Programming has taken over the world in today’s era. Many programming tutorials are offered to students to enhance their skills in the IT field. For the smooth functioning of your programming software, the monitor size is very important to understand.

It caters to a large number of demands that programming software asks for. Including the installation space required for the software to its interpretation, these parameters are somewhat related to the monitor.

Best Monitor Size for Programming

Thus, this article talks about the best monitor size that should be considered when it comes to programming. Have a read to get some pointer:

From a programming point of view a monitor with a screen size of 13 inches to 24 inches should be used. This screen size for monitors is best with respect to programming as the resolution offered by these monitors is in the range of 1080p which is optimal. This needs to be kept in mind because the resolution of the monitor screen also affects your health as a broad screen can cause eye strain and many other issues like neck pain and back pain also.

A small monitor screen favors a good field of view for you to view your small program codes on the screen. But if you are far away sitting from your monitor or your system then you may go for a big screen monitor, as it provides the output in an elongated way. But remember that an elongated screen should be accompanied by a good resolution otherwise the screen’s size might not be the resolution and may also create problems for you in a display of the results.

A 27-inch monitor is also considered good from the programming point of view as it has a high resolution along with an optimum screen size or more precisely a good screen size. It is the best for coders, especially those who work on languages that support lengthy and small-sized syntax.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a curved monitor good for coding?

Yes, a curved monitor is a good option to work upon when it comes to coding. Also, gamers choose curved monitors over flat screens for a better visual experience. The curved monitors provide a good field of view for the viewer and also are good when it comes to relaxation for the eyes and the neck.

Is 43-inch monitor too big for work?

Yes, a 43-inch monitor is a very huge monitor for working purposes but for gaming purposes, it is the best option. The larger the size of the screen the better the gaming experience. But remember large screens are costly and may need external expenses too for overall visual enjoyment. Thus if you want to practice gaming at a professional level then you might go on with this idea.


Thus, for programming, the monitor size is very essential. It is the monitor size that is crucial for your program’s output display. The monitor size if very large should be accompanied by a high resolution of the screen display. 

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