Are you looking for the best 144Hz monitor in 2023? With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to invest in.

The cheapest 144hz monitor might be a difficult task to find as a monitor is one of the finest in the gaming industry. Do not fret much, as we have solved this problem and found the best ten 144z monitors that do not burden your pocket.

We’ve done all the research for you and have compiled a list of the top 10 cheapest 144Hz monitors in 2023. Keep reading to find out which one is perfect for your needs!

List of the Cheapest 144Hz Monitor in 2023

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1. AOC G2490VX 24″ Class Frameless Monitor

AOC G2490VX 24 inch
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Frameless and classy, that is what  AOC G2490VX is all about. Amazing features and a beautiful matte black finish will give you a timeless gaming experience.

The company rightfully claims that the visual display units will not lag, no stutter, just pure gaming. Grab one now for ultimate viewing pleasure.

As we mentioned earlier, a monitor is frameless, which means no annoying edges around a screen and even greater space for all in pixels. AOC is a great matt black, which will go with any aesthetic of a gaming console.

Even though this is a great monitor for gaming, AOC is multi-purpose and can be used for any work and home or multimedia use; hence relax as for a price, you sure are getting a lot of functions.

The screen has virtual technology that will provide a first shooter-like experience, and all these colors on a net will be more vivid. 

Angles are 24″ inches wide, making a person feel like a character on a screen with 144hz. The response time is fast, so there is no lagging and stuttering.

Blue lens protects the eyes and hinders any harmful UV rays coming into an eye harmless. It also features 1920×1080 resolution for a vivid screen that allows customers to have great fun while playing games.

Adaptive-Sync technology is automatic, so there is no delay in any loading. The visual display unit comes with a VESA wall mount and tilt technology; hence comfort is never compromised.

• Widescreen
• Blue technology for eye comfort
• HD resolution
• No speakers
• It might cause motion blur on an initial start


With clear visuals and fast processing, many customers are satisfied with a product. Some think this is a bit pricey, but all the features make it a worthy choice.

2. LG 24GL600F-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor

LG 24GL600F-B Monitor
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With anti-glare technology and amazing specs, an LG monitor is no exception to our best monitor list. The brand is a household name and does not fail to deliver great electronic devices; a monitor is one of them.

What you look at on a screen is essential for gaming; relying on a PC and computer specs is not enough, and here is where the LG monitor comes into play.

With Radeon’s free sync technology,  gamers can easily play a game without lagging. LG provides a fully immersed experience with great pixels and colors so clear it’s like bringing the virtual game world to reality.

Furthermore, LG won the best gaming-designed brand in the US, a great achievement for them and further evidence for us of how astounding this screen performance is.

Motion blur reduction gives a smooth visual, and this refresh rate is so fast that there is no chance of a screen lagging or delaying a picture. Images are seamless and silky, which provides the ultimate gaming experience.

It has a black stabilizer, so if anyone is playing a game in night mode, the Black mode will allow looking for enemies way better than an opponent on the other side of the game.

• Black stabilizer
• Motion blur reduction
• Radeon for better clarity
• A bad color scheme in dark scenes
• Glitchy when connected to a wrong GPU


LG is truly a class apart from other monitors and serves gamers’ purpose well for price points. Booming pixels and a wide screen will make your gaming experience more elevated and real.

3. ASUS VP249QGR 23.8” Gaming Monitor

ASUS VP249QGR monitor
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A great choice for innovative and eccentric players worldwide,  Asus monitors have made a worldwide name in the whole world with state-of-the-art technology, so this will be a reliable choice for gamers.

A blacklist display with 23.8 inches wide screen will allow any gamer to fully experience a game as if he is part of a game himself. 144hz fast response ensures that you do not get any lag or problems in your game.

The free sync mechanisms and auto-response allow for a crisp and clean image. The colors on the screen are also very true to nature and bright.  Anti-motion blur makes viewing 10 times better than an average monitor.

The monitor is truly a blessing for gamers and people who want to view air entertainment in a more high-tech way. It has developed smart anti-blue light technology to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Blue light further cancels out any bad rays, which reduces eyesight, you play as much as you want without any stress on your eyes now.

Flicker-free technology is known for making a picture go a lot smoother. This provides extensive connectivity and features such as HDMI, USB ports, and much more so that a customer can connect any accessories.

• Extensive connectivity
• Anti flicker technology
• Free sync
• Inconsistent
• Inaccurate colors


ASUS will not disappoint one who buys a screen; so totally chill, with great reviews and a reasonable price tag, ASUS deserves to be in our top ten.

