Connecting the MacBook Pro to an external display is a very useful connection that provides us a means of time conservation with the utility of having multiple screens in front of you. This enhances the productivity of the system and also reduces the load on the MacBook Pro monitor.

This article tells you about the way to connect the MacBook Pro to an external monitor.

How to Connect External Monitor to MacBook Pro?

Lets discuss the connection of external monitor to MacBook pro with the help of the following steps:

  1. First of all locate the port on your system for making the connection. You may locate the VGA or the USB-C or the HDMI port for making the connections. Also, the Multiport adapter can be used to make the connections. You just need to plug in the wire for making the connections into any of these ports and follow up some simple settings.
  2. Sometimes it may happen that the port you wish to use for making the connection may not be supported by the display type you wish to have for your screen. To rectify this issue go on to use the adapter that is usually available in any Apple store. This adapter is usually not available along with the system. It would be possible to mirror up to your MacBook screen onto the TV screen by having the Airplay mode enabled on your system.
  3. Then you need to select which display you need to have as the major one and which display you need to have as the minor one. After selecting the two you will see a topmost icon on your screen showing up the two screens, out of which one is your MacBook Pro and the other one is your external monitor.
  4. If you have a problem in getting the desired result then you may need to troubleshoot the system once. This can be done by turning the system off and then waiting for a minute or two. Then you may restart the system and see if you get the desired output or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do MacBook Pro have HDMI ports?

Yes, a MacBook Pro can have one or a maximum of four HDMI ports. Along with these you may find the USB-C or the Thunderbolt also on your MacBook Pro. The number of HDMI ports depends upon the technology involved in the making of the MacBook Pro systems.

What is the Thunderbolt port?

A thunderbolt port gives you an option to connect multiple devices to your MacBook Pro. This port gives you an edge to have high-resolution displays for your screen via the use of a single port. A thunderbolt port is mainly available in the latest versions of the MacBook pro system.


The settings need to be considered once if you wish to have the setup between the MacBook Pro and the second monitor you wish to choose as an external display. Go on to check the ports well before plugging the wires into them.

Also, go on to check the display options correctly and also make the major and minor displays very judiciously.

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