The rising demand to touch high productivity levels has made way for the latest class of monitors called ultrawide monitors. Ultrawide monitors run the show, whether working for an office or completing online tasks at home. It has eliminated the need to adjust dual monitors for multitasking, and what could be better than that? Nowadays, as the competition is touching the skies, it’s crucial for any professional, whether a graphic designer or a content creator, to buy a monitor to improve daily productivity. In this case, we always recommend getting the best ultrawide monitor.

However, it’s a thought-provoking phase! You’re investing, and, of course, everyone has the right to look for crucial factors, advantages, and disadvantages of a new product. This article is specially written, including our top cherry picks to help you reach the one you desire. Also, we’ve added a detailed buying guide, so if you’re confused, it’ll definitely give directions. So, continue to grasp the product-related knowledge and decide!

Top Seven Ultra-Wide Monitors

Below is the list of our top picks as ultrawide monitors where each is equally significant.

  1. Asus TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved Monitor
  2. Samsung SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
  3. Gigabyte G34WQC Ultrawide Curved Monitor
  4. Samsung CJ890 Series Ultrawide Computer Monitor
  5. LG 49WL95C-WY Ultrawide Monitor
  6. LG 29WP60G-B Ultrawide Monitor
  7. Asus VP349CGL Ultrawide HDR Gaming Monitor

Best Ultrawide Monitors for Productivity Comparison Table 2023

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1. Asus TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved Monitor – Good for Gaming

Asus TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved Monitor
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Display Resolution2560 x 1080 pixels

Produces Vivid Colors

Asus created its name by launching monitors that are a source of high productivity for professionals. It has HDR technology to display higher contrast ratios with the most vivid colors than the traditional ones.

Eliminates Smearing Issues

Besides being good at productivity, it also provides a 1ms MPRT response time through the Asus Extreme Low Motion Blue (ELMB) feature. This responsive parameter is the best for gamers.

Low Blue Lights

Moreover, getting a pre-installed low blue light technology will do wonders for professionals wondering to sit for hours on the new monitors.

Ergonomic Design

The company ensured to develop a unique ergonomic design, so the monitor can quickly pivot, tilt, and swivel as per the user’s need. Furthermore, it accepts VESA compatibility.


  • It has the best brightness to improve working.


  • Refresh rate sometimes switches

2. Samsung SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor – an Economical Option

SAMSUNG 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Monitor
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440 pixels
Mounting TypeWall Mount

Top-Notch Image Quality

Getting a high-resolution monitor is essential, especially when you want to boost productivity! Samsung ensures to deliver razor-sharp images through an extensive 3440 x 1440p resolution.

Multi-Tasking Screen

A great benefit of buying this ultrawide SJ55W monitor is its ability to multi-task simultaneously! The detailed WQHD quality will let you enjoy working and watching movies together.

Picture-by-Picture Feature

This function further optimizes the monitor’s multi-tasking ability and lets users resize the second image as they want. Enjoy increasing your work productivity besides watching your favorite shows!

Reduces Image Stuttering

Get ready to enhance your work thruput through AMD FreeSync, which easily synchronizes the quick refresh rate with the screen to avoid image stuttering issues.


  • Best for multi-functioning besides being budget-friendly.


  • The stand isn’t adaptable.

3. Gigabyte G34WQC Ultrawide Curved Monitor – Best for Screen Quality

Gigabyte G34WQC A-SA
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Display Resolution3440 x 1440 pixels

Broad Viewing Angle

This monitor by Gigabyte enhances your work efficiency by displaying the broadest viewing angles. You can sit and work from any corner of the curved monitor.

Boost Productivity through Refresh Rate

It’s essential to buy a monitor with a reasonable refresh rate besides having the highest resolution to increase final thruput, and Gigabyte has it for you!

1500R VA Panel

The monitor further arrives with a fantastic 1500R VA panel to let you enjoy an immersive screen view.

Get Better Visuals

Professionals or content creators working to enhance productivity prefer having an aim stabilizer, and Gigabyte takes care of it! This way, you can get better visuals while working.


  • A good purchase for the price and quality.


  • Sometimes, the software needs updates.

4. Samsung CJ890 Series Ultrawide Computer Monitor – an Ideal Pick

SAMSUNG CJ890 Series 49-Inch Ultrawide QHD
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Display Resolution3840 x 1080 pixels
Special FeatureFrameless | Curved Screen

Optimize Your Viewing Experience

Get your hands on this new frameless Samsung TV with an ultrawide 1800R curved screen to boost your productivity. The vast and curved screen helps the user avoid eye fatigue issues.

Fast Refresh Rate

A good refresh rate is suitable for preventing ghosting or blurring problems, and Samsung had it fixed for you! You can now easily sit to work for hours without worrying about motion blur issues.

Multitask Through KVM

Moreover, one can easily control multiple computers by sitting next to this fabulous computer through the great KVM (keyboard, video monitor, and mouse) switch.

Improves Efficiency

Besides, you can simultaneously watch over different displays by connecting them to your Samsung monitor and split them through the PIP (picture-in-picture) technology.


  • This monitor has the best resolution. Also, it provides USB-C connectivity.


  • It lacks a remote.

5. LG 49WL95C-WY Ultrawide Monitor – an Auto-Bright Monitor

LG 49WL95C-WY Ultrawide Monitor
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Display Resolution5120 x 1440 pixels
Special FeatureAuto Brightness | Dual Controller

Equipped with a Dual Controller

This feature helps you improve efficiency by conveniently connecting multiple devices at a time. It works with one keyboard and mouse, so you can drag and drop your important files.

