Best Monitor with Adjustable Height in 2022

When choosing a monitor, most people think about the screen resolution, refresh rate, and price of the monitor. However, people rarely pay attention to ergonomics and fail to choose the best monitor with adjustable height. The absence of a monitor with adjustable height can cause back, neck, and eye strain, adding stress to the daily computing experience.

If you are tired of hunching your back in front of your computer screen and want an adjustable monitor, you are in the right place. This comprehensive review guide entails the best monitors with adjustable height that you can choose to get rid of back pain from using your low-height monitor. Read on to learn more about these height-adjustable monitors.

List of the Best Monitor with Adjustable Height in 2022

1. HP 24mh FHD Monitor

HP 24mh Monitor for revit

Renowned for providing brilliant visuals and unmatchable quality, the HP 24mh FHD monitor comes with a 23.8-inch IPS display. With an ultra-slim design, this HP FHD monitor delivers more desk space, and its attractive design adds a stylish touch to your computer table.

The HP 24mh FHD monitor features outstanding visuals, and its FHD display with IPS technology provides an unforgettable visual experience. With a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, the image accuracy of the monitor mimics the wide-viewing angle of premium tablets and mobile devices.

A panoramic view of the 23.8-inch display lends rich detail from any position with full color and a clear image. The ultra-wide 178-degree horizontal and vertical angles make the viewing experience great.

The HP 24mh FHD monitor contains a wide array of ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports for easy and trouble-free connection to PC, gaming consoles, and peripherals.

The tilt able screen of the HP monitor allows the user to adjust the screen according to his preference, with an added ease of monitor height adjustment for comfortable viewing. In addition, the adjustable screen allows tilt of 5-degree forward and 23-degree backward angles. HP FHD monitor comes with an HP standard 1-year limited warranty, claiming to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

• Good value for the price
• Ergonomic monitor stand
• Clear display and vibrant colors
• Fast response time
• Wide range of ports
• Integrated speakers
• The swivel option of the screen is absent
• The contrast ratio is not high


The HP 24m FHD is a premier-quality monitor designed to give ergonomic advantages such as an adjustable screen. Having outstanding visuals and a vibrant color display, this monitor is an ideal choice for viewers wanting to have an ergonomic monitor and adjustable screen for easy viewing.

2. BenQ GW2785TC 27 inch 1080p IPS Monitor

BenQ GW2785TC 27 inch monitor

Expertly designed and well-constructed monitor, BenQ GW2785TC is an adjustable monitor with IPS technology. Specifically designed for eye care, this monitor features a 27-inch ultra-slim screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution for a clear view.

The BenQ GW2785TC is a 27-inch FHD HD IPS widescreen monitor with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080pixels and a brightness of 250 nits with a crystal-clear view and high definition resolution. The proprietary intelligence adaptive technology adjusts the brightness and flicker-free feature, making computing easy on the viewer’s eyes.

The adjustable monitor is ergonomically designed and comes with an adjustable height, tilt, swivel, and pivot so that viewers can have a comfortable view without straining their back and neck muscles. Moreover, BenQ GW2785TC features eye-care technology and supports 5-20 degrees tilt adjustment and 90 degrees pivot in both directions.

Being ergonomically designed, the HD monitor can be adjusted up to 13 centimeters in upward and downward directions. Besides that, the extra slim bezel design, which covers edge-to-edge, lends a seamless viewing experience.

The BenQ IPs monitor features a three-pin standard port, with an HDMI 1.4 port, one audio port, one USB port, and two DP ports. One unique connectivity feature of this monitor is Daisy Chain, which enables users to connect up to four monitors. This connectivity increases the number of screens without creating any clutter. BenQ GE2785TC comes with a one-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects and issues.

• The ergonomic design makes viewing easy
• Comes with eye-care technology
• Provides clear sound and noise-cancellation
• Allows connectivity to multiple monitors
• The low refresh rate of 60 Hz
• Graphics are not sharp enough


The BenQ GW2785TC is an ergonomically-designed FHD adjustable monitor with eye-care technology designed to be easy on viewers’ eyes. The design, screen, and connectivity make it an ideal monitor for people working from home.

3. AOC C32G2 32″ Curved Frameless Monitor

AOC C32G2 Monitor

Specifically designed as a gaming monitor, the AOC C32G2 is a G2 series gaming monitor with FHD 1920 x 1080p resolution and a VA panel. It lends an immersive experience to users with its super-curved 1500R monitor and a sleek adjustable monitor screen.

AOC C32G2 curved frameless monitor contains four ports–one display port, two HDMI ports, and one VGA port for easy connectivity to all devices. With a 165 Hz super-fast refresh rate and rapid 1ms Smart Response Time, the users can experience a fast-paced and dynamic gaming experience. In addition, the AMD FreeSync feature of the FHD monitor provides smooth gameplay.

