Console gaming is actually competitive gaming that requires a very high range of resolution, contrast, screen size, and refreshes rate.

Nowadays, it is gaining much popularity as it has become a major category of games that players like to play in today’s time. Thus, it requires an optimum choice of display that is crucial to make so that your gaming experience is not hampered at all by a wrong choice of monitor.

What is the Best Size Monitor for Console Gaming?

This article talks about the best monitor size for console gaming:

Console gaming is best played on 32-inch sized monitors. These large screens provide the user with a better view that is essential when it comes to competitive gaming. These monitors have a better-optimized resolution that is mainly in the range of 1440 pixels to 1080 pixels.

These monitors also need a high battery power supply so it is advisable for the owner to carry a charger with him whenever he or she is performing any function on their 32-inch monitor.

The refresh rate should be in the optimum range of 60Hz to 240 Hz. This refresh rate is best when it comes to a console gaming experience. The refresh rate is so crucial because the gaming experience depends on the rate at which the pixels of the screen change and at which rate. The 240Hz is a better range to have in case of a console gaming monitor.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the screen ratio which needs to be somewhat around 16:9. Thus, you may consider buying a curved monitor also by keeping this ratio in mind. This is so because 32-inch monitors are usually bigger in size to get accommodated in your room and are also costlier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size monitor is best for warzone?

Monitors with display sizes in between the range of 24-inch or 28-inch are best suited for warzone. Warzone gaming requires the gamer to have a wider field of view, which is the prerequisite thing when it comes to a game set in warzone conditions.

Warzone gaming needs the best combination of contrast, brightness, and sharpness, which is best provided by a monitor that has the given screen size range.

Is 5ms good for console gaming?

The response time of the monitor is very important for console gaming but the problem that occurs here is that the more the response time better is the game performing experience.

Thus, there is no set criterion that fits the response time range of a monitor ideal for console gaming. But, if given a choice then an 8ms response time is the best. This range is hard to find this a 5ms monitor is also a good option if we have no other option to get a higher range of response time.


A 32-inch monitor is the best for console gaming. The most important aspect of a 32-inch monitor is the variety of resolutions that they provide which gives us an advantage as they can be then used simultaneously for other purposes like writing documents in either MS Word or Notepad.

For console gamers, it is best as it provides them crisp and clear graphics which further helps them in competitive gaming.

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