Monitors come in various shapes and sizes that make them attractive and stylish, but the size matters more than the monitor’s appearance. 32-inch monitors have gained much more importance and fame among different monitor sizes.

Luckily, 32 inch monitors are not always expensive. Now, the market is overwhelmed with the best and cheapest 32 inch monitors! The 32-inch size is vast and suitable for gamers and office workers as it gives them extra perks to enjoy more clarity and visuality in the screen display.

Let’s check the top-notch 32-inch monitors available along with their qualities.

List of the Cheapest 32 Inch Monitors in 2023

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1. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32 Inch IPS Monitor

ViewSonic 32 Inch VX3276-MHD Monitor
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For watching movies, playing games, wrapping up office tasks, and doing university assignments, all you need is the cheapest 32-inch monitor.

That is why we placed ViewSonic’s 32-inch monitor in the first place because of its numerous remarkable specifications that make it a classic option for everyone.

ViewSonic is a trusted brand because it always cares for its users. The same is the case with this versatile monitor that allows you to use it for hours without worrying about eye strain because of its flicker-free and low-light technology.

With this monitor’s unique view mode features, you can change its presets from game, movie, text, mono, and web. Furthermore, you can also hang this Cheapest 32 Inch Monitor on the wall as it offers a VESA mount facility.

No one can beat this monitor in style and accuracy because it is an IPS panel. It delivers the same viewing experience no matter from which angle you are looking at the screen.

ViewSonic’s 32-inch monitor has thin bezels that show you the bigger picture, whether playing, watching something, or doing critical graphical projects. 

The 1920x1080p resolution, 1000;1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 60 z refresh rate, and 8ms response rate takes its performance to another level.

• Has plenty of ports
• Needs no assembling
• Best for long working hours
• Provide a three-year limited warranty
• Offer VESA mount facility
• Menu buttons are on the backside
• Backlight bleeding issue

Final Verdict:

If you want to invest money in a superb, featured-filled monitor, close your eyes and pick a ViewSonic 32-inch monitor. It is a Flicker-free monitor, blue light technology, a frameless display, plenty of ports, and much more.

2. LG 32ML600M-B 32 Inch Monitor

LG 32ML600M-B 32 inch
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LG 32ML600M is a monitor belonging to the world-renowned and most-liked brand. You can either place it on the desktop or hang it on the wall; the choice is yours!

A modern, up-to-date and advanced monitor has a bright display, a wide color gamut, and a handful of gaming features. The rich screen gives you room to multitask on that.

You can enjoy the unbeatable details and clarity of its 32-inch display with Full HD 1080p resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio, and 65 Hz refresh rate. It is exceptional for content creators as it supports 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

Whether viewing it from the right, left, or front, the accuracy is incredible as it is an IPS panel display with HDR 10.

Due to its current gaming specification, gamers love to have this in their game room. This monitor lessens the input lag and allows you to catch the enemies hiding in the dark; its black stabilizer helps you in this regard.

The most remarkable feature of the LG 32ML600M is the crosshair to control the monitor’s settings. A wow feature! You can change the picture, control the audio, and split the screen with a single mouse click.

 If you have a messy desktop already, no worries; hang it on the wall and enjoy it because it offers VESA. The package comes with a power cord, a user manual, an HDMI cable, and a stand.

• Perfect for gaming
• Offer great color accuracy
• VESA mount compatible
• Best budget option
• Has screen splitting feature
• Poor stand quality

Final Verdict:

LG 32ML600M is the first choice of all enthusiast gamers because of its several gaming features. It is worth recommending! So if you are a pro gamer, rush towards it and be ready to stand first in the following gaming competition.

3. Philips 325E8 32” IPS LCD Monitor

Philips 325E8 32 inch
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Searching for the best 32-inch monitor with an aesthetically appealing design, excellent picture quality, and not a burden on the pocket, trust us and go for Philips 325E8.

It is not only an astounding monitor for gaming but also suitable for other productive tasks. So, gamers and casual users, your best buddy is waiting for you! 

Philips’s stunning 32-inch QHD display has a 2560 x 1440 resolution, and surprisingly it offers 1.07 billion colors. The unbelievable color range lets graphic artists make eye-catching and attractive content.

It is an impressive addition to the monitor’s world, offering users plenty of modes. Its smart image game mode is perfect for game lovers. Easy read mode shows excellent text like you are reading a physical book or newspaper.

Besides, its low blue mode puts less strain on the eyes and keeps you safe from fatigue. The economy mode not only saves power but also adjusts the color contrasts.

This unique monitor’s AMD-free sync technology keeps users from screen ghosting and stuttering issues. The gamers will enjoy the smooth gameplay and never miss any detail due to its fast 5ms response time.

The Philip 325E8 has a range of features for pro gamers. Its First person-shooting (FPS) mode helps gamers identify hidden objects by enhancing darker areas.

With RTS (real-time strategy), it is possible to highlight any specific thing or area and adjust its image and size.

