Using the best displays for your game will boost your experience by giving you actual color depth, very crisp graphics, and ultra-smooth running of the gaming visuals with high-frequency hertz. All these experiences can be achieved simply by using the best monitors for PUBG.

The best monitors for PUBG not only provide the best way to enjoy your game but also allow you to cover other gaming-related activities like streaming or editing.

So, let’s check the all-rounder monitors we have come across that are ideal for playing PUBG.

List of the Best Monitor for PUBG in 2023

The best monitors for PUBG’s ultimate gaming experience will let you enjoy your game without tearing, impeccable clarity, and enhanced picture quality to fully delve into the experience. The following are the reviews on the best monitors for PUBG.

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1. Sceptre C248W 24 inch Monitor

Sceptre 24 inch
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Sceptre 24-inch curved screen gives fantastic gaming and streaming experience from the peripheral zones. Despite being a short screen, it is an excellent monitor we came across for high-end gaming.

Moreover, it offers an overwhelming number of features at an unbelievably affordable price that will fulfil all your requirements and keep up the standards. In addition, the intelligent, sleek, and curved design is simply inspiring for its users.

The Spectre 24” Curved LED Monitor C248W-1920RN comes with a refresh rate of 75 Hz, a high definition of 1080P HDMI, and a clear and crisp image that will keep you amazed.

The outputs include the display port, HDMI, and VGA output to accommodate many devices. The attraction is that the HDMI and VGA cables are both present in the box.

There are also audio input and output jacks so you can attach speakers. However, a built-in speaker is good enough but cannot be used for high-quality deliverance of sound.

The LED stand is fixed with the help of screws with the monitor and the screwdriver, so you don’t need any tools to assemble it. But it lacks ergonomics, so we got tired of using it in no time.

The color quality is better for executing an excellent PUBG experience; however, the viewing angles are not ideal and can not keep the image quality intact when watching from different angles.

Compared to the 60Hz monitors, this Spectre Curved screen gives you a much better screen rate at 75Hz, giving you better gaming capability. This monitor is a simple solid choice considering its amazingly affordable prices. 

• 24 inches/ Curved
• Full HD
• 1080P HDMI
• VGA Speakers
• VESA Mounting
• Not antiglare
• Muffled speakers


Sceptre is an essential apparatus for those running on a tight budget as its features are incredible at this price. In addition, the 27″ screen with a refresh rate of 75 Hz with full HDMI presenting an immense picture quality.

2. Dell S2719DGF S-Series 27 Inch Monitor

Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen
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Dell has astonishing monitors to mesmerize gamers with its unmatchable features. Dell S2719DGF is the monitor that is simply the perfect choice for high-definition streaming, editing, and gaming.

Dell S-series it’s a 2019 game monitor, a successor to the popular S2716DG. Still, unlike the previous version, it supports the latest free sync technology for an even higher smoothness of visuals.

The small flat stand is quite sturdy and holds the monitor well in place; added features that come with the stand are tilt and swivel; the height can be adjusted according to your need, and it can be rotated to get a portrait view.

There is a recon blue Dell logo at the back of the monitor, and looks fascinating. The monitor can be easily detached from the stand with a single click release button.

All the output slots are at the bottom of the monitor and include 2 HDMI ports, but only one supports HDMI 2. On the bottom of the monitor are two USB ports and one display port output that all are easily reachable.

The control buttons are on the right-hand side of the monitor. PUBG and other high-tech games benefit significantly from the monitor’s 155 Hz refresh rate, which is excellent. Additionally, the monitor has anti glare to reduce strain on your eyes.

The 1ms response rate acts exceptionally well in the smooth graphics flow without tearing graphics with excellent QHD resolution quality.

If you are looking forward to dipping your toes into PC gaming and high-quality streaming, we highly recommend this monitor to all gamers.

• 27” screen
• LED-Lit Gaming Monitor
• 155 Hz
• Free-Sync
• Height Adjustment
• Hefty Price tag
• Dimmed colors


This excellent monitor is the Dell- S2719DGF with a widescreen, extraordinary refresh rate, and the latest free sync that will take your PUBG skills to a higher and unbeatable level.

In addition, the subtle light at the back of the screen and the options of USB, HDMI, and display port make this an inevitable device for your gaming software.

3. ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM 27” HDR Monitor

Asus TUF VG279QM monitor
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ASUS always comes into the market with products with something very particular to flaunt in terms of features. ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM is the fastest gaming monitor in the market that will never disappoint you.

It’s a 27″ full HD monitor with an IPS panel, a well-built stable stand and occupies a small space on the table. While operating at a standard table, the screen is not excessively large.

The screen can swiftly revolve around the handle and be raised or lowered. The stand also features some cable management, and VESA mounting is also an option. The cable management to avoid cable clutter is what caught our attention.

The refresh rate of the ASUS TUF Gaming monitor is incredibly high, going up to 280Hz with adaptive sync, G-Sync, amazing HDR, and also the ELMB-sync. All these funtions combine to make incredible gaming experience.

