Connecting a laptop to a monitor is often regarded as a step to utilize the laptop’s screen less frequently. This indeed enhances the performance of the system. Also, it gives the user a better display service and also helps in maintaining the laptop’s screen. The most important aspect of this connection is to have a clean workplace at the site where your system is kept and to avoid any bungling of wires.

Here in this article, we will discuss some steps to connect a laptop with a monitor without using any cable/wire enabled connection:

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor Wirelessly?

Lets discuss the wireless connection process of monitor to laptop:

1. Wireless Connection Kit

The first step is to have a good wireless connection kit for setting up the connection. Most preferably an HDMI video kit is preferred for this purpose. The connection is mostly considered to be a wireless one. Here are a few tips to select the best wireless kit for your connection:

Use a kit that fits well with your system. See to it that your system supports an HDMI port and that the connection can be made easily by using the HDMI kit. Sometimes what happens is that the laptop system does not support an HDMI cable and that’s why we need to buy an adapter for the same. 

2. Necessary Components

Also read the user manual to check which components you need to have for the connection. The kit needs to include all that is required so that you might not have to go on for a search to buy the components in the midst of the connection establishment.

3. Good Power Supply

Ensure that an uninterrupted power supply is ensured to the laptop system. Use the same charger like that of the system to get the best power supply out.

4. Remote Setup

There may be an additional remote present in the HDMI kit but be cautious not to use it. Instead, use your own monitor’s remote to set up the settings further.

Steps to Connect the Laptop to Monitor Wirelessly

  1. Take on the transmitter cable out of the HDMI kit. Then locate the HDMI port onto the system. Insert into the HDMI port the transmitter cable to initiate the connection.
  2. The other end of the transmitter cable needs to be inserted into the HDMI port of the external monitor you need to connect to your system.
  3. Now connect the system to a power supply socket. Try to use the system’s charger only if possible.
  4. Now switch on the two devices and wait patiently for booting to get completed.
  5. Now select the option “Display settings” from the menu that is present on the screen after the opening the system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cast video over Bluetooth?

Yes, we can cast our video as well audio over a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth technology allows us to have this utility by connecting our phone or pc with a soundbar for audio services or to an HD TV for video purposes.

How do I project my screen with Bluetooth?

The screen share option that is widely available nowadays for making up screens available can be used for this purpose. Otherwise, you may use Bluetooth technology for the same.


To establish a connection in between your system and an external monitor you need to make an ideal choice while choosing the HDMI port. The HDMI port should be identified carefully on the monitor and the system. 

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