If we talk about the gaming set up the most important element is the monitor. And with the best settings you can not only be able to have the best experience of that game but also be able to play the games in its best form.

So, here in this article, we talk about some settings related to the monitor that are essential for the best gaming experience.

Best Monitor Settings for Gaming

Lets discuss each term for the gaming settings in detail:


The most important aspect of the monitor settings is to set the resolution of the screen. This helps you to have a clarity of images on your desktop so that you may easily detect the points and objects while you play your games. The best resolution for HD is mainly 1080 p. The 1440 p resolution is also very compatible.

Some steps to set the resolution of your desktop are:

  • Move on to the “Control Panel”.
  • Set your mouse to “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.
  • Now, get your pointer to the resolution you want to set up for your desktop.


The next important thing is to set up the optimum distance between yourself and your monitor. For this remember the 1.5 rule.

This rule states that your distance from the screen should be 1.5 times the size of your monitor. This range of distance is the best as it enables a better vision and gives you a comfortable sight.


The most important elements that are essential for display in gaming are brightness, contrast, and sharpness of the image. These parameters usually depend upon the choice of the individual.

There should be a balance between the level of brightness and contrast as if their improper setting can affect your gaming experience negatively also. Remember that the brightness level should be 300-350 candela and the contrast should be at 75% to 85% for a good gaming experience.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate and the FPS are two terminologies that should be very clear to gamers. A correct match of both these parameters is essential for a good gaming experience. Remember to have the refresh rate at almost 240 Hz as most of your games will run smoothly and easily at this rate. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At what sharpness should my gaming monitor be?

The gaming monitor should be at an optimal sharpness of about 45-50%. As this setting is quite important so it is already set at its best value to avoid any unwanted set up by the user.

What is FPS mode on the monitor?

The FPS mode enables the user who is playing the game to act as a protagonist. It is an active mode that is usually used when one plays video games or virtual reality-based games. 


The monitor is very essential for the gaming industry. Gamers should have a very clear knowledge regarding this device so that its settings, its application, and its infrastructure can be easily modified henceforth.

One may consult the user manual for the same. Also, set the settings in proportion to avoid any disruption to the display card.

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