Can a 75Hz Monitor Run 120fps

Can a 75Hz Monitor Run 120fps?

The refresh rate and the frames per second rate are the two most important characteristics that determine how your monitor works for game playing. Every game player checks on the monitor’s quality for a smooth game-playing experience. This is essential because nowadays, the high-tech games available in the market are 3-D enabled and require a …

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Is 27 Inch Monitor too Big

Is 27 Inch Monitor too Big for Gaming, 1080p & Office Work?

The monitor screen size is a very important aspect when it comes to the overall performance of a computer system. The monitor screen size determines the resolution, refresh rate, and optimization of the screen’s display. The monitor is the only output device of a computer which is very much essential in itself as it has …

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Lenovo Dual Monitor Not Working

Lenovo Dual Monitor Not Working Issue: [Reasons & Fixes]

The issue with your Lenovo dual monitor may be because of several reasons. There might be some technical glitch, some hardware discrepancies or some internal problems with the settings. Lenovo supports USB-C connection and also allows us to have an adapter for the connection to be established. The latest technology allows Thunderbolt port also for …

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Why are TVs Cheaper than Monitors

Why are TVs Cheaper than Monitors?

A monitor is much different than a television set. It has different functionality and also a different purpose of work. The basic difference between a TV and a monitor is that a TV is used just for viewing entertainment shows, movies, and sports, while a monitor can be used to display a range of services …

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How to Connect Two Computers to One Monitor Without KVM

How to Connect Two Computers to One Monitor Without KVM?

The digital era has surfaced in all the technology advancements happening today. Nowadays, it is very easy to use two computers together by connecting them to a single monitor. Although, the connection between two monitors and one computer system is quite long, and also this requires a large workplace to be set up. Hence, to …

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Best Monitor Settings for Eyes

Best Monitor Settings for Eyes [Updated-Guide]

Although monitoring has made our every task easy, its use has severe repercussions on our health. The various health issues that happen or erupt due to the high contrast of the monitor or due to excessive brightness of the monitor are basically eye strain, headache, neck pain, dark circles, and even cataracts too. So, to …

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Can a 4K Monitor Run 1080p

Can a 4K Monitor Run 1080p?

A monitor with a higher resolution is the desire of every desktop user and especially a game user. The sense of clarity and the excellent visuals provided by a higher resolution monitor cannot be compared to the low-end resolutions. Thus, running a lower resolution on a higher resolution supporting monitor is somewhat of a bad …

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MSI Monitor Not Turning On Issue

MSI Monitor Not Turning On Issue [Reasons & Fixes]

Imagine your game playing experience being hindered by your monitor is turned off. A monitor, which is the most important component for game playing purposes, is to be a very versatile machine with a minimum extent of disruptions. If sometimes, the monitor gets disrupted in between the game playing experience then this creates a little …

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Are MSI Monitors Good

Are MSI Monitors Good?

In the gaming world, MSI monitors have their own popularity. Apart from the usual gaming tasks, they can be employed in office work, designing, and editing purposes also. MSI monitor has very wide-ranging features that make it popular among all other monitor brands. The most common important aspect of it is the best display quality …

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How to Use Two Computers as One

How to Use Two Computers as One?

Nowadays, the utility of enabling connections between two computers to use them as one has become very common. It is easy to set up and also requires a very less amount of time. The setup connection requires just a small amount of hardware knowledge and a little knowledge of the software system. The two computers …

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