advanced monitor available on the market.

The monitor has advanced gaming features, and due to its ability to synchronize with AMD, it is suitable for gamers as they can play games easily with an amazing display. We haven’t experienced screen tearing or stuttering even with the fast-paced actions.

You can adjust the monitor screen according to your choice as it is adjustable. The virtually borderless display and compatibility with HDR 10 make it an ideal monitor for content creators.

• Resolution of 4k
• Controlled by the on-screen with just one touch
• Adjustable
• Suitable for gamers
• The USB port is delicate
• Pixel’s quality reduced after some time.


If you are a gamer and want a monitor that synchronizes well with advanced games, this LG 27UK850-W 27″ is suitable for you. The other features like touch control, vibrant colors, compatible with HDR10 make it stand out among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best monitor for adobe illustrator?

The best monitor for Adobe Illustrator is the ViewSonic VP2771 27, ELZO color edge, BenQ 4K Monitor.


The illustrator monitors vary on the requirement of users. As a professional photographer and video editor, you should look for monitors with better display and processing power to complete your task.

Moreover, if you are a gamer, you need a monitor compatible with advanced games. So, if you want to use a monitor for purposes like displaying your work in offices and homes, you need to look for a monitor with a wide-angle view and elegant design.

Overall, it would be best if you opted for those monitors that consume less energy and are safe for the eyes.

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