When it comes to gaming the most important aspect is the monitor. It is obvious that for a better gaming experience you need to have a good monitor or else the gaming experience becomes a little boring. The monitor size is another aspect that matters a lot when it comes to gaming.

In fact, the monitor screen’s size is an important quality of the monitor. It decides the whole view of the ongoing game on the monitor and thus helps in having an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Best Size Monitor for PC Gaming

This article talks about the best monitor size when it comes to gaming:

For a PC gaming monitor the 27-inch screen size is the most suitable one. This is because this size of screen allows one to have the best resolution as well as the best refresh rate which is approximately about 60Hz. The resolution is indeed important for the contrast, brightness, and sharpness of the screen’s display.

A 27-inch monitor along with usual games goes up very well with competitive gaming and marathon games too. Also, a monitor screen less than the 27-inch monitor also works well with respect to gaming. You may go up with a 24-inch sized monitor also to get a somewhat similar effect to the bigger screen one.

The day-to-day activities should not hamper the performance of the computer system. You should choose a monitor that well fits your daily purposes as well as your gaming requirements too. This is essential to make the overall functioning of the computer system more compatible and versatile.

The common tasks that are included in the day-to-day activities are- Web searching, writing on a docs file, etc. The monitor resolution should be such that it fits all the activities that the computer undertakes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a curved monitor better for gaming?

A curved monitor is mainly preferred by gaming tycoons as it has a wider range of view and is also compatible with the body as it reduces eye strain and neck pain. But if compare the parameters of a curved monitor with that of a flat monitor then it has the same features like a similar refresh rate, similar optimized brightness, and a similar FPS.

Why do gamers have 3 monitors?

Gamers use three monitors to have an immersive gaming experience. This makes them be in the gaming world while playing on the screen. It is also used by them to perform multitasking or to play games on all three screens. 


Thus, a 24-27inch screen-sized monitor is the best compatible monitor when it comes to gaming. The 24-inch monitor is considered to be the best size monitor although it is smaller in monitor screen ratio as compared to that of the 27inch monitor.

But the other parameters like screen resolution, screen sharpness, and screen brightness all are important as well for the gaming experience. All these parameters are very well optimized in a 27inch monitor. 

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