Best Monitor for Competitive Gaming in 2022

A good gaming monitor is essential because it can instantly and significantly elevate your game in terms of performance and comfort. This is only possible if you choose the best monitor for competitive gaming. However, choosing the right monitor can be quite arduous, especially when you have an expansive range of options available on the market that vary in price and the features they tend to offer.

Therefore, to assist you in buying the monitor that suits your needs best, we bring you this article on the best monitors for competitive gaming, which is a composition of the seven most renowned and most selling gaming monitors amongst the customers. We want to aid all our gaming enthusiasts in maintaining their competitive edge over opponents who do not want to lose it.

List of the Best Monitor for Competitive Gaming in 2022

1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 27-Inch Monitor

SAMSUNG LC32G75TQSNXZA Odyssey G7 Series

The first monitor we present to you in this article is, in fact, a product by one of the most renowned market leaders who has always been able to dominate the market: Samsung. The company has tried its best to include as many features as possible in this recent model of theirs to cater more effectively to the needs of their customers.

Samsung odyssey monitor features a 1000R panel capable of producing the most excellent immersion as it is equivalent to the human eye’s curvature. It also has an HD 1.7-pixel density, providing a real-life visual of your gaming display.

Additionally, the uncommon refresh rate of 240Hz will allow you to refresh your screen as often as possible without a stutter and a response time of 1ms. Similarly, through the G-syn and free sync, you can conveniently drop frames from your graphic card without worrying about the picture quality.

This monitor’s innovative and discerning feature is its infinity core lighting at the back of the monitor, which will keep your dark room lit and make it convenient for you to work on your monitor.

Moreover, it has a QLED technology which creates more vivid colors of the frame, and when compared to sRGB, it is 125% more efficient for pixels. The 600HDR screen of this monitor will ensure that you get to witness every detail in depth during your game.

• Ratio contrast is high
• The refresh rate is fast
• Efficient response time
• Expansive color gamut
• The 1000R curvature is not suitable for everyone
• Limited adjustment options


We recommend you go for this Samsung monitor as it offers every feature you may want in your monitor for gaming, from an immersive visual to a high-resolution screen. It does not miss out on anything.

2. ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 24 Inch Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

Suppose you want to fulfill all your gaming needs as a gaming enthusiast. In that case, this monitor by ViewSonic might help you as it has a splendid video processing ability and an impressive refresh rate.

This monitor-by-view sonic will help you consistently retain your edge in your gaming quests through its various spectacular features. The monitor has a full HD screen with a 1080p resolution, an ultimately fast response time of 1ms, and an exceptional refresh rate of 240Hz. With all these characteristics possessed by the monitor, you will be able to have a smooth gaming experience.

OMNI XG2431 has a superior AMD Freesync technology that will create leveled frames of your vision for you and ensure you have not led astray in your battle during your game. Not only this, but to play at your needed comfort, the monitor’s hardware is completely adjustable too.

Moreover, upon your purchase will come with a few pre-installed visual models on the monitor that can be customized or readily used by the users, such as the eSports or RTS. The monitor also offers various connectivity options, including an HDMI, USB, and a display port that you can use to connect your monitor to your laptop. 

• Outstanding gaming performance
• Compatible with free sync and g-sync
• Great value for money
• Design is highly ergonomic
• Sturdy build
• Has a mediocre color contrast
• Lacks an IPS glow


Now you do not have to worry about getting accustomed to a new monitor for gaming as this monitor comes with an already installed pre-set of models, and, to assist further, you have a manual starting guide too.

3. LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor

LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor

This monitor by LG has been designed to work efficiently in bright environments, so it has effective handling for reflection. Also, if you want a monitor which is user-friendly and through which you can share the screen with your co-workers, then this option is worth your contemplation.

This monitor by LG features a screen panel of 27 inches that has been manufactured with a complete HD and IPS display of 1920×1080. Not only this, but the screen also has an excellent response time of 1ms and an even great refresh rate of 240Hz. Therefore, it will allow you to enjoy your gaming experience by providing a game with no stutter.

Additionally, compatible with G-sync and HDR 10.

Moreover, the build of this monitor is sturdy, and it has a design with borders that are thin and is not virtually evident, which means that they cannot be a distractor for you while you game. Also, through the adjustable ergonomics of the monitor, you can rotate your monitor into portrait mode but only clockwise, as it cannot turn anti-clockwise.

Therefore, making the buttons on the right side of the monitor be featured at the top when in portrait mode can be problematic with short cables. You can alter the monitor’s tilt to somewhere between -15 to 5 degrees. 

• High refresh rate
• Short response time
• Almost no input lag
• Pixel response is outstanding
• Has limited options for a color gamut
• No adjustment option to the swivel


This monitor is an ideal choice for gaming as it allows for wide viewing through any angle and produces colors of the visual that are rich. However, you must remember that the color gamut offered is of a limited range, and the HD content does not differ much from that of SDR.

4. Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Suppose you are one of those gaming enthusiasts who would choose systematic motion handling when given an option between it and a highly detailed resolution image. In that case, you must check out this monitor. Although it has a mediocre screen display, it still holds the potential to deliver all the other features necessary for maintaining a competitive gaming edge.

Alienware’s monitor will provide you with a refresh rate that is uncommon to your traditional monitors and is twice them: 240Hz. This means gamers will react quicker to their game without waiting too long.

Free sync AMD Radeon technology can synchronize with your monitor and GPU; therefore, it only displays frames to their fullest when it can do so. As a result, the distortions in your visuals will be minimized and smooth and tear-free.