• Ideal for gaming
• Offer plenty of modes
• Has AMD free sync technology
• Provide a range of connectivity options
• Reduce eye strain and fatigue
• VESA mount covers the ports

Final Verdict:

Philips’s marvellous monitor also has a range of ports, including display ports, HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA ports. The stand also comes with it, so you can easily place it on the desktop. Happily, the brand also offers a four years warranty.

4. ViewSonic OMNI VX3218-PC-MHD Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI VX3218-PC-MHD 32 Inch
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If your current monitor is increasing, announcing, and having trouble, then it is the right time to replace it with ViewSonic OMNI, which has extraordinary features and performance.

It is a specialized gaming monitor with a fantastic curved display, several connectivity ports, and advanced technologies.

Now editing documents, playing games, and watching your favorite show on a single monitor is not a dream anymore. View Sonic OMNI’s 32-inch stands in the top five Cheapest 32 Inch Monitors list as its curved screen offers outstanding picture clarity.

With this monitor’s 1 ms response rate and 165 refresh rates, gaming enthusiasts will enjoy fast-paced games and never miss a single detail.

Furthermore, the adaptive sync technology completely vanishes the stuttering and screen tearing problems.

Amazingly, you can connect this monitor to other precious gadgets, such as laptops, and Macs, as it has one display port and two HDMI (v 1.4) input ports.

This comprehensive yet affordable monitor is also equipped with different view mode presets to enhance computer performance.

Your comfort comes first; that is why ViewSonic designed this stunning monitor with flicker-free and blue-light technology.

These are great for minimizing screen tearing and keeping eyes safe from fatigue so the all-day working schedule will never get disturbed.

• An amazing curved screen
• It has a display and HDMI port
• Eliminates screen tearing and stuttering
• Sleek and frameless display
• Best for long gaming sessions
• Flickers with FreeSync at around 100 fps
• Flickering from black to gray is poor

Final Verdict:

Whether working on a 3-D assignment, watching movies, playing games, or anything else, this View Sonic OMNI performance is above your expectations. I am sure all curved screen lovers will adore this monitor as it holds a wide range of necessary features.

5. AOC Q32V3S 32″ QHD Monitor

AOC Q32V3S 32 inch
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AOC Q32V3S is an adorable and feature-filled monitor that cannot be praised enough. The best reason to invest in this monitor is its edge to maximize your performance.

Yes, its IPS Panel, widest screen, and smart and beautiful design make the monitor unique and super performing. We didn’t notice image quality gets ruined when watching from certain angles.

The Q32V3S is a 32-inch screen that offers Quad HD resolution at 2560×1440; since it includes more pixels, it delivers more sharpness than 4K UHD.

The vast 178/178 degrees angles offer crystal clear and sharp text, so if your routine is to use Microsoft Word and Excel regularly, staying in front of this monitor is comfortable.

Similarly, the image quality is also crisp, making this monitor great for web browsers, gamers, university or college students, and professional business personnel.

Among the never-ending features of AOC Q32V3S, one of the most noticeable features is its IPS panel, which supports the same viewing experience from the left and right as it offers from the front.

Above all, you also get a power cord, a Quick Start Guide, and an HDMI cable in the box of this 32 inch monitor. It also came well-packed, and on time, so we were satisfied.

• Offers ultra-smooth gaming
• Best for enhanced gaming comfort
• Flexible connectivity
• Easey and soothing on the eye
• Increase the user productivity
• Screen brightness is not par excellence
• It doesn’t offer maximum contrast

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a quality monitor, you’ll find AOC Q32V3S32 at the lowest price. If you want a monitor with a flexible setup, this monitor holds endless features!

6. MSI Optix G32C4 32 Inch Monitor

MSI Optix G32C4 32 Inch Monitor
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MSI is the biggest brand famous for producing super quality monitors, and so is this 32 inches FHD. The giant screen offers an incredible view to watch movies and get cinematic views.

Moreover, it also provides a fantastic gameplay immersion to enjoy your favorite high-quality games. We have tried playing some and loved the display performance.

MSI 32 inches monitor combines the wide and curved screen and lower price. The curved gaming display of this screen is excellent in providing a commendable gaming rig so gamers can beat their competitors easily.

The 1500R gaming display visualizes every little detail so you can find your enemies, guns, bullets, and other shooters easily.

The 165Hz Refresh Rate is a token of success for gamers as it reduces screen lagging, making winning the battle easy.

The 165 refresh rate and the AMD FreeSync strengthen the screen quality and reduce annoying screen glitches and shuttering. 

Gamers like to invest in this 32 inch monitor because it offers an excellent refresh rate and response time at a low price.

The 1ms response time beats all other features, eliminating choppy frame rate and screen tearing. The image quickly appears on the screen, increasing gaming and video-watching fun.

• It offers a wide viewing angle
• User-friendly screen
• No eye strain or fatigue
• Best for ultimate gameplay experience
• Not suitable for graphic designers
• Color accuracy is not reliable

Final Verdict:

The MSI 32″ FHD monitor is the right choice for gamers looking forward to fast response time and ultra-high refresh rate. It is a beast at a low price!

