We all have witnessed the rapid increase in monitor sizes but no matter what, the 27 inches monitors have retained their importance. These sized monitors haven’t stopped offering user-friendly and technological features.

Luckily, these monitors are not expensive; this is why the cheapest 27-inch monitor is becoming essential for everyone. The 27 inch monitors are space savers as they do not occupy massive space on the desk.

However, the small size does not impact the monitor quality. Thus, whether you want to play 4k games or display 1080p content, this monitor will amaze you through its performance.

We have some worth exploring recommendations for the cheapest 27-inch monitor – go ahead, they are worth exploring!

List of the Cheapest 27 Inch Monitor in 2023

Here the journey of an incredible list of the Cheapest 27 Inch Monitor begins:

1. BenQ GW2780 27 Inch IPS Monitor

BenQ GW2780 27 Inch IPS Monitor
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People always love 27-inch monitors because they are neither too large nor too small. The monitor getting first place in the list of best cheapest 27-inch monitors is none other than BenQ GW2780.

It is a classic, elegant and affordable option with all the essential features that any user wants.

At first glance, you will be mesmerized to see its appealing design. This monitor has ultra-thin bezels that make the display bigger and show amazing images. Space-saving pick, indeed!

The 27 inches FHD screen has 1920 x 1080 resolution, 250 nits brightness, and superb built-in speakers, so you can watch movies, game shows or listen to your favorite music. The choice is yours!

It is an IPS panel that shows 178-degree wide viewing angles and the same result even when seeing anything from left or right. Users can simply place it on the office desktop or hang it on the wall of the home workspace because it also offers VESA mount compatibility.

Users can comfortably work on long university assignments, edit many videos, or watch long thrilling movies because the BenQ adds many technologies that keep you strain-free.

The adaptive brightness technology adjusts the light and gives you perfect viewing. Moreover, the flicker-free and low blue light technologies put less pressure on the eyes, keeping you fatigue-free.

● Ultra-thin bezels
● Keep’s eyes strain free
● Has built-in-speakers
● Space-saving option
● Impressive picture clarity
● Not best for photographers
● Audio issues when connecting to Mac

Final Verdict:

No worries if your old monitor performance is not up to the mark. Time to have a new one. We recommend BenQ GW2780, which gives fantastic picture clarity and an eye-catching design, and the price is also affordable.

2. AOC G2790VX 27″ Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC G2490VX 24 inch
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If you have not tried AOC G2790VX, you are unfamiliar with its fantastic performance, top-notch design, and spectacular color accuracy. A monitor with a special place in gamers’ hearts is also perfect for daily routine tasks.

First, we love to mention its elegant design. AOC has a three-sided frameless design, making it even bigger and showing you breathtaking pictures.

Furthermore, the sturdy stand allows you to place it on the table or hang it on the wall due to its VESA mount compatibility. As easy as you think of!

For smooth gameplay, it offers a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, so you will change the images faster and never miss a detail.

Always stay one step ahead of competitors and be a champion, as you will never face screen lagging, tearing, or stuttering issues.

Even if a user is involved in a photo or video editing business, this monitor is suitable because it gives 121.94% sRGB and 89.89% DCI-P3 color gamut. Both jointly produce life-like images and show the picture clarity of your dreams.

Use it for extended gaming or watch long three-hour movies easily as it has a flicker-free and AOC low blue mode. A VA panel also offers tilt adjustments, so individuals will set it in a perfect position and enjoy working on it.

● Beautiful frameless design
● Worth every penny
● Low blue mode
● Has display, VGA, and HDMI ports
● Three years replacement warranty
● Small menu buttons
● Dead pixel issue

Final Verdict:

As a gamer, we are sure you don’t want to miss AOC G2790VX, which has amazing technologies for creamy gameplay, such as adaptive sync, low blue mode, blazing fast response time, and refresh rate.

3. Sceptre 27-Inch FHD LED Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 27-Inch FHD LED Gaming Monitor
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Another top-notch choice for students, gamers, business professionals, and home users is the Sceptre 27 inches monitor.

