A monitor entering the power save mode for a longer time has various factors associated with it. When the monitor enters the power save mode often then, it is problematic and, at the same time, irritating for the user. The power save mode problem can be rectified if we carefully understand the reasons behind this issue with the monitor.

A Dell PC is an important system that many computer users prefer for gaming, office work, and editing. The main issue that is sometimes encountered in a Dell system is its continuous entry into the power save mode.

How to Fix Dell Entering Power Save Mode Issue?

This article talks about the reasons behind the Dell monitor model entering into the power save mode much often:

Monitor Off for Long Time

The monitor may keep entering into the Power save mode because it might not have been used for a prolonged time. The monitor may have been inactive and not been used for many purposes for a longer time.

The issue may have erupted due to the tearing up of the wires connected to the monitor or might have been a result of the deposition of dust on the adapters connected to the CPU from the backside.

Power Source

The system’s power source may not be adequate to run the monitor system. Remember to have a powerful battery percentage minimum of about 35% to 40%. The source of charging the system should be Dell Ltd. Only.

Other Issues

The other reasons that may have caused the power save mode problem are Internal monitor hardware glitch, wrong Power settings, or an older version of the Operating system. These problems need to be rectified.

The internal hardware glitch can be rectified by a hardware engineer of Dell Ltd, while inadequate power settings need to be rectified by visiting the Power Settings in the Personalization option available in the Control Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get out of power save mode in Windows 10?

Steps to Overcome the Power save mode in Windows 10:

  • Click on the Battery option that is available on the right-hand side of your taskbar located at the bottom of your desktop.
  • Then, select the option ‘Battery Settings’.
  • Now, scroll down to the Battery Saver Option and then uncheck the option, ‘Turn battery saver on.’ This will disable your power save mode in Windows 10.

How do I fix the orange light on the monitor?

The orange light on the monitor denotes the ‘Standby Mode.’ It glows whenever you enable the Standby Mode of your computer system. If the orange light does not stop flashing out in about 2-3 minutes even after you have turned on your computer system, then you need to go on to the system ‘Restart’ option. Turn off your system once after closing all your applications, and then turn it on after 5-10 minutes.  


So, there may be more reasons responsible for your monitor entering into the Power Save Mode. You need to analyze the problem properly before calling up the industry’s customer care service provider. 

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