Easily Inspect Source Files

This 49WL95C-WY ultrawide monitor is excellent for video editors as it efficiently manages the entire timeline without switching windows.

Increases Productivity

The company is able to beat the clarity of four 27-inch QHD monitors through a sleek design and lesser cables. If you want more productivity, you can even attach two ultrawide monitors.

Quick Connectivity & Control

Eliminate the need to use laptops as your portable workstations as this new ultrawide monitor have quick USB Type-C connectivity and control options.


  • A decent monitor to improve efficiency by multitasking.


  • Requires software update.

6. LG 29WP60G-B Ultrawide Monitor – Best for Productivity

LG 29WP60G-B Monitor
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Display Resolution2560 x 1080 pixels
Special FeatureAntiglare Coating

A Wide Monitor for Multitasking

LG stands among the companies providing the best ultrawide monitors for multitasking. It arrives with a full HD resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio, together creating more working space.

An Impressive Color Fidelity

This monitor has an exceptional sRGB 99% picture mode to cover all color spectrums while you’re at work. Get an impressive color fidelity if you’re a professional photographer, video editor, or other content creator.

Lessens the Blue Light

A unique blue light shift technology comes preinstalled in the wide monitor to lessen eye fatigue. It has a reader mode to let you continue reading at a cool color temperature.

Get Even the Darkest Details

A photographer or a videographer will find this ultrawide monitor the best in their work due to a black stabilizer. This feature helps the user fetch even the darkest of details.


  • An affordable ultrawide monitor with top-notch pixels.


  • Comes with a short stand.

7. Asus VP349CGL Ultrawide HDR Gaming Monitor – an Affordable Pick

Asus VP349CGL Ultrawide
Refresh Rate165 Hz
Display Resolution3840 x 1080 pixels
Mounting TypeWall Mount

Enhanced Resolution

Asus is among the famous brands, displaying its ultrawide monitors to enhance productivity. This monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio with a wide viewing and enhanced resolution to provide an immersive working experience.

Excellent Eye Care & Protection

You can work for hours on the monitor and still protect your eyes through the amazing ultra-low blue light technology.

Ergonomic Stand

A comfortable position is always the top preference of any professional to increase productivity, and Asus considers it while launching the new monitors. This one has an ergonomic design and an adjustable stand for easy adjustments.

Adaptive FreeSync Technology

Moreover, enjoy a crisp & clear audio and video playback through the effective FreeSync technology that eliminates all lagging issues.


  • It has sharp image details for better yield.


  • Some customers faced software issues.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Productivity Monitor (Buying Guide)

All ultrawide monitors excel in delivering the smoothest experience. However, looking for some factors is critical before spending a handsome amount. Let’s briefly look at them.

Monitor Size

Different ultrawide monitors arrive in variable sizes that are all useful in one way or another. It depends on the purpose of purchase and the space you’ve had for the new gadget.

Getting a monitor between 29 and 34 inches is perfect for professional workers like graphic designers, video editors, gamers, etc. You can always choose a more prominent display, but for that, you must have a spacious room.

Screen Type

Just like any other monitor, ultrawide monitors can also have flat or curved screens. Regarding productivity, we suggest you pick curved ones as they negligibly stress users’ eyes, and professionals can efficiently work for hours.

So, you must understand the need to buy a new monitor and your preferred style before spending an amount.


Another essential factor is exploring the best resolution in a new ultrawide monitor. As you wish to boost your working productivity, getting a gadget providing the maximum pixels is essential to get the best image results.

We have different monitors mentioned with variable resolutions; however, our preferred suggestion is at least WQHD (2560 x 1440-pixel count). Those more than that, like 3440×1440, would be highly appreciated.

Flexibility in Adjustment

Any person buying an ultrawide monitor for operational purposes would always want something that is easily adjustable to help them conveniently sit for hours. If you really aspire to augment efficiency, get the one with a stable and flexible stand. You can then quickly tilt the monitor or adjust the height as per your working requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best ultrawide monitor for productivity?

You might come across multiple options being the best ultrawide monitor for productivity, but always prefer your requirements that are different for different people. Most prioritize getting an ultrawide screen with the highest resolution, while some look for budget-friendly options. We’ve mentioned some of our top picks above to help you reach your goal.

Are ultrawide monitors good for productivity?

Yes, all ultrawide monitors stand the best for productivity, offering numerous advantages over the ordinary. One doesn’t need to add an extra monitor for dual purposes as it fills the bills. It further saves time you might have wasted in scrolling or switching from one window to another.

Which monitor is best for productivity?

Different brands have numerous ultrawide monitors available that offer one after the other great features for productivity. The seven top monitors mentioned above are all significant when it comes to boosting productivity so that you can buy them. However, we still think LG leads the others like Gigabyte, Samsung, or Asus.

What is the best size for an ultrawide monitor?

It entirely depends on your needs and convenience, so you’ve to decide the best size for an ultrawide monitor. Monitors from 29 to 34 inches are ideal if you’re targeting productivity. However, always calculate your budget and estimate the space you’ll provide for your new monitor, so it gets easy to decide.

Is a curved monitor better for productivity?

Definitely yes! Curved monitors are far better than flat ones for productivity. Curved ultrawide monitors will provide great comfort, whether you’re working at home or sitting in an office to complete tasks. They are specially designed to reduce eye strains and body fatigue.


Always remember that using ultrawide monitors is not everyone’s cup of tea. They are pretty feasible if you wish to work on big screens, whether as a content creator, videographer, photo editor, etc.

We totally understand the demands of professionals wanting to enhance their working efficiency, so we came up with detailed research. All the ultrawide monitors explained above hold great importance. Now it’s your turn to read them and decide the one fitting your bills.

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