The gaming monitor features a sleek three-sided frameless design with super-narrow borders for a seamless monitor setup. Moreover, its 32-inch curved screen concentrates the graphics, and its 80,000,000: 1 SmartContrast ratio with bright colors further enhances the gaming experience considerably.

The FHD adjustable monitor comes with AOC Low Blue mode and Flicker-free technology that increases eye comfort, which is needed during extended gameplay times. Furthermore, the stutter-free feature and low blue lighting ensure game players’ eyes don’t strain.

• Super-fast 165 Hz refresh rate
• Has a curved frameless design
• Has a high SmartContrast ratio for a bright color experience
• Adjustable monitor
• Flicker-free technology gives a great viewing experience
• Affordable
• Takes time to focus
• Does not have in-built speakers


The AOC C32G2 is a frameless curved monitor designed to provide game players with a seamless and immersive gaming experience. The monitor is suitable for money with its flicker-free technology and high-display resolution.

4. ASUS VA24DQSB 23.8” 1080P Monitor

ASUS VA24DQSB monitor

ASUS VA24DQSB is a 23.8-inch full HD monitor with eye-care technology and comes with an adjustable screen. Its  IPS 178-degree wide viewing angle makes it an ideal adjustable monitor with many features.

ASUS VA24DQSB is a Full HD 1080p monitor with an LED backlight display and IPS 178-degree wide viewing angle for an immersive viewing experience. Its 78 Hz refresh rate and the eye-care feature ensure the viewer’s eyes don’t strain. The adjustable monitor features an ASUS blue-light filter that protects against harmful screen glare.

ASUS VA24DQSB has a wide array of connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB hub, and D-sub port, to allow connectivity to PCs, laptops, media boxes, PlayStations, and gaming consoles. The ergonomic design of the monitor with a 35-degree tilt, 180-degree swivel, 90-degree pivot, and 130 mm height adjustment ensures the users are free from back, neck, and eye strain.

One unique feature of ASUS VA24DQSB is its Splendid Video Intelligence Technology which adjusts and enhances color brightness, contrast and sharpness according to the video being played. Moreover, it features various modes such as Reading, Scenery, sRGB, Theater, Game, and Night View for color adjustments.

• Ultra-blue technology protects eyes from harmful rays
• 178-degree wide viewing angle
• Has Splendid Video Intelligence technology for color brightness adjustment
• Ergonomic design with adjustable screen
• May flicker sometimes
• Has a 3mm border on the sides which overlaps the displayed images


The ASUS VA24DQSB is an FHD 1080p monitor with an adjustable screen for providing a comfortable viewing experience while protecting it from back and neck strain. Although the screen sometimes flickers, it is a good pick for a Full HD best monitor with adjustable height.

5. Sceptre E275B-FWD240 27 inch 240Hz 1080p Monitor

Sceptre E275B-FWD240 monitor

Designed to give a fully immersive experience, the Sceptre HD Gaming monitor is one of the best FHD monitors for gaming. Its 240Hz refresh rate gives it a competitive edge over others, allowing the frame to change rapidly.

Sceptre HD Gaming monitor is a 27-inch LED monitor with an impressive refresh rate of 240 Hz, allowing rapid frame transition. With a diagonal screen view of 1920 x 1080p resolution, the brilliant graphics resolution makes it an ideal monitor for gaming.

Featuring AMD FreeSync Premium, gameplayers can achieve the highest levels of play performance. Sceptre HD monitor features four ports for easy connectivity: one HDMI 1 port, Display Port, and HDMI 2 and 3, allowing connecting PCs, gaming consoles, PlayStations, and laptops.

The height-adjustable screen has Blue Light Shift, which reduces blue light and allows viewers to carry out their work, games, and so on for extended periods.

• Has 240 Hz refresh rate
• Edgeless design
• Has AMD FreeSync Premium technology
• Contains Blue Light Shift
• Not compatible with PlayStation 5
• May encounter problems in the adjustment of monitor height


Sceptre HD Gaming Monitor is next to be the best gaming monitor. With AMD FreeSync Premium technology and an adjustable screen, Sceptre Gaming Monitor ensures game players have an immersive and unforgettable viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best monitor with adjustable height?

The HP 24mh FHD monitor features an ergonomic design, a fast response time, and a high refresh rate, making it the best monitor with adjustable height.

Do monitors have adjustable height?

Monitors can have adjustable heights for an easy and comfortable viewing experience.

What is the best height for a monitor?

The top of the screen should be in line with your eye level, so you don’t have to strain your back while viewing the screen. Moreover, the monitor should be at the length of the arm away from you.

How high should a 27-inch monitor be?

It depends on the placement of the monitor. The top of the monitor should be slightly below eye level, and the center of the monitor should be located 15-20 degrees below horizontal eye level.


When choosing a monitor for game playing, most people overlook ergonomics. However, selecting an FH and the best monitor with adjustable height is necessary for an immersive, easy viewing experience on the viewer’s neck, back, and eyes.

Choosing a monitor with an adjustable height allows the viewer to have an easy and stress-free computing and immersive experience daily.

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