7. Sceptre C325B-144R 32″ Monitor

Sceptre C325B-144R 32 inch
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The Sceptre C325B monitor features an excellent narrow bezel that helps you enjoy a fantastic immersion. The monitor is equipped with a 1080p resolution that displays great viewing.

Hence, you can enjoy the latest games, watch movies, edit essential projects, and perfectly use this monitor for entertainment.

No matter what the purpose of using the Sceptre C325B monitor is, you will enjoy this 32 inch monitor and its features a lot.

The refresh rate of this 32″ 1800R curvature gaming monitor features up to 144Hz, which is attractive for gamers as they can embrace the monitor speed and picture quality they dreamt of.

AMF FreeSync DVI and the anti-glare panel eliminate screen tearing, shuttering, and ghosting. Though the 3 ms response time is not adorable for games, the fast-moving visuals of this cheapest 32 Inch Monitor do not push gamers into trouble.

The wide Color Gamut makes the screen realistic and refined, attracting gamers to stay in front of this monitor for longer without getting bored or irritated.

As far as the contrast ratio is concerned, it increases the color subtlety and shading of the monitor; hence, the viewer can see more clarity of the projected image.

The flicker-free technology makes the monitor eye-friendly, so the users don’t get any stress, red eyes, or irritation. The HDMI port offers excellent digital audio and video.

• Impressive bezels
• Great for intensive work
• Offers wide viewing angles
• Ensures crisp contrast
• Excellent image reproduction
• No con – impressive and good so far

Final Verdict:

If you are a pro gamer, you want to improve your gaming gig and look forward to a competitive monitor. Sceptre C325B is an impressive option. Its curved screen and heart-winning refresh rate have won many gamers’ hearts.

Cheapest 32 Inch Monitor – 2022 Buying Guide

Buying a monitor requires appropriate intentions, observation, and research, so you may not invest in the wrong monitor.

An incorrect selection can ruin buyers’ investment as they will get irritated, and their workflow and productivity will be affected.

So to save buyers from such issues, we have gathered some factors that will make the selection easy.

Response Time

Response time greatly affects users’ gaming and productivity; if the monitor responds slowly and takes time to display the images on the screen, gamers will miss numerous things.

Due to poor response time, the shooting can get delayed; killing the enemies and catching the rewards become slow, and ultimately the gamer loses the game. Similarly, the text appearance also becomes sluggish, which wastes writers’ and readers’ time, which is unbearable.

Ideally, the 1ms response time is adorable for a monitor, but the 5ms is the slowest one as it can delay your activities.

Refresh Rate

If a gamer is investing in a big screen, it is obvious to have a commendable refresh rate too. A monitor offers a series of refresh rates, but 60, 120, and 144 Hz are the most prevalent ones.

Most of the 32 inches monitors feature a 120 Hz refresh rate to provide you with an immersion screen display.

When this refresh rate is combined with the lowest response time (1 ms), the monitor becomes an excellent package for gamers, graphic designers, and video editors.

G-Sync Monitors

Typically, gaming monitors are built with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync, which help eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. G-Sync monitors, due to their outstanding quality, are more costly than FreeSync ones, but it is worth buying this monitor.

Input Lagging

A high refresh rate indicates a lower input lag; refresh rate is a feature usually not mentioned on the monitor when a user buys a monitor.

Thus, checking the reviews can save time and hassle. Less input lagging can help gamers to get incredible and cinematic gaming displays to enjoy competitive games smoothly.

Curved Monitors

Instead of investing in 32 inches flat monitors, it is recommended to buy curved monitors as they offer an impressive view from all angles. Curved monitors help the users to have the same quality view from the left and right as they enjoy from the front.

The curved monitor is valuable for crazy gamers as it offers mesmerizing gaming experiences with improved clarity. So buying a 32 inches curved monitor such as ViewSonic OMNI is recommended.

Contrast Rate

A gamer trying to buy a new monitor must remember that the contract ratio is not a feature to ignore. A monitor with a higher contrast ratio features a deeper black color and increases the image quality.

Therefore, gamers enjoy playing games and watching movies on such monitors.

So, these are the features that a gamer should keep in mind while buying the cheapest 32-inch monitor. These features can save investors from wasting time, effort, and cost!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest 32 inch monitor?

The LG 32QN55T-B is an outstanding monitor that is available at an affordable price. Though it is the cheapest, it features the most comprehensive screen, 32 inches, and its resolution is 1440p.

How much does a 32 inch screen cost?

Various factors define the computer cost, but commonly a good 32 inch monitor is available at $300, such as the Realme TV 32-inch HD Ready Smart LED TV, but the price of LG 32LM636BPTB 32-inch is $500.

Is 32 inches a good size for a monitor?

A 32 inches monitor is the best screen size for gamers because it offers more space while keeping the 16:9 aspect ratio.


Whatever PC you have, your monitor causes a dramatic impact on productivity and workflow. The 32 inches monitor is a fantastic option for gamers.

This article has reviewed the cheapest 32 inches monitor on the market. ViewSonic 32 Inch and LG 32ML600M-B 32 are top-notch monitors for 2022, so better to check them out.

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