That is Extreme Low Blur Motion Sync., so all these features will simply blow you off your mind with extraordinary experience in streaming, gaming, and personal or business uses.

The monitor comes with one display port 1.2v, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB connection, and a headphone jack, it works pretty well for your output devices, and you can also charge your phone with this.

ASUS TUF Gaming monitor also has built-in speakers, but they are pretty basic and may not excite you with the gun explosive or racing sound. It is better to pair external speakers or soundbars.

The OSD controls are on the right side of the screen and are very user-friendly in their navigation and operations. In addition, the professional color gamut gives a vivid and clear image with ultra-sharp colors.

All these features collectively offer an immersive gaming experience if you are playing PUBG or even any other game. We also tried Call of Duty, and the experience was mind-blowing.

• 27 HDR screen
• 1080P Full HD
• G-Sync Compatible
• LMB-sync
• Weak HDR Performance
• Poor contrast ratio aspect


ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor is loaded with highly desired features by gamers, and it’s quite a spectacular addition to your gaming paraphernalia. The monitor gives a whole HD experience with a high refresh rate.

The ultra-tech G-Sync and ELMB-Sync will enhance your software graphics without tearing and running smooth graphics.

4. GIGABYTE M32U 32 Inch Monitor

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The GIGABYTE M32U Gaming monitor has a big screen of about 32″. It can be used for multi-purposes including gaming, personal, and business use.

If you are a PUBG lover, this gaming monitor is the perfect option because of its elite features and high-end specifications. We played some other high-end games too, and wouldn’t complain about the display performance.

Moreover, the perfect monitor has a stand that holds it steady. The stand has a vast dimension to handle the enormous display, taking up enough desk space. In addition, the display stands’ back gap ensures effective cable management.

GIGABYTE M32U features one display port, a USB port, and two HDMI ports so that users can attach many output devices. The built-in keyboard video mouse is the cherry on top, letting gamers connect a single keyboard and mouse to two devices through a single monitor.

This gaming monitor in a moderately lit room gets brighter in SDR content and even gets brighter in HDR. The monitor has a refresh rate of about 144 Hz, making the screen smoother for gaming.

This gaming monitor’s local dimming feature increases the brightness of highlights without enhancing contrast. Reflections on the monitor screen are diffused and less intense because of the coating’s haziness.

Warranty card, power cable, HDMI 2.1 cable, DisplayPort 1.4 cable, USB cable, and QSG come with this stunning monitor so that PUBG lovers don’t have to spend extra money on these cables.

• VESA displays HDR 400
• Compatible with Adaptive SYNC technology
• Ergonomic design
• 144 Hz refresh rate
• Mediocre contrast ratio
• Expensive


GIGABYTE M32U is an excellent option for PUBG lovers since its features make it a spectacular gaming monitor. It has a high 4K resolution, high response time, and high refresh rate. Unfortunately, significant input lag is the frosting on the cake.

5. Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved Monitor

Acer Predator Gaming X34
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Acer has recently launched Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbimphzx 34″. The monitor has all the high-end features and specifications one would need for gaming.

The 34″ wide Acer Predator Gaming X34 delivers a premium watching experience with a 3440 x 1440 high-definition HD display that will blow your mind away.

The best aspect of this spectacular monitor is its curved screen, which guarantees a beautiful experience for PUBG lovers. It is huge, wide, and has enough room to get hold of everything.

One of the most impeccable features is that it comes up with a display port, HDMI, and USB cables that enable gamers to attach output devices to the monitor easily.

In addition, this fantastic Monitor’s IPS display provides optimal viewing from all angles, ensuring that the viewing experience is never compromised. We had the best experience with gaming, as well as picture editing.

The Acer Predator Gaming X34 offers a refresh rate of about 100 Hz. However, the NVIDIA G SYNC Technology in the Acer Predator Gaming X34 allows your monitor to operate at the frame rate of your graphics card while also giving you the freedom to acquire a higher refresh rate.

• NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
• Curved screen
• One display port
• HDMI and USB cables included
• 120 Hz refresh
• Expensive


The Acer Predator Gaming 34″ QHD is a fantastic gadget for your gaming needs. The monitor’s unique NVIDIA G-SYNC technology enables you to take the freedom to manipulate the refresh rate in your hands.

In addition, the IPS display ensures the user feels complete comfort while watching or gaming.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Which Monitor is best for PUBG?

The ASUS TUF Gaming monitor is super-efficient in giving you high-quality gaming with the smooth flow of graphics without breaking down pixels, as its refresh rate is 280Hz, which is simply colossal. In addition, the color on the screen is vivid and gives ample depth to enjoy the game fully due to the full HD feature. 


There is no end to the high-end features being incorporated into the monitors for an immersed gaming experience that will make you feel real. The above are genuine reviews about excellent monitors that offer high-quality performance and the best features.

These monitors have wide screens, an IPS display, a high refresh rate, various output ports, and full HD resolution that will take your PUBG game to the next level.

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