Staggering design, gaming specifications, built-in speaker, and plenty of ports make it a beast monitor for people like us who are always on their computers.

Even if anyone uses this monitor for long hours, there is no problem with headache, neck, eye, or shoulder pain as it has blue light shift technology.

Apart from this, the two built-in speakers give clear sound while playing and watching a favorite TV show or movie. We also used it for video editing and weren’t disappointed at all.

Users can set it in the ideal viewing position by hanging it on the wall due to VESA compatibility, and amazingly there is no issue with messy wires. It also saves desk space and provides more room for other stuff.

The 27-inches display has AMD FreeSync technology so gamers can enjoy fast-paced games seamlessly. The 1920×1080 Full HD resolution, meaning the images remain sharp, vivid, bright, and real. So cool and impressive, without any doubt!

This monitor has much more for you. The 75 Hz refresh rate changes images quickly and eliminates screen tearing and stuttering issues. Furthermore, the flicker-free technology shows you crisp and life-like photos by reducing the backlit.

With the audio jack, two HDMI, and one VGA port, you can easily connect to various other devices and enjoy all the gaming, external screen, and other benefits.

● Sturdily built
● Ultra slim design
● Flicker-free technology
● An excellent option for gamers
● Plenty of ports
● Below-average speakers
● The stand is not great

Final Verdict:

This fantastic monitor is undoubtedly an attractive and sensational addition to the market of 27-inch monitors. Even if you are new to gaming, Sceptre is all set to provide you with a beautiful experience and unmatchable gaming sessions.

4. ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor

ASUS VA27EHE 27 inch
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From frameless design to remarkable picture clarity and advanced technologies to superb functionality, the ASUS VA 27EHE is perfect for everybody looking for the cheapest 27-inch monitor.

Individuals can focus on their work better because the 27 inches full HD screen shows a life-like picture and remarkable picture clarity because it is a backlit display with 1920×1080 resolution.

The story becomes interesting when you learn about its tilt adjustment; users can place it horizontally or vertically and enjoy productive tasks without stress or worry.

No more stress on the eyes, head, or neck because ASUS packed this monitor with Eye Care technology features. If you are working in a dark room in the blue light mode, set it to the best level, and here you go.

Additionally, gaming enthusiasts can take advantage of flicker-free technology and participate in long gaming sessions. So are you ready to win prizes and have a party? Surely yes!

If you need to attend long online classes, stay calm because the anti-glare screen is all set to provide extended viewing, keeping you less tiresome and fresh.

ASUS VA 27EHE also offers a VESA mount facility and saves more desk space. Further, the IPS panel has a vast 178 degrees of viewing angle, showing you the same picture quality from left or right.

ASUS VA 27EHE also offers a VESA mount facility and saves more desk space. It will definitely be a valuable addition to the working desk.

● Works best for longer hours
● Fantastic ergonomic design
● Give protection to eyes
● Has VGA and HDMI ports
● No screen tearing or stuttering
● Control buttons are at the back
● Expensive

Final Verdict:

A monitor with a superb refresh rate, marvellous design, fantastic display, and advanced technologies is undoubtedly the first pick for everyone. So, grab ASUS VA 27EHE now, enjoy every productive task, and impress others with top-class performance.

5. Acer KB272HL Hbi 27” Full HD Monitor

Acer KB272HL Hbi 27 inch
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After thorough research, we landed another remarkable monitor named Acer KB272HL. Acer has earned its name as one of the best monitor manufacturers, developing the best 27-inch monitors.

Find the best angle by changing the screen position as it offers a 5 to 20 degrees tilt. Moreover, this exceptional monitor can also be mounted on the wall leaving plenty of space on the desk.

Acer blue light shield technology results are beyond imagination. It adjusts the screen brightness and color hues and keeps the eyes safe from fatigue.

