A keyboard is a commonly used input device, while a monitor is a popular output device. Both are very important devices of a computer system and also are quiet for its overall functioning. The way to connect a keyboard to a monitor is very easy and also very simple to execute.

There needs to be synchronization between the monitor and the keyboard to enable the connection. If the monitor is too updated and the keyboard is of an older quality, you may have a problem in connecting the two.

How to Connect Keyboard to Monitor?

This article talks about the steps to connect a keyboard to a monitor:

  1. You need to first see where the graphics adapter onto the computer system. The graphics adapter is mainly on the rear side of your system and is used for connecting external devices and the system as a whole.
  2. Then after locating the graphics card adapter, you have to connect the keyboard to the USB ports and also enable the graphics card to be installed into the system. The graphics card is essential to making the display proper and accurate. 
  3. Then, you need to install the device drivers properly onto your monitor and ensure that the system’s battery percentage is not hampered during the entire setup process. Any disruption in the battery percentage might lead to a malfunctioning system, along with turning off the system at the time of driver installation.
  4. Then power off the system for once. Then you need to power on the system and see the ‘Green light’ of the system is turned on, and the operating system is updated properly. The booting process should be initiated properly to have the last memory updating properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I connect my keyboard to my monitor without a USB port?

With the advancement of technology in the Information and Technology field, you may connect a keyboard to the monitor through Bluetooth. This connection needs not have any mechanical input or output to enable the connection. This technological advancement is a very useful technique to initiate any connectivity between devices.

Why is my keyboard not working?

The keyboard may not be working because of some troubleshooting issues. This troubleshooting problem can be erased by troubleshooting the system manually. The keyboard settings need to be changed, and also the keyboard’s device drivers need to be installed properly. You may check on the system’s settings by going on to the ‘Hardware settings’ of the system available in the Control Panel.


The system needs to have a full battery percentage as the updating process needs to be done at a high battery percentage rate.

The device drivers’ settings need to be done beforehand while making the connection so that no disruptions are seen in between the set-up process. The updating process needs to be done and initiated properly while performing any system task. 

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