Competitive gaming has become a very essential way of entertainment for gamers, these days. The era of gaming is very well acquainted with this aspect of gaming. Gamers do well with games like COD, Firewall and many more. The requirements of competitive gaming are so high that a very specific monitor is required for the well-functioning of competitive games. 

Also, when we talk about gaming the most essential thing that comes in our mind is the monitor because almost everything depends upon this special device.

Best Monitor Size for Competitive Gaming

This article talks about the best monitor size for competitive gaming.

A 27-inch monitor is recommended for the best competitive gaming experience. The biggest reason is that they support 1080 pixels of resolution which makes them a better option than other monitor screen sizes. Thus, one should prefer this monitor size for a good gaming experience. Moreover, a 27-inch monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate which is quite a good range for an amazing and a rapid movement of objects on the screen.

The most important criteria that should enable you to choose in between a good gaming monitor is the resolution. This is because the contrast settings, the brightness levels and the sharpness levels all depend upon the resolution of the gaming. The gaming monitors should have a resolution of 1080 pixels or a minimum of 1440 pixels. Also remember not to invest on monitors that have a screen size less than that of 24-inch. 

Also remember to buy a monitor such a monitor that has a size which fits well with your desire of performing other tasks such as making a docx file or working on a PowerPoint presentation. In a nutshell this is to state that the monitor should be such that it supports other tasks also and not just have the gaming attribute.

A 27-inch monitor is good with respect to this case. It is important because monitors with large screen sizes somehow lag in performing the normal computer functions as their resolution does not match with the somewhat low requirements of these applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for competitive gaming?

No, a 32-inch monitor is not too big for competitive gaming. This is indeed a very good screen size for the purpose stated above. It will give you a very good field of view and also will help you to identify even a small point on the screen while playing the game. Moreover, it reduces eye strain.

Is 1440p good for competitive gaming?

Yes, 1440 pixels of resolution is good for competitive gaming. But a higher resolution might be a better option. If the resolution is set at 1080 pixels then that might be a better option to work on with. Resolution determines your contrast rate and also the brightness and sharpness of your system’s display.


For competitive gaming you need to have at least a 27 inch computer screen size. This is crucial as for competitive gaming the refresh rate, the frame rate and the pixels all should be at a higher value.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is to have a better position while playing the game. The monitor’s distance is very important for this.

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