A monitor with an elegant base, sturdy stand, and edge-to-edge frameless design offers excellent visibility and bigger pictures. We loved the viewing angles that keep the display quality intact no matter where you sit and work.

This full HD 27-inch display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1920 x 1080 resolution to view sharp texts and unique images.

Thankfully, Acer adds AMD RADEON FREESYNC to this monitor, which eliminates screen stuttering and tearing problems.

With the help of an HDMI port, gamers can enjoy a fluid gaming session with a 75 Hz refresh rate which moves the images faster and keeps you alive in the game. For your convenience, the monitor also offers a VGA port.

● Offer ergonomic setup
● Fast response time
● Show top-quality images
● Elegant frameless design
● Has Acer advanced technologies
● Buttons are not easily accessible
● Comes only with a VGA cable

Final Verdict:

Zero frame design, fast response time, and rich display make it a terrific choice. The performance remains the same as Acer KB272HL, even if you edit videos. So, no more waiting.

6. SAMSUNG T350 Series 27-Inch Monitor

SAMSUNG T350 Series 27-Inch
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The SAMSUNG T350 has made it possible to get an expansive view at a cost-effective price. This price-effective monitor’s screen clarity and visuality are super-amazing.

Meanwhile, it is also an incredible choice to build a multi-monitor setup so viewers can enjoy seamless gapless images.

The 3-sided borderless display of this cheapest 27-inch monitor delivers a modern, clean, and aesthetic working environment to gamers so they can experience real gaming fun.

This monitor’s IPS panel helps you use it from any angle by maintaining users’ comfort zone. The IPS retains screen clarity and color vividness from every inch of the screen. It protects the user from color washing and helps them get the same shade accuracy and color tones from every angle.

The synchronized action offers an entertaining experience to users. Moreover, the monitor keeps the graphics card refresh rate in sync to minimize image stuttering and tearing.

With the 75 Hz refresh rate, users can enjoy perfect pictures and more fluid scenes. Whether users watch their favorite drama, movie, or games, they can cheer on their entertainment time without lagging or ghosting effects.

Thus, the screen clarity, image quality, and other powerful elements of this Cheapest 27 Inch Monitor make it the most comfortable option for students, teachers, and office workers.

● Fantastic color and image contrast
● Offers multi-monitor setup
● Gapless view with no distraction
● Displays seamless and smooth scenes
● Often screen blurs

Final Verdict:

It is time to get optimal image brightness and color contrasts and spot gaming enemies vividly and quickly by purchasing this T350. It can immediately display every screen detail to the users.

7. LG 27MK600M-B 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor

LG 27MK600M-B 27 inch monitor
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In the list of the cheapest 27-inch monitors, we have finally the LG 27MK600M. We have been trying to get hold of this monitor for so long, and it was worth having.

This 27-inch Full HD monitor offers a Virtually Borderless Design, Full HD IPS Display, wall mountable, and on-screen control, making it the best fit for beginners and professionals.

The Radeon FreeSync of this monitor efficiently reduces screen shattering and offers a smooth environment for demanding games.

The ultra-thin bezel of this monitor’s streamlined display provides an incredible visual experience. Undoubtedly, this monitor is a sleek addition to your table.

The user can enjoy the incredible detail and clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution. Moreover, with the latest IPS technology and improved color reproduction, LG 27MK600M helped many users to view the screen from any angle.

Despite being small in size, it provides an incredible experience of screen clarity to every gamer. The response time is also shortened, which helps users optimize the process and meet the customers’ requirements quickly.

The flicker-free screen and reader mode eliminates the blue light. Eventually, the users have less burdened eyes. Furthermore, readers can spend maximum time in front of the screen without getting exhausted.

● Light, thin, and sleek
● Super smooth gaming
● Affordable yet high performing
● Reliable for multiple monitor setup
● Provides true color reproduction
• As compared to competitors refresh rate is low

Final Verdict:

Unlike other cheap monitors, LG 27MK600M is unique and optimal in quality as its excellent on-screen control. The users can control multiple features from the screen – brightness, volume, screen split, and picture mode presets can be quickly and easily accessed.