4. Gigabyte G27F 27″ 144Hz 1080P Monitor

Gigabyte G27F monitor
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Flat screen ultra premium Gigabyte monitor ensures no hindrances in your gaming experience; with the ultimate widest display, we present you number 4 in our top ten cheapest 144z monitors.

Truly a fantastic tool that will elevate your game out the window. The giant design presents the ultimate largest reality of a game, and great tilt adjustments are so good that you can practically lay low.

One of your most important features is GIGABYTE tactical feature, which allows multiple modes and screeding options on just one screen.

The Gigabyte monitor has a dashboard where it is easier to keep a player’s score. Black stabilizer allows for a better game on nights and a chance to overthrow shadow league enemies.

An aim stabilizer is an additional kick that will sweeten the deal much further; as one bullet is fired, the aim will get much clearer so that a person can easily reach any target.

OSD sidekick allows any gamer to view settings of a Mouse and much more on  Monitor, so there is no hassle in playing games.

• OSD side kick
• Monitor settings
• Tactical features
• Installation takes time
• G-SYNC does not work


Gigabyte is fantastic, with no problem whatsoever. Rather, it works well with such a huge screen. One issue might occur with the VESA mount, which takes time to install; otherwise, rush to any store to buy Gigabyte.

5. ViewSonic ELITE XG240R 24 Inch 1080p Monitor

ViewSonic ELITE XG240R 24 inch
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The ViewSonic ELITE will allow you to have a great time while playing a game. It has everything you need to win a game without any hindrances. So have fun purchasing Viewsonic Elite.

Genomic-updated technology is a lifesaver regarding graphics and pixels. A wide and flat display will not let any gamer miss any details of a battleground when he is fighting for his life.

Premium in-sync technology does not lag or bicker when you change modes of any kind.  Elite RGB technology gives ultra-smooth images and videos without annoying delays that ruin a play.

The monitor is fully adjustable with free sync that stabilizes an idea further. The wide screen will help with any bad lighting and adjust it accordingly. The screen has pre-customizable settings that run any program or mode of a game without any problems.

The comfort of this monitor is unparalleled, so gamers can easily do game marathons with an amazing tilt and adjustable screen. The screen is flat, and you would be in gaming heaven with an ultra-fast refresh rate.

Choosing the right type of screen does make a huge difference in the gaming world, so I want to compete with all rivals in the gaming industry, buy View sonic ELITE today!

• Tilt technology
• Awesome display
• Elite RGB colors
• Flashlight spots
• Low contrast


The monitor’s colors sometimes lack brightness, but overall, this VDU is good with great features such as backlit technology, low input lag, and fast responses.

6. SAMSUNG 24″ CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 24 inch CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor
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The world is round, but not seriously, especially in a gaming world where the gaming screen is curved. Get fully immersed in the gaming world as it fully envelops you with vivid colors and great technology.

No more choppy video games and bad lighting with this high-end Samsung monitor. A refresh rate of 144hz allows for a smooth and lag-free monitor. 

A full-length curved screen helps a gamer spot enemy and opponent forces easily. This further helps with staying ahead of the game. With a Radeon display, these colors are vivid, so even some tiny details are clear.

Get a full display of all games; any has pixels on the screen that are even clearer than our future, no puns intended. The free sync technology allows for smooth pictures and videos.

So spot any crucial changes within the realm of the game. Even some of our most demanding and complex games are seamless with Samsung. Flawless action is guaranteed at every turn and spot.

Eye saver mode helps to minimize your damage to the eyes; with screen saver and low blue light technology, you play for longer and reach higher and newer levels of the game.

Flicker-free technology removes any annoying flickers and slight screen delays, so you play for an extended time.

Amazing and whooping 3000;1 ratio of your screen gives enemies nowhere to hide, even on pitch night. The contrast ratio makes the whites deeper and the blacks way more prominent.

The gamer-exclusive functions allow for great game controls, so change settings however you want.

• Eye saver mode
• 3000:1 ratio of contrast
• Gamer exclusive controls
• Expensive
• Dull images


Samsung does deliver on landmark names with brilliant features and clarity, but some reviews state that this is not worth all the money that you will be paying for a monitor, but who knows if Samsung will be the next crown jewel of players’ gaming consoles?

7. Philips 242E1GSJ Computer Monitors

Philips 242E1GSJ Computer Monitors Frameless
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Gear up for fresher visuals and innovative games;  the Phillips monitor will help a gamer step a game to another level, so choose Phillips monitor today to upscale your gaming experience.

Gaming should not be a choice between good contrast and stuttering video clips when one can have both with excellent quality. AMD free sync premium technology allows for the best motion and visuals.

