In this new game-zone era of the 21st-century gaming has taken over everybody’s mind. The most important aspect of game-playing is the display system. Among Pro-gamers and also among small game-playing maestros, the dilemma to choose between a flat monitor and a curved monitor for gaming is the most famous question nowadays.

Some prefer a flat monitor display for game-playing while some use a curved monitor. A flat monitor as well as a curved monitor both have their own pros and cons. 

Curved VS Flat Monitor for Gaming

This article talks about the difference between the use of a flat monitor and a curved monitor for gaming purposes:

1. For the best gaming experience especially the wish to play 3-D marathon games a curved monitor is the best one. For simple competitive gaming, a simple flat monitor is preferred the most. A curved monitor has the best field of view and it also gives the virtual reality experience while game playing. Gaming on a flat monitor is somehow a little monotonous and also seems just like watching a simple toddler’s video game.

2. As curved monitors have a larger curvature occupies a small space in your room. If you have space issues at your home you may go on with this monitor type. A flat monitor on the other hand is a bit space occupying and is also bulky as compared to a flat monitor system.

3. If we compare both the monitors from the financial point of view then we may see that a flat monitor is a good option to go on with. A curved monitor is a bit costly. A flat-monitor has reasonable rates and also goes well on with gaming as well as normal system performance. The cost of a curved monitor starts at about $150 while a flat monitor starts at $500 also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do curved monitors cause headaches?

In comparison to flat monitors, curved monitors have a lower risk of causing headaches. Headaches are major issues that erupt in those who work more on PCs and laptops. These are basically signs of a condition known as Visual Display Syndrome.

Do curved monitors reduce eye strain?

Yes, curved monitors do reduce eye strain as they provide us with a wider range of view. They allow the user to view the entire monitor screen at once without having much rotation of the neck and head.


Thus, if we analyze the pros and cons of curved and flat monitors, multidimensionally, we may see that a curved monitor is much better. It has a good screen size and a good screen resolution. It is however specific to game playing only and the normal tasks like office work and web searching are a bit complicated to be performed on the system.

The major issue is regarding its high cost and expense along with the maintenance cost. A flat monitor is cheaper than a curved monitor and also it is much more efficient at all tasks including game playing.

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