Additionally, offering an extensive range of viewing angles means that the color on the screen will remain consistent regardless of the angle it is viewed, as it is supported by IPS technology.

Moreover, various controls can be managed conveniently and are situated on the right side of the monitor. You can also access these controls through a joystick that can quickly navigate menus. Along with this, the 1ms response time ensures that there is no blur over the screen and that it can change the pixels as instantly as possible.

• Has a refresh rate of 240Hz
• Offers a range of viewing angles
• IPS built
• Handles reflection, impressively
• Average black uniformity
• No support for HDR


Overall, the monitor is considered to be suitable for most users. However, when viewing it specifically for gaming, you must remember that the response time might be too slow for gaming. Apart from this, nothing about the computer will make us hesitate while recommend it to you.

5. ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q Monitor

ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q monitor

This monitor by ASUS ROG will provide you with everything you will demand as a gamer. From being certified for free sync to having a low input for lag, it will be able to guarantee you the ideal settings that you are looking for.

This monitor features a 23.8 inches screen panel with dimensions of 1920×1080 and delivers a response time of 1ms with an excellent refresh rate of 240Hz. All these features come accompanied by an LED lighting effect which is customizable at your discretion and meets your needs.

Besides this, while gaming now, you do not have to worry about straining your eyes. The ASUS eye care technology will significantly reduce eye strain by offering its renowned flicker-free and blue light filters.

Moreover, the g-sync technology works keenly to ensure that no stutter in your screen occurs or does not tear, thus providing you with a smooth and hindrance-free gaming experience.

You can also connect various cables to your monitor through the available ports: a USB port, a display port, and a dual HDMI port. Along with this, feel free to adjust your monitor’s swivel, height, tilt, and pivot to a game in your comfort zone.

• Has a three years warranty
• Attractive design
• Easy setup
• Highly adjustable ergonomics
• Flicker-free technology
• Expensive
• Viewing angles are narrow


To conclude, this monitor by ASUS is one of the best 24-inched monitors that will provide you with a realistic, stutter-free gaming experience in a completely HD visual.

6. Dell S2522HG 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Dell S2522HG Monitor

You can now enhance your gaming experience and elevate it to a fully HD mode. Yes, this is possible and provided for in this gaming monitor by Dell that delivers most of the essential features in an adequately sized screen. To learn more about this monitor, read through this review.

While your game, this Dell monitor will ensure that nothing hampers your process through a rapid response made possible by its rapid refresh rate of 240Hz. This means that now during your game, you can see moving visuals with clarity and without obstruction.

The response time for this monitor is 1ms, meaning that the pixels will switch just immediately for you from gray to gray. As a result, you will have a consistent gameplay performance throughout.

As the monitor has been built on IPS technology, it will ensure to display visuals with rather impressive clarity and maintained from any angle you view the screen. Moreover, the pixel-per-inch of this monitor is remarkable in having sharp visuals, and the hardware is fully adjustable with its swivels, tilts, and pivots. Consequently, you can conveniently have an immersive gaming experience in your comfort through this monitor.

• Affordable
• Broad viewing angles
• Highly ergonomic
• Various features are offered
• IPS glow average
• No support for MBR


Undoubtedly, this Dell monitor is excellent value for money as it offers efficient and practical features and comes at an affordable price. The ergonomic design and the wide viewing angles available in this monitor are an added yet favorable benefit for any user.

7. MSI Optix G273QF Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix G273QF monitor

Now you must stop your search for an anti-glare screen that can handle light reflection effectively and will work well in brightly lit outdoors. We say this because of this MSI monitor.

MSI monitor features an anti-glare screen, capable of delivering a response time of 1ms and simultaneously optimizing the brightness and screen color to their fullest capacity.

The viewing angle offered is wide and of 178 degrees, ensuring that the picture remains a perfect frame with consistent and genuine colors despite the rise you consider viewing it from. Also, Optix G273QF has a wide range of gamut colors through which you will get an appearance of more saturated and vibrant colors.

Additionally, the built-in rapid technology for IPS will ensure that your games are even more evident and display more heightened details. Consequently, completely immerses you in the display and letting you have a real-life game experience.

The refresh rate of 165Hz will allow your frames to shift quickly and smoothly, eliminating any choppy or stutter edges. It is also compatible with g-sync and will grant you the absurdity that your screen does not lag and produces a stammer-free and leveled display.

• Freesync support is available
• Is compatible with g-sync
• Fast response time
• Low input lag
• Low refresh rate
• Average contrast ratio


This monitor is ideal for gaming with its extremely instant response time and anti-glare screen, which is a rarity. However, the refresh rate is low. Unfortunately, the average contrast ratio when using the monitor in a dark room will not display all colors in their entirety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best monitor for competitive gaming?

Samsung’s odyssey monitor is the best monitor for competitive gaming.

What monitors do competitive gamers use?

They use computers with a g-sync, high refresh rate, and efficient response time.

What is the best monitor size for competitive gaming?

The best size of a monitor for competitive gaming is 27-inch, as most of the monitors utilized for this purpose come in this size, but apart from that, they tend to have all of the features.

Is 144Hz good for competitive gaming?

Yes, for competitive gaming, a 144Hz is worth it.


In this article, we have done our best to not only compile a list of the best monitor for competitive gaming but also elaborate on them by stating their features in detail, pros, cons, and verdict.

Therefore, we hope this article contains all the relevant and vital information you have been looking for. As a result, it helps you to decide on a monitor suitable for your competitive gaming.

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