A PS5 monitor is considered a good gaming monitor. It has essential characteristics to handle the large gaming demands of a computer system. The screen size, resolution, and refresh rate are all characteristics of a PS5 monitor that are very much compatible with that of an ideal monitor. 

Thus, these attributes make a PS5 monitor a well programmed monitor for its use in gaming and especially competitive gaming. The most essential component is the PS5 monitor. 

Best Monitor Settings for PS5

Thus, this article talks about the best monitor settings for a PS5 monitor.

The resolution of the PS5 monitor should be at 1440 pixels of resolution. The other resolutions like 720p, 1080p, 1080ip, and 2160p are available with various other models of PS5 computers. The resolution is a big deal when it comes to a monitor as it is the deciding factor for the contrast level and the brightness level of the monitor. The contrast level is very much important when it comes to small sized monitors and usually, PS5 monitors are available in small sizes.

The screen size of a PS5 monitor is basically 21-inch to 24-inch. The screen size is small and hence compatible with space and small scale gaming too. The 24 inch monitor is the best suited monitor and thus it is good to have a PS5 24-inch monitor for your use. A large sized monitor gives you a better experience and thus is very trustworthy to rely upon. For easy settings also a large screen monitor is the most relied upon. 

Also the brightness level should be at 80% and the contrast should be at 65%. The basic difference between contrast and brightness is that both are opposite in nature. The contrast determines the darkness of colors and the brightness determines the mildness of colors. Both parameters should be best balanced in order to obtain the most desirable result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can PS5 run on 144Hz refresh rate?

Yes, a PS5 monitor can run on a 144Hz refresh rate. Although it is a low refresh rate from a gaming point of view , a PS5 monitor has a compatible refresh rate to be used while playing the games. The refresh rate should be a bit higher for a PS5 monitor. 

A PS5 has a resolution lower than 1440 p, is it worth it?

The PlayStation 5 does not support 1440p, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. The utility of using a PS5 with a high resolution is to have a better picture quality and at the same time a good gaming experience.


The monitor settings for a PS5 monitor are very easy to understand and easier to set up. The contrast-brightness ratio should be properly balanced so as to get the optimum and desirable result out of your display. Thus, be very careful while adjusting the contrast and brightness of your PS5 monitor. The resolution should be specially checked upon and then the settings need to make.

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