The colors are rich and highly contrasting, so even black is visible to the naked eye. They even provide stutter-free and bickering-free games so that you do not lose to rivals just because a monitor did not catch up with the game’s speed on time.

Phillip draws these screens up to 144 frames per second, allowing for good screen quality. This is easily 2x times better than an average tv or monitor.

The lower edges make all enemies and characters on these screens very sporty and hard to target as any monitor’s slow speed, but with Phillips 144hz monitor, a gamer will never have this problem.

With very low lag, displays will always be top-class and free from tearing. The monitor effectively blocks any blur on main screens, which delivers sharper visuals and colors.

Game all you want with low latency and faster response rates, allowing for much better framerate compensation.  Phillips equips every gamer with fluid and smooth gaming and editing options.

A truly smart monitor with a smart mode in a mix and fast real-time response allows for speedier gaming, especially if a gamer is playing anything related to racing and fast cars.

Moreover, FPS (quick person response) is a model where every person is shooting. It automatically enhances the quality of the game, so you have ease with targets.

The widescreen also has blue light technology to reduce eye strain and fatigue.  Virtual reality functions astoundingly well with the wide angles of a VDU.

• Customizable personal settings
• Smart mode
• AMD free sync
• Flimsy Vesa mount
• Not HDR supported


For the low price, the monitor has sure shot a bang for a buck, with amazing features all around, and a gaming experience will definitely improve. VESA mount is a bit questionable, but just use a stand, and we all will be fine.

8. Sceptre E275B-FPT165 IPS 27 inch Monitor

Sceptre IPS 27 inch gaming monitor
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With more than 144hz impressive speed, dare we say more on how awesome the Scepter IPS display is standard for the rest of the monitors. It has a pretty gunmetal monitor that will fulfill every gamer’s needs.

No one can beat the ultra quality of an IPS display in performance and high functioning. The panel is free from lagging or slowing down and performs great production.

Even better, and basically, some of our amazing features that push this product forward is a monitor’s refresh rate of 165Hz, which breaks the boundaries of speed.

Gamers live on the edges of our seats with fast responses and amazing spooky technology ( we mean that in a good way).

The device has three HDMI ports and multiple digital parts so that anyone can connect various attachments, such as a Mouse or any other device, with an amazing FHD display.

The illumination of a Sceptre screen is up to 300 cd/m square. With vivid colors, see a game with more clarity in function because when you go into a battle, you need to be well prepared while keeping an eye on everything on a battlefield.

A very important feature that even many high-end monitors lack is built-in speakers. Normally, you need to buy external speakers, which again cost money. This issue was also solved and helped save a lot of money.

Spectre is Vesa mount ready, which will give you ultimate viewing pleasure from an acceptable distance that is comfortable.

The good news is that these features are two in one, as much of any gaming station will stay clear and clutter-free.

• Richer colors
• Three HDMI ports for activity
• Higher refresh rate
• Bad customer care
• It May cause eye strain


The higher the refresh rate, the better the monitor is. Remember,  this theory fits perfectly with this monitor as this is an amazing monitor that will suit every gamer, but it lacks blue lens technology, which would cause eye strain.

9. MSI Optix G24C4 24″ FHD Monitor

MSI Optix G32C4 32 Inch Monitor
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Want something right in your face and close to reality?

An immersive MSI monitor is just the right and brilliant choice for players. As with any great monitor, MSI covets vivid colors and a widescreen display.

It has a curved screen, the most optimum surface type, making gaming to viewing very comfortable.  MSI has a curved screen, so a gamer gets sucked into a world as if he is playing beside characters.

Even if you play GTA or league of legends, the experience will always be top-notch. This is very multi-purpose and can be used for a variety of purposes.

A curved screen makes a gamer more connected, as he lives right in a pit of the darkness of a battleground, and if someone is as crazy and passionate about gaming, a monitor will serve them well.

The monitor has virtual reality and vivid colors to help make the environment interactive. So if any fast-moving is plugged in, any gamer is good to go for a game marathon.

These types of games require precise moments and refresh quick rates; games are always smooth like butter and swoop you up like no oar.

VA technology is always a plus with reality-like visions. 1ms response time allows for better shootings and real-time games. So bye-bye to any choppy frames and bad visuals.

They are designed to be edgeless and frameless so that a game occupies more space, not a monitor itself, which is a great fix for a gamer junkie. Anti-flicker technology helps keep a screen soft and colors bright.

