4ms Vs 1ms

4ms Vs 1ms: Which one is Better?

A laptop or monitor comes with a lot of specifications that can be extremely overwhelming at the beginning. Many aspects affect the buyer’s choices and how a particular monitor will perform.  One of the key aspects that are important to consider while buying a monitor is the response time. Response time is never considered alone …

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1440p 144hz Vs 1080p 240hz monitors

1440p 144hz Vs 1080p 240hz: Which one is Better?

The decision to buy a laptop is limited to the product’s price, but various factors contribute to the decision-making process. Multiple aspects make a particular laptop better than the other, and in this article, we will be discussing the two most essential aspects and specifications of a laptop.  Those two most important aspects are the …

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Arris SB8200 Vs Netgear CM1000

Arris SB8200 VS Netgear CM1000: Which One is Good?

Arris SB8200 and Netgear CM1000 are two such devices that have incorporated the new DOCSIS 3.1 Technology.These devices get along with Zoom Motorola MB8600 to adopt this new technology.  Both the devices work pretty well in the market and offer you 32 down-load channels along with 8 upload channels. If you decide to choose any …

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Alienware AW2518H Vs AW2518HF

Alienware AW2518H VS AW2518HF

The new series of Dell Alienware became immensely popular when the brand launched it, and often people have compared AW2518H and AW2518HF with each other. We all agree that Dell is exceptionally famous for the high-end laptops and monitors they have been developing.  The Alienware series was primarily made For gamers and tournament organizers. All …

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2.4Ghz VS 5Ghz for Gaming

2.4Ghz VS 5Ghz for Gaming: Which One is Better?

The only primary difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency is the area coverage and speed of the bandwidth.  5 GHz network is faster, but it does not provide broader area coverage, and 2.4 GHz frequency can travel at the wider area, but the speed of this frequency is lower.  When it comes to …

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EdgeRouter Vs Pfsense

EdgeRouter VS Pfsense: Which one is Better?

You might get confused between Edge Router and Pfsense while choosing a router. Both Edge Router and Pfsense offer special functions; hence the confusion is understandable. Edge router. Edge routers are available at cheaper rates and have amazing performance, whereas Pfsense is full of resilient features like hardware acceleration. However, in this article, we will …

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Are BenQ Monitors Good

Are BenQ Monitors Good? [Detailed-Guide]

Here are various monitors available in the market, and amidst a long list of choices, it is evident thatT the purchases get confused. While several established brands are creating high-quality monitors, one of the most popular monitor brands is BenQ.  BenQ monitors are generally considered to be the best for gaming, browsing, and almost all …

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27 Inch Vs 24 Inch Monitor

27 Inch Vs 24 Inch Monitor [Detailed-Comparison]

Monitors come in various sizes, and tech-freak people require a monitor that has good specifications and adds up to the aesthetics and visual experience. Monitors play an essential role in almost all aspects and primarily when it comes to the gaming area.  Buying a monitor is a huge decision. Therefore, you have to go through …

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Netgear Vs Asus Router

NetGear VS Asus Router [Comparison Guide]

The Internet has for sure changed the way we used to work, and with the invention of Wi-Fi, it has become much more convenient.  Wi-Fi has allowed us to connect multiple devices to the Internet simultaneously, which has made the working of corporations and at home more accessible.  With Wi-Fi, you can get great speed …

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Dell P3421W vs Dell U3419W

Dell P3421W vs Dell U3419W: Which One is Better?

The Dell P3421W and Dell U3419W are very similar monitors, as both of these are ultra-wide curved monitors, and above all, they are very similarly priced, so a lot of people get confused between these two monitors. To make the purchase decision easier, we have put together both of these machines against each other, so …

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