Several people get confused between modem and router; however, the vital thing to note is that both the devices work separately. 

The router uses the internet that comes from the modem and sends it through a wireless signal to your devices like computers, laptops, and smartphones. 

However, the modem is the sole originator of the internet, allows you to connect your phone cable and get access to the information from the internet service provider. Now that you know the modem and router can be used separately: however, a new combination has come to light known as the modem router.

Modem and Router

As the name suggests, this device has the functions of both modem and router. The primary benefit of having a modem router at your home is that you don’t have to put in two devices for internet connectivity. It’s like a two-in-one device. 

There are several internet service providers from where you can buy modem routers. It is a convenient option for considering at home as several family members can take advantage of wireless internet connectivity. 

What is the Possibility of Using Modem-Router as Router?

People have this question in their minds: Can they use their modem router as just a router or as a modem? The answer to this question is quite simple. 

Not every modem router has this functionality. Modem router comes with different combinations as per your requirements.

If you want a modem-router with more functions than just the modem or router, you can ask for it from your internet service provider. 

The primary reason why people wish that they can use their modem router as just the single one is probably to resist new purchases. 

Some people have a combination of modem routers, and now that they have purchased the new device, they wish to use it with the old one.

In simple words, if you are buying a new router or modem for yourself and you already have a modem-router combination that has become old, then you might want to use that combination as just the modem or the router to have proper connectivity of the internet, considering that you already have one device.

Can You Use a Modem Router as Just a Router?

As we said, not modem-router combinations can allow you to use them as just a router. For more information on the functions of a modem router, you can contact your service provider. 

However, if you are using an ethernet cable, you might be able to use your modem router as a router just by connecting the LAN port of your modem router with the LAN port of your new device.

You might face few issues with this setup if the functions of the modem router do not allow that. If you face a few problems in the design, you can try disabling the DHCP server of your modem router combination. 

But if you still keep facing minor bugs, then you can take the help of your internet provider.


In some of the modem-router combinations, it might be difficult for you because of the unavailability of the ports. 

The advantage of the modem-router combination is that if you want to use the combination just for the modem, you can; however, it can be a little tricky with a router.

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