• Virtual display
• Dark enhancement
• Perfect for home use too
• Firmware is not updatable
• Backlight bleeding


A company believes in innovation and delivers it; a monitor is an absolute steal and truly deserving for coming in as all of the top 9 in cheap 144hz monitors with a special price tag.

10. AOPEN 25MH1Q Pbipx 24.5″ Monitor

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Acer is an assured quality brand with amazing products, and an AOPEN monitor is no less an exception. AOPEN is excellent if any gamer wants to upscale the overall intense gaming experience.

The best rate of refresh anyone can get with this price tag, an AOPEN has a display of more than 24 inches, so a wide screen and inexpensive display is a really good deal.

The screen has AMD free sync technology to help with a game’s motion, as it assures no stuttering and lagging. The amazing display gives lifelike images and designs that take your breath away.

With 1ms grey to grey response time, we didn’t have any problem with the clarity of the monitor;  true color technology gives a person an exciting finish and movie-like feel.

Radeon technology provides a premium feel to a game, making gaming fun and lifelike. With a Radeon, ultra-smooth 2D actions are possible with smooth jitter-free functions.

The rapid procedure and refresh rate remove any delay between you and becoming the next champion of a game with low rendering and transitions.

The less blue light feature will protect your eyes from strain or harm, so enjoy stress-free and relaxing gaming sessions with your friends.

• Windscreen
• Easier on the eyes
• Best price for features
• Bad response with HDMI
• Hard to install


Lastly, we have a top 10 picks of a 144hz monitor; this truly is a bang for a buck and facilities. If you want to give the unit to a game lover, this might be the perfect option.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Cheapest 144Hz Monitor

After discussing all the features and details about these products,  there is still a high chance that many are still confused about what makes or breaks the cheapest 144hz monitor.

Well, there is a solution for that too. Our buying guide here will provide every information on features so people can make the right choice.


Truly the purpose of us going on record is that it does not necessarily mean breaking the bank for a good fast processing monitor, and here we are saying that anything is possible, even finding a cheap monitor.

Look for good specs, high response, and a reasonable price tag; you just improved the gaming experience.

Colors & Brightness

Having a bright screen is very important for any gamer. How will you see all your enemies if you can not even spot them?

Choose a monitor with Radeon and true color technology, these lights are amazing and have high contrast. The true technology will allow the player to look more without feeling dull

Eye Strain with Bright & Rich Colors

The eyes get very tired after constantly looking at a monitor for hours and hours on end, so to minimize a mage caused by them, use monitors that regulate air blue light. This will cause very less amount of strain on your eyes.


We are sure you do not want lag just when you are near crossing a final line, so a free sync monitor works pretty well.

That allows for seamless transitions and better motion, so gaming never delays even for a split second, and as a monitor in a discussion is 144hz, they are typically good for speed and low input lag.

Screen Design

The screen design is more of a customer’s choice; some want curve options for a more immersive experience, like the picture quality of a flat screen. Just choose one that feels comfortable because you are the one who will be looking at a monitor all day.


Another key feature of the model is that it will determine the worth of your purchase. Any gamer who buys the product will be gaming for hours, so comfort is key.

Choosing screens with stands and VESA mount options will help the player to play the monitor in a comfortable position while playing. Tilt adjustments are always a plus, so choose wisely and try not to go for something very cheap because that can result in a bad-quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best cheapest 144hz monitor?

The best cheapest has to be an LG monitor with an amazing design and powerful Gamut display that truly takes a crown. The LG brand is known for exceptional products and a monitor delivers on a fact as we discussed earlier in an article.

Are cheap 144Hz monitors worth it?

To be very honest, if any serves a purpose well, whether is; cheap or not; cheap does not matter. What matters are the features, right? The top ten picks we have chosen truly serve a purpose and make gaming a dream.

What is a best budget 144Hz monitor?

The ASUS is a very budget-friendly monitor, works well, and provides great gaming time. The features rival any luxury 400-dollar brand so feels free to add a monitor to a bucket list.

Does 144Hz mean 1ms?

Yes, it means that as the time it takes to change or refresh, a screen is 1ms per frame or picture. 1ms is also known as a refreshable period so hertz is a frequency at which an image change.

Can any monitor run 144Hz?

No, certainly can not. The refresh rate makes or breaks a purchase and is engrossed in specific monitors; not every monitor is built to sustain that high of a speed.


Choosing the cheapest 144hz monitor might be very difficult, but we can assure you about the monitor’s build quality, performance, and gaming functions mentioned above.

We hope you find the perfect fit for your needs, so you can level up your gaming experience and enjoy the endless opportunities it brings in the entertainment world.

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