An Ultimate Buying Guide For Cheapest 27 Inch Monitor

If any non-tech person is confused about which 27 inch monitor is reliable, this buying guide can hold them back.

Here we have enlisted some of the standards yet integral features that must be kept in mind before buying the Cheapest 27 Inch Monitor.

Resolution And Screen Type

LCD monitors are still the best screens for users as they are slim, save energy, and offer ideal backlighting. One crucial factor of PC monitors is their resolution, which directly impacts the image quality.

A higher resolution is not always commendable because too much resolution on a small screen can shrink the image and make the screen even more annoying.

Some common resolutions of monitors are mentioned below; a gamer can pick the one according to their needs and monitor compatibility.


The users are looking forward to reasonable clarity; 1080p is an ideal for them. The monitors with this resolution are not expensive; most commonly, monitors with 21-inch to 24-inch displays offer 1080p resolution.


1440p monitors offer incredible improvement in monitor visuality over 1080p; meanwhile, it is also an affordable monitor referred to as Quad HD/QHD.

4K/Ultra HD (UHD):

Monitors running this resolution need a powerful graphics card. Whether someone is a pro gamer, editor, graphic designer, or video streamer, this resolution can support them well.


Dell’s UP2715K is a monitor with 5k resolution and offers a great-looking display. It is an uncommon resolution that became a highlight when Apple debuted it on its iMac.

5k resolution makes monitors expensive but offers similar features to 4k.


The 8k resolution is ultrasharp; a strong monitor must support this resolution. All-in-all, there is no need for this resolution yet!

Our suggestion is to prefer a resolution compatible with monitor size so a user can get impressive screen clarity and image quality.

Response Time

Monitors are equipped with 1ms to 5ms response time; a shorter response time means the monitor is worth buying, but the 5ms is a poor response time that ruins the gaming fun.

Refresh Rate

If an individual is going to buy a monitor, the refresh rate is a feature that cannot be ignored because it is a feature that protects the screen from tearing and stuttering.

Eventually, a gamer can enjoy smooth gaming, and an editor can edit videos and pictures effortlessly. A vast series of refresh rates are available in the market 144 Hz refresh rate is good to go with a 24 inches monitor.

Viewing Angle

This feature is essential to consider if a movie enthusiast wants to watch movies or clips on the monitor, this feature is essential. A monitor with a viewing angle of more than 170 degrees is happy news for the users.

Panel Type

The panel type conforms to how a monitor can perform and which tasks it can accomplish well. TN, VA, and IPS are panel types – individuals must choose a relevant panel type to make their monitor gaming compatible.

IPS offers clear viewing angles and the richest colors, but it is an expensive panel type. TN is the most commonly found in 27 inch monitors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 27 inch monitor?

The market is flooded with 27 inches monitors, but Dell S2722QC is an impressive and cheapest 27 inches monitor. This 4k monitor offers users a bunch of specifications and functions to boost their productivity.

Is 27-inch a good monitor size?

The appreciating factor of a 27 inches monitor is their perk to offer from essential features/ resolution 1080p to high 4k resolutions. Similarly, the users also get a variety in refresh rates because 27 inches monitors offer a standard refresh rate 60Hz and a stunning refresh rate 240Hz.

Which brand is best for a monitor?

Considering the features, quality, and performance, Acer, ASUS, and Dell are the best brands to buy the monitor.  However, the models mentioned above are perfect and cheap.

How far should a 27-inch monitor be?

A monitor with 27 inches screen size and 1080p resolution should be at 3.4 to 3.6 ft.


Often considered that small screen size is inaccurate for gaming, editing, watching movies, or other such purposes, but it is not true. The 27-inch screen size with 1080p/1440p resolution and 140 Hz refresh rate can help the users multitask.

So pick a versatile 27-inch monitor from the above-reviewed options and enjoy daily tasks and professional work like a pro!

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