To connect the MacBook Air to an external monitor you need to have a general guideline of steps in order to establish the connection. Also, the external monitor in use can be called a second monitor. The utility of having this type of connection is to have multiple interfaces in front of you so that the task can be performed with good visualization of images and points on the screen. 

This article tells you about the steps to connect your MacBook Air system to an external monitor.

Just follow up on the steps given below to do the same:

How to Connect External Monitor to MacBook Air? Steps

  1. The first step in making up the connection is to get the ports for establishing the connection. The types of ports that a system supports may vary from HDMI ports to USB-C ports to a Multiple adapter ports. The Multiple Adapter port is widely used nowadays as it can be used up to connect multiple types of cables into a single port and this indeed improves the economic aspect of buying and setting up ports on the system also.
  2. You need to have an extra adapter for making a connection in between your second monitor and the MacBook Air system as sometimes it might happen that the port is not supported by the type of display you need to have for the screen. So, it is better to have an Adapter that is easily available in any of the Apple Stores and is not present along with the system.
  3. Further just look for the screen you wish to have as the major display and that which you wish to have as a minor display. The MacBook Air screen is mainly used up as a major display and the external screen is used up as a minor display. You may check on the display setting by looking at the icons present at the top of the screen.
  4. After STEP 3 you need to reset the system for better optimization of the connections. For this, you may use the restart option also.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do MacBook Air have an HDMI port?

Yes, MacBook Air does have an HDMI port. The connection to an external monitor can even be made using a USB-C port or a Multiport Adapter port. The latest technology enables us to use an inbuilt port known as the thunderbolt port also for performing the same function.

Why won’t my monitor recognize HDMI?

The issue may be because of several reasons:

  • The HDMI cable may not be inserted properly.
  • The system may ask for a reboot.
  • There may occur some debris inside the ports that are available for connection.


So, if you need to have an external monitor for your MacBook Air the steps are quite simple and also very much similar to the steps followed in other MacBook models. Just be patient and establish the connections without any discrepancies and wrong alignment.

The MacBook air model also supports the Target display Mode which is further very useful for enhancing the visual experiences.

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