Backlight Bleed VS IPS Glow

Backlight Bleed VS IPS Glow

Light coming out of your monitor screen can be quite annoying, especially, when you can’t figure out what exactly is it, backlight bleed or IPS glow. Since both of these are exceptionally similar, it’s harder to know the difference. Thus, we have compiled this blog post, in which we have put together all the information …

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4k vs 144hz monitor

4K Vs 144Hz: Which one is Better?

When most people decide to switch between the monitors, the first two options that come to their minds are 4K and 144 Hz. However, both the monitors are pretty capable of several purposes.  It would help if you always remembered while buying a monitor that always purchases a device with all the features you require. …

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Mac Mini VS Apple TV

Mac Mini VS Apple TV | Comparison Guide

Here in this article we will provide you a detailed Mac Mini VS Apple TV comparison guide. Apple is one of the most popular brands worldwide, and the dominance that it has created in the technological world is yet to be matched. Every time Apple comes with a unique device with some of the best …

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Ultrawide VS Dual Monitor for Programming

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitor for Programming: Which One is Better?

You will often witness discussions on different programming forums, and conferences, about multi-monitor setups for programming. A lot of programmers get confused while choosing their next programming setup. Whether they should choose an ultrawide monitor or a dual monitor setup. The ultrawide vs dual monitor war has been here, and it’s going to stay here …

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Benq VS LG Monitor

Benq VS LG Monitor – Comparison

The electronics industry is full of various options nowadays, with respect to monitors. It has become really a tedious task to search on the specifications of each and every monitor to select among them your best fit one. So, to have a clear knowledge about the type of monitor that you prefer and the characteristics …

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Curved VS Flat Monitor for Gaming

Curved VS Flat Monitor for Gaming: Which One is Good?

In this new game-zone era of the 21st-century gaming has taken over everybody’s mind. The most important aspect of game-playing is the display system. Among Pro-gamers and also among small game-playing maestros, the dilemma to choose between a flat monitor and a curved monitor for gaming is the most famous question nowadays. Some prefer a …

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Desktop VS Monitor

Desktop VS Monitor [Comparison Guide]

People are often confused between the most common terminologies, related to a computer system that is a Desktop, and a Monitor. A desktop is often confused with the monitor and the monitor is also sometimes referred to as the desktop. But, it needs to be understood that both, the monitor and the desktop are two …

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144hz vs 240hz Refresh Rate

144hz vs 240hz – Which Refresh Rate Should I Choose?

Our ultimate and complete guide between 144hz vs 240hz Recently in most of the monitors, you’ll see the refresh rate of 240 Hz that can make you wonder if it is better than 144 Hz and if it is worth investing. The confusion is apparent, and therefore, we bring this article that will deal with …

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XB271HU Vs XB270HU

Acer XB271HU Vs XB270HU – Which One to Pick?

Acer is one such brand that has created some of the best monitors and laptops, and recently two of its models Predator XB271HU and XB270HU, are incredibly high in demand.  These two models by Acer are not only efficient for professional gaming, but you can also use them for normal browsing and streaming.  Generally, people …

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75Hz Vs 144Hz monitors

75Hz Vs 144Hz – Comparison-Guide

Refresh rate plays a significant role in the performance of a monitor or a laptop. Since there are various refresh rates available on different types of monitors, it can be difficult for you to decide which refresh rate is better.  Refresh rate refers to the time that a new image takes to appear on the …

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