Neck pain due to gaming and that also for several long hours can cause a serious amount of distrust in you. The way you pose ahead of your computer screen while playing the game is somewhat of a very good factor in determining your fate in the game. This is true to a larger extent as a gamer’s sitting style and posture are very much important for a better understanding of the game and also for a good approach towards the game.

Similarly, the monitor’s height is also very much important when it comes to gaming. An ideal monitor height is very much important when it comes to fast and competitive gaming. An ideal monitor height is good to avoid any kind of physical pain that is an after-effect of prolonged gaming sessions.

What is the Best Monitor Height for Neck Pain?

This article talks about the monitor height to avoid neck pain that should be there for gaming. 

Remember that the monitor should be present at a level below eye level. This becomes an important arrangement as the ideal distance which cuts off neck pain is that which gives an arm’s distance between you and your monitor screen. If gamers do not follow these protocols then they might face some health complications like spinal cord pain, neck pain, etc.

Also you need to take care of certain other things like- you should have neck support in the form of a chair backrest. Try to coincide the position of your spinal cord with the position of the chair. When you are sitting on your chair remember to keep your thighs at the level of your hip to reduce strain on your back.

Also try to have a 5-minute walk or jumping jacks in between your working hours to enable the unrestricted flow of blood all over your body.

The most important factor is that you should avoid your neck movement to be above the screen as this might not lead to a comfortable position for you as a gamer while playing games. The ultimate goal is to limit your neck movement above the monitor’s screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if your monitor is too high?

If your monitor is at a very high level then it may cause you some discomfort. Your neck, as well as your backside, may pain and this might cause long term severe pain also. So have an optimal height of your monitor to get the most desirable gaming experience without any physical ailment.

Are monitor risers necessary?

Yes, monitor risers are necessary for those who have a serious spinal problem or are a little hump-backed. The utility of monitor risers causes fewer chances of spinal issues and leads to good eye vision also.


So, to have no neck pain and spinal ache the monitor height should be at a level below your eyebrows. This is important to have a good gaming experience and at the same time have a relaxing one. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground to allow unrestricted blood flow from your body parts to the legs and your hip.

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