Best Monitor for Animation in 2022

Animation is the critical process of designing and manipulating multiplex 2D and 3D visual images singularly or collectively. Therefore, not all sorts of computers can handle this extensive pressure, and the need for specialized hardware arises. With the drastic evolution in technology, the process for animation has been simplified, and now you necessarily do not have to rely on your big old PCs.

In this article on the best monitors for animation, after thorough and cautious research, we have picked the five best monitors that will not only assist you but also make your animation more comprehensive. We have thoughtfully considered several factors, such as the monitor size, processing power, and value, to ensure that the monitors fit a wide range of income brackets.

List of the Best Monitor for Animation in 2022

1. ASUS ProArt PA329C 32 Inch Monitor

ASUS ProArt PA329C 32 inch

If you are a professional animation artist looking for a monitor to make their life easier with work, you must give ASUS ProArt’s description a read. The flaws of the monitor are only a few and are easily outweighed by its benefits, ranging from its high coverage to its almost excellent calibration.

ASUS ProArt monitor has a 32-inch 4K UHD high-resolution screen of the following dimensions: 3840 x 2160. The monitor has several outlet options, which include three HDMI ports, one USB Type-C port, and a 1.2 display port.

Additionally, this animation monitor has exceptional color accuracy with a hundred percent Adobe RGB and RGB accurate color reproduction. The production factory of the monitor has been pre-calibrated to comply with and support the DCI-P3 and rec color standards set for 2020.

Moreover, due to the ergonomic design of the monitor, you can adjust its swivel, tilt, height, and pivot according to your needs by using the provided Asus Eye Care blue light and flicker-free technology. As the Asus monitor complies with most of the robust hardware, it automatically saves your data with its decided color parameters profiles to your monitor.

• The IPS panel is bright.
• 4k resolution.
• HDMI 2.0.
• Has installed software for calibration.
• Professional appearance.
• Obstinate OSD calibration.
• Cannot maintain uniformity with brightness.
• Expensive monitor.


Our all-inclusive impression of this Asus ProArt monitor is undoubtedly positive. We recommend it to all those looking for a cheaper monitor than others available in the market. The monitor is for reliable use and has an added value due to its already installed calibration software. Thus, it marks a firmly built, dependable monitor for any professional for animation.

2. BenQ EW2780U 27 inch 4K Monitor

BenQ EW2780U 27 inch

If you avoid looking for a monitor with the standard plastic black design, check out this monitor! The BenQ EW2780U comes in a sophisticated yet simple design with slender metallic sides and a brown border at the bottom with a similar square stand that would barely take up any of your space.

BenQ EW2780U has an unbelievable 16:9 image quality displayed on its 27 inches 4K ultra HD scream. The 3840 x 2160 high-resolution screen with its 99% sRGB vividly signifies the quality of your games and movies.

The monitor has a versatile design that allows you to connect multiple cables simultaneously to access your content and comes forward with a cable outlet for USB Type-C, HDMI, and display ports. Also, it will transfer your data quickly using its 60W power for delivery.

This monitor has an ultra HD screen quality. It enables you to experience every detail in your visual more sharply. Additionally, the device has integrated, powerful custom speakers that will discover new audio intensity and quality levels for you. Thus, enhancing your experience with the monitor to a superior level.

Through the monitor’s five-way navigator, you can conveniently access any preferred settings for brightness and sound and customize them according to your discretion.

• Has a powerful feature set.
• Premium design.
• Exceptional 4K panel for IPS.
• USB Type-C lacks a hub for connectivity.
• Has a tilt-only stand.


Even though the BenQ EW2780U does not allow you to adjust the screen or any other external feature, it is still value for money when considering its price. If you wish to increase the visual of your screen both in terms of size and quality, then this monitor for animation is for you.

3. ViewSonic VP3881 Monitor

ViewSonic VP3881 38-Inch

Not everyone can work with a curved monitor, but if you are, rest assured that this monitor works perfectly well as it enhances and modifies your experience of working on a PC desktop and viewing. With ViewSonic’s VP3881, you can multitask by opening several windows simultaneously, working on one, and having a view of the rest.

This monitor by ViewSonic features a screen that discerns it from the others: a curved screen with an appealing 2300R quality for panoramic images and portrays a vivid and incredibly detailed color of visuals you are viewing.

The curved screen does not render it an imperfect computer for professionals because it has been countered by its WQHD plus super clear IPS delivery of the monitor that portrays colors as evidently as one can expect from a screen. Therefore, it is an ideal pick for you if you are a professional photographer, videographer, video editor, or graphic designer.

Unlike most monitors, you do not have to connect all the cables directly to the cable outlet. Still, you can combine all of them to the monitor through a single cluster, thus reducing the cable clutter you usually anticipate. Additionally, this monitor has an easy and quick calibration which assures that all the colors are perfectly displayed while matching the ones in the original.

The versatile design of this monitor is compatible with any other PC you would want to connect to transfer your data.

• Remarkable out-of-the-box accuracy.
• Has a curved screen. Phenomenal built quality.
• Does not support a gamut.


The ViewSonic monitor is an astonishingly sharp computer that requires no calibration but still holds the capacity to offer many through its software. Even though the HD contrast might not be up to the mark, if you only want to purchase a monitor with sRGB color quality, add this option to your shortlist.

4. SAMSUNG U28E590D Monitor

SAMSUNG U28E590D Monitor for mac mini

The Samsung U28E590D offers game, viewing, and all you want in just one single monitor with stunning picture quality. If you are looking for a monitor from a trustworthy and reliable brand, then there can be no better than the second-best and most renowned market leader in the electronics industry: Samsung.

This monitor by Samsung depicts an ultra HD, real-life quality of any picture, gaming, viewing, and more so that its users can have an immersive experience. It’s AMD-free sync, and only one micro-second response time minimizes any occurring latency with the input and simultaneously reduces image blurring and stuttering of your game dramatically.

The monitor can deliver over a billion colors at a detailed, incredibly realistic, and naturalistic output without you having to worry about the picture quality being deteriorated when transferred to a monitor.

Additionally, through the available HDMI and display port outlet, you can connect all your HD devices to the monitor without hassles, such as your gaming consoles or other PCs. Its pitch for a pixel is 0.006 x 0.006 horizontal and vertical, respectively, in inches, and you can minimize the brightness up to 310cd per m2. Therefore, now there is no need for you to worry about your excessive screen time as it will not impact your eyes. Last but not least, the Samsung monitor has convenient compatibility with any android, apple, and windows device, providing you with more options for OS.

• High 4k resolution.
• Value for money.
• Multiple options for compatibility.
• Average picture quality.
• Narrow viewing angle.
• Limited tilt flexibility.


With this Samsung monitor, you can now watch your favorite Netflix show and work altogether in the same window, which makes this monitor a definite recommendation. However, you may need to be cautious when tilting the screen as the options to adjust are limited, and you would not want to break your monitor and end up harming yourself.

5. LG 27UN850-W Monitor

LG 27UN850-W Monitor

Another monitor has made it to our top five picks of best monitors for animation is the LG 27UN850-W ultrafine HD monitor. This monitor can deliver a maximum and ultra-fine, accurate quality of pictures, gaming, and videos and comes in a highly versatile design.

This monitor by LG has a 27-inch screen with an IPS display of an ultrafine quality that remains the same even when viewed from a distance or a tilted angle. The device offers adaptability to multiple connectivity cables such as the USB Type-C and HDCP 2.2. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether your LG monitor is compatible with your other devices, as everything is covered.

LG 27UN850-W Ultrafine UHD features a three-sided visually borderless display and has an adequate height to make viewing anything on the screen ideal. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable tilting stand that you can title at any degree you wish to view your screen.

Moreover, the monitor has a ninety-nine percent sRGB color gamut which is usually not offered by the monitors that you may compare within its price range. It also has a VESA HDR400 display that plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of the pictures while making the displayed colors more vivid and appealing.

• Versatile design.
• Virtually borderless.
• Freesync compatible.
• Super easy to set up.
• Ergonomic design.
• 4K screen resolution.
• Expensive.
• Only 60Hz limit to refresh.
• Poor sound quality.


For this LG monitor’s price, its quality and working capacity are better than the other monitors we have compared. The monitor is ideal for a professional as it has an actual color performance and precise calibration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of monitor is best for animation?

ASUS ProArt PA329C 32 Inch Monitor is one of the best and highly recommended monitor for animation.

What monitor is best for 3D animation?

ASUS ProArt and BenQ 32-inch 4k UHD monitors are best for 3D animation.


In this article on the best monitor for animation, we have provided you with five monitors to choose from. Therefore, this makes your research task less hectic and much easier as you have to pick the one you think will suit you well and further research it before finalizing your purchase.

So, without any further wait, replace your bulky and old monitor and upgrade it with any of the best animation monitors we have recommended.

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