The resolution of the monitor’s screen is very much essential when it comes to gaming. This is because the resolution determines the contrast level, the brightness, and the sharpness standard along with the frames per second of the monitor.

It determines your visual clarity while playing the game and also it decides the level of clarity your screen will provide to you. The most common resolution that outshines all other monitor’s resolutions is the one having 1440 pixels of resolution.

Best Monitor Size for 1440p

This article talks about the best monitor size for 1440 pixels of resolution.

The best computer screen size for the monitor to have 1440 pixels of resolution is the 27-inch monitor screen. This screen size is the most compatible one to support a 1440p resolution as the big screen supports contrast control, brightness, and sharpness of the images being displayed on the screen very well.

If a resolution less than 1440p is taken then the picture quality may deteriorate a little and this causes some problems with the display also. For this resolution, the best screen size is the 24-inch monitor. The brightness and all other parameters are very well maintained by this screen size. Although the standards are not upto a 27-inch monitor screen it is good for gaming purposes.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the utility of the monitor for other purposes. This is so because a large-sized monitor is somewhat not good for day-to-day activities. These activities may include tasks like preparing an excel sheet, web searching, etc.

So, having a screen size compatible with both gaming and the usual computer-specific tasks is very important. Mainly, the screen size is between a 24-inch monitor and a 27-inch monitor. You may buy one as per your budget and resolution demand. Remember, the larger the screen more is the resolution, and the smaller the screen lesser is the resolution. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 27-inch monitor too big?

No, a 27-inch monitor is not too big because there are monitors bigger than this for example the 32-inch sized monitors. A 27-inch sized monitor is a little bulky and occupies a good amount of your working table and along with your room.

Are bigger monitors better for your eyes?

No, it is not a fact that bigger monitors reduce strain on your eyes. The resolution of the screen and the distance of the monitor from you are the factors that determine the problem caused to the eyes due to the light out of the monitor.


Resolution is crucial to have 1440 pixels of resolution for your screen. Resolution determines the refresh rate, the frame rate, and the pixel rate appearing on the screen.

All should be at a higher value. The thing that you need to keep in mind is to have a better position while playing the game. The monitor’s